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 Marketing was began in the 1970's with the birth of the "marketing orientation".
 During the first stage of capitalism business had a production orientation. Business
was concerned with production, manufacturing, and efficiency issues.
 By the mid 1950's a second stage emerged, the sales orientation stage. Business's
prime concern was to sell what it produced.
 By the early 1970's a third stage, the marketing orientation stage emerged as
businesses came to realize that consumer needs and wants drove the whole process.
 Marketing research became important. Businesses realized it was futile putting a lot
of production and sales effort into products that people did not want.
 Some commentators claim that we are now on the verge of a fourth stage, one of a
personal marketing orientation. They believe that the technology is available today to
market to people on an individual basis. They feel it is no longer necessary to think in
broad aggregated terms like market segments or target markets.
 Marketing has become an academic discipline in itself, with tertiary degrees in the
field now routinely awarded.

 | Electronics India Pvt. |td., a wholly owned subsidiary of | Electronics, South Korea.
 Worldǯs 3rd largest appliance maker
 | electronics India was established in January 1997 in India after clearance from the
Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB).
 | set up a state-of-the art manufacturing facility at reater Noida, near Delhi, in 1998,
with an investment of Rs 500 Crores.
 | EI| also up its second reenfield manufacturing unit in Pune, Maharashtra that
commences operations in October 2004.
 | has been able to craft out in ten years, a premium brand positioning in the Indian
market and is today the most preferred brand in the segment.

 | India deals in many Products:-

D Flat panel Display
D Microwave Oven
D Refrigerator
D Television
D PCǯs & Notebooks
D Vacuum Cleaner
D Washing Machine
D Mobile Phones
40-inch Plasma TV and the worldǯs first IC set for DTVs developed in India.
Worldǯs first 60-inch Plasma TV developed.

The worldǯs first Internet-enabled refrigerator launched lobal sales of Refrigerators reached the
number one position.

Worldǯs first synchronous-asynchronous IMT-2000 mobile phone developed & |aunched the worldǯs first
Super Multi DVD Rewriter.

EVSB, the next-generation DTV transmission technology, chosen to be the US/Canada DTV transmission
standard by the US ÔTSC Ôll-in-one | 55-inch |CD TV, the worldǯs first and largest among |CD TVs

The worldǯs first DMB notebook commercialized & The worldǯs slimmest TV commercialized .

|aunches the industry's first dual-format, high-definition disc player and drive |aunches.

Introduces new global brand identity: "Stylish design and smart technology, in products that fit our
consumer's lives."

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Scope of marketing consist following terms:
D oods
D Services
D Ideas
D Informations
D Events
D Satisfactions
D Experiences
D Persons
. |CD TV . Ôrena
. Plasma TV . Cookie
. Ultra Slim TV
. Flat TV . Secret
. KC550
. Home Theatre System . Dynamite
. Music System . Ôll Rounder
. DVD Player


. Notebook PC . Side by Side Refrigerator
. Desktop PC
. Monitor . Frost Free Refrigerator
.Optical Storage Devices . Direct Cool Refrigerator
. Projector

. Vacuum Cleaner . DuctableType ÔC
. Non Ducted Type ÔC
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Call Centre:
| provide customer care service in case they have any problem
regarding products they can call at | call center.

Dealer |ocators:
For experience | products one can visit the nearest dealer

Club Service:
| provide this service in which customers get lifetime
membership with |

Online Complaint Registration:

In case of any fault in products customers can register their
complaints online

|O O:


The letters "|" and " " in a circle symbolize

the world, future, youth, humanity, and

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| provide many informations with their

products as an eg:
 | launched 1st TV with olden Eye
technology which do not harm customers
 uidance for the disposal of End of |ife
 Product recycling

D | organize an event in which they are

looking for 15 children which will escort team
India to the stadium in South-Ôfrica in
Champions Trophy 2009.
D | serves as the HEÔD SPONSOR of various
leading Television shows like : Mallika-e-
kitchen, Stars of India.
 | strives to enhance the
customers life and
lifestyle with intelligent
features, initiative
functionality and
exceptional performance.
 | always make their
customers in their bid to
become the worlds most
trusted brand.
 Respecting and caring for
customers is the driving
force behind their
philosphy in human-
centric product
??? ?
 | has a great experience of over 12years
as it was established in the market in 1997.
 | provides the best products with unique
features to their customers by keeping in
view the needs and wants of their
 MD message-determined to make | as
an aspirational brand in India with
customer delight and satisfaction
 Name of MD- Mr. Moon B. Shin
 Name of vice-president Ȃ Mr. Ôhn
 Brand Ômbassadors- Ôbhishek Bacchan,
Zayed khan

 In the field of marketing, a u     consists

of the sum total of benefits which a vendor promises that a
customer will receive in return for the customer's associated
payment (or other value-transfer).
 Put simply, the value proposition is what the customer gets for
his money/time.
 Ôccordingly, a customer can evaluate a company's value-
proposition on two broad dimensions with multiple subsets:
 relative performance: what the customer gets from the vendor
relative to a competitor's offering;
 price: which consists of the payment the customer makes to
acquire the product or service; plus the access cost
 The vendor-company's marketing and sales efforts offer a
customer value proposition; the vendor-company's delivery and
customer-service processes then fulfill that value-proposition.
 Ô value-proposition can assist in a firm's
marketing strategy, and may guide a business to
target a particular market segment .

Here is an example of one of the best value

proposition that belongs to a sales consultant of
| :



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| Electronics has achieved new dimensions of technological excellence among the
   manufacturers. The PDP is available in sizes of 40, 42, 50, 60 and
71 inch internationally


| took the lion's share of the market with 35% market share in 2006.

The new range of refrigerators will now be available with more value added features such
as Ônti-bacteria gasket, sliding door bin in addition to the already existing features.


| ǯs Top loading range of fully automatic washing machines comes equipped with the
i Sensor technology


| has launched their high end microwave ovens SolarDOM and WaveDOM.

| Mobile comes with Plug and Play feature.
 This is the total sum of all products and
variants offered by an organisation.
 The set of all product lines and items that a
particular seller offers for sell to buyers.
 The composite group of products that a
company makes available to market markets.

 Product Width :
It is the number of distinct product lines offered by an organisation. Eg: | mobile
phones, washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners etc.

 Product |ength :
It refers to the total number of items in the product mix. Eg. | intello eye, semi-
automatic washing machine, | x-wave TV, Etc.

 Product Depth :
It refers to the number of variants present in a single product line. Eg. The
product depth of | mobile phone is | P-7200, | S-5200, | Dyanamic, | M-
6100, Etc.

 Product Consistency :
ives the relationship between the products of product line.
 Ô group of closely related product items.
 Ô group of products (manufactured and
distributed by an organisation) which are
similar in the way they are produced or


| has segmented its Market on the basis of following:
Tier 1 cities
Tier 2 cities
|ife style
Benefit Sought

 | has targeted its market on the basis of the

product that they are offering to the consumer.
 They are targeting:
Upper Class Segment
Upper End
 They are targeting to those consumer who are
more concern of life style product.
 Their product is more of Upper mid class and
premium segment, so their target audience are
those consumers, who want quality product as
the best
 They have |CD and Plasma Television and TV
DIOS refrigerator for premium segment.
 They are also targeting those consumer, who
are more concern of safety Ônd health issues.
 | is now going to shift over to mid class
segment and want to mass market their

 With the tagline |ifeǯs ood, | positioning is

to differentiate their products on the basis of
technology which appealed to the consumer
on the basis of health benefits
 With the tagline Ǯ|ifeǯs oodǯ its corporate
philosophy to make peoplesǯ lives better,
convenient and healthier
 Their positioning strategy are technologically
intelligent and futuristic
 Ôs they are in upper and premium segment,
so they are featuring that their brand is
young, vibrant and premium
 | has different its product using technology
and health benefits. The CTV range has
Ǯ olden Eye Technologyǯ air-conditioners
have the ǮHealth Ôir Systemǯ and Microwave
ovens have the ǮHealth Wave Systemǯ
The marketing mix is the organization's overall
offer, or value, to the customer. 'The basic
marketing mix is often nick named "the 4Ps"
(product, place/distribution, pricing,
promotion); these are elements in the
marketers armory Ȅ aspects that can be
manipulated to keep ahead of the

| believed in holding the interest of its customers

by bringing out new products regularly. In its first
year of operations, it launched 70 models across a
range of products.
In 2001, it launched 45 new models across its entire
product range and in 2002 it launched 60 new
models (Refer Exhibit III for | 's product range). |
customized product for Indian markets.
Before developing products, | conducted market
research to ensure that its products met local

Initially, when | entered the Indian market, its

products were priced high. This was because |
had to import products in the absence of a
manufacturing facility in India.
Thus, its products were priced as high as
Japanese products. Ôccording to some analysts,
this strategy was adopted to make local
consumers feel that | products were by no
means inferior to Japanese products in
performance or in quality. However, in 1998, |
launched 'Sampoorna,' a low priced TV aimed at
rural consumers...
Promotion strategy of | is concerned, it is being
planned and executed. |ocal Ôgent of | simply
gives advice and coordinate in its
implementation. Eg. In 2002, it spent around 1.3
billion on advertising.
Since | is a multi-national brand, their spending
on advertising is in such a way that their all
product get promoted. Ôlthough for different
product they have got different agent; like for
TV, New Electronics. For computer monitor,
Vision Computer. For mobile phone, Camera.

Soon after its entry into India, | realized that

it needed to be innovative to capture the
market. | expanded throughout the country
to far-flung towns and semi-urban markets. It
sent vans across the country, covering a
distance of 5000 km every month, to increase
brand awareness among the trade and the
 Promotion mix is the combination, types &
amounts of different forms of promotion
used by a marketer.
 Promotion mix :-
1. Personal selling
2. Ôdvertising
3. Sales Promotion
4. Public Relations
5. Direct Marketing
Personal selling
Ô process of helping and
persuading one or more
prospects to purchase a
good or service or to act on
any idea through the use of
an oral presentation.
" #





 Ôny paid presentation and
promotion of ideas, goods, or
services by an identified
sponsor. ? 
" % 







 In 2002, it spent around 1.3

billion on advertising
 Incentives designed to
stimulate the purchase
or sale of a product,
usually in the short term.
" $  








 Paid intimate stimulation of
supply for a product,
service, or business unit by
planting significant news
about it or a favorable
presentation of it in the
media. ? 





Direct Marketing
 It is the use of non-
personal contact tools to
woo the customer for trial
or purchase. The tools
under this category
includes E-mail order,
Telemarketing, www
marketing, TV network
shoping etc
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| as an organization takes pride in the fact

that they have the highest manpower
productivity and the lowest manpower cost in
comparison to the industry. Infact | is
benchmarked in terms of manpower costing.
a  ?

 | as an organization takes pride in the fact

that they have the highest manpower
productivity and the lowest manpower cost in
comparison to the industry. Infact | is
benchmarked in terms of manpower costing.
aa? a

To cope with the growing expectations of

business and in order to give the organization
a competitive edge to the business we in |
have streamlined the whole system by
integrating the HR fundamentals with
Information Technology and have adopted
some practices unique to |

 Joyful Working 5 was mainly based on 5 Key factors our

organization needed to focus upon. These core factors were
Stress, Communication, |eadership, Target setting and
working hours. JW5 campaign helped eliminating the existing
issues pertaining to the above mentioned factors and bringing
fun at workplace. Indeed it has become a mission for each
individual to complete his job well in time. Ôll this happened
by making workplace lively and full of Fun. The launch of this
program happened through the melt in of top management,
where key issues were discussed to bring about the culture
 a ? ?

 Total customer value,is the perceived

monetary value of the bundle of
economic,functional and psychological
benefits that customers expect from a given
market offerings.customerǯs perceived value
is the difference between the prospective
customers evaluation of all the benefits and
all the costs of an offerings and the available
 a ? ?


Various costs include :

 Cost of purchasing and inventorying the
 Cost associated with the product
 Cost of repairing and maintenance of the
 Cost of disposing the product

Various benefits what a customer expects :

Ȉ Product benefit
Ȉ Brand /company benefits
Ȉ Performance benefits
Ȉ Service benefit
Ȉ Emotional /self expressive benefit
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 The performance of | plasma has been

satisfactory | has given quality product and
its performance which has led to cover a huge
market share
Y º??a

Ô benefit of having lg plasma for instance

 The quality o f plasma is unparraled in the

 With | plasma we will find 16 million colors
on our standard screen
 There is a huge image clarity.
 The screen is brighter than any other TV

D In a competative era | Plasma TV play a

very significant role in the market
D | Plasma TV has the own recognition in the
mind of consumers,recognition in relation
with quality,durability,comparative prices
D | has brought trust,confidence,comfort and
relaibility in the customerǯs mind as it has
captured a massive market
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Customers values are classsified in following set
of value