Information system planning y ISP is the planning of information systems for an organization. . databases and technologies that best satisfy those needs. y Information system planning is assessing the information needs of an organization and defining the systems.

y Mission: . y Objectives: Objectives are the desired future positions and destinations. y Policies: A policy is a general guideline that directs and constrains decision making with in an organization.INFORMATION SYSTEM PLANNING TERMINOLOGY It states the basic purpose for which an organization exists. y Strategies: A strategy is a general direction in which an objective is to be sought.

THE NOLAN STAGE MODEL y Stage 1 y Stage 2 y Stage 3 y Stage 4 Initiation Expansion or contagion Formalization or control Maturity .

SIX STAGES OF NOLAN·S ENHANCED MODEL y Stage 1 y Stage 2 y Stage 3 y Stage 4 y Stage 5 y Stage 6 Initiation Expansion or Contagion Formalisation or Control Integration Data administration Maturity .

THE FOUR STAGE MODEL OF INFORMATION SYSTEM PLANNING Strategic Planning Require ent nalysis Resource llocation Project Planni g .

.STRATEGIC PLANNING y1 y2 y3 y4 Derivation from the organizational plan. Strategy set transformation. Strategic fit with organizational culture. The strategic information system grid.

INFORMATION REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS y1 y2 y3 Define Underlying Organizational Sub-systems Develop Sub-system Matrix Define and Evaluate Information equirements for Organizational Sub-systems .

RESOURCE ALLOCATION y Return on Investment(ROI) y Charge Out y Portfolio Approach y Steering Committees .

Project Planning y Milestones y Critical Path Method(CPM) y Gantt Chart .

ORGANISATION STRUCTURE AND LOCATION OF MIS y As Part of Financial Department y MIS Under the Control of the Chief Executive y MIS as a Distinct Function .

AS PART OF FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT Chief Executive Manager Finance Manager Marketing Manager Operations Manger MIS .

MIS UNDER THE DIRECT CONTROL OF THE CHAIRMAN/CHIEF EXECUTIVE Chief Executive Manager MIS Manager Finance Manager Marketing Manager perations .

MIS AS A DISTINCT FUNCTION Chief Executive Manager MIS Manager Marketing Manager Finance .

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