Interoperability and Standardization Globally the European View

Timo Ali-Vehmas VP, Standardization and Industry Relations, Nokia December 12th, 2006


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IS.ppt / 2006/ TAV

due to the (deliberate) incompatibilities of the fuels and motor designs ‡ In some cities only diesel fuel is allowed and in some other cities only petrol is allowed making it mandatory to have dual multimode motors in all vehicles ‡ Car owners could listen only radio stations authorized by road owners or car manufacturers and audio format would depend on the type of the road you are driving ‡ Cars and Trains are allowed to use the same tracks/road with incompatible traffic rules and legislation.Imagine that due to technical design decisions or other reasons. ‡ Car owners could buy fuel only from one chain of petrol stations....ppt / 2006 /TAV . the problems are less visible but as detrimental 2 © 2006 Nokia IS. ? This is the world without interoperability and standards For ICT industry and users. predefined by the maker of the motor.

ppt / 2006 /TAV .Interoperability is important: Three different perspectives ‡ Interoperability Between people (and their devices) ‡ Interoperability Between different business systems ‡ Interoperability Between different subsystems within one system Different types of Interoperability drivers call for different behavior in seeking compatibility through standards 3 © 2006 Nokia IS.

embracing the Internet 4 © 2006 Nokia IS. Horizontal.ppt / 2006 /TAV .Standardization for better Compatibility and Interoperability ‡ End users driven standards based on social behavior and de-Facto service adoption ‡ Internet = Internet ‡ Business model is important. W3C and others for applications and network ‡ Wireless access to Internet in IEEE 802 and supported by Wi-Fi Alliance and WiMax Forum ‡ Europe may add value by adopting. Stable. ‡ Open.e. not the technologies as such. Platform level interoperability is the key for fast independent application development ‡ Fractal network (Winner Takes it All) ‡ Internet standardization is Global ‡ IETF. innovating and contributing i.

‡ Balance between proprietary advantages vs. only fix the problems 5 © 2006 Nokia IS. community interests ‡ Multimode functions never add value. Also in telecom there is a lot of experience in this area. JAVA. since original solutions typically are proprietary and/or incompatible ‡ Industry forums or existing standards organization used as a neutral environment ‡ Examples: Open Mobile Alliance.Standardization for better Compatibility and Interoperability ‡ Interoperability and Business systems driven standardization ‡ For Productivity and for Melcalfe¶s law ‡ Becomes important when proprietary models mature ‡ Always a negotiation process.ppt / 2006 /TAV .

8% 8 % 6 . anytime.Standardization for better Compatibility and Interoperability ‡ Communication driven standardization ‡ ³New features must be fully backwards compatible.3 % 8 . 6% 0 40 % 2% 0 0 % 20 0 20 20 02 03 20 04 GM C A S+ DM ‡ Regulative requirements driven standardization ‡ Features and functions for common interest ‡ Optimum of use scarce resources (spectrum and numbering space) ‡ Needs of the authorities.ppt / 2006 /TAV . anywhere. value systems are vertical ! 0% 0 G b lsbc e lo a u srib rs 2 8 .5 % 0 75. Safety and security. (not limited only to social needs).3 % 6 % 7 .7 % 0 6 9.´ ‡ the 3GPP system (600 members) based standards has reached over 80 % global market share (~ 2 B people) ‡ European originated and facilitated but Globally operated ‡ Main driver is ubiquitous capability to communicate with anybody. ‡ Technology is flexible. Privacy ‡ Needs of minorities and disabled 20 05 Ju ly 20 06 ‡ Interventions to enhance competition Openness and Compatibility is much broader concept than just committee based de-Jure standardization 6 © 2006 Nokia IS.

Current challenge: Technology and Network Neutrality . ranging for Mobile TV spectrum at UHF band to new mobile broadband spectrum at 3. ‡ Spectrum co-existence of all the technologies shall be guaranteed. systemic approach. Independently of Access ‡ EX2: Technology interoperability (physical compatibility. Technologies for this next revolution will mature during the next 10 years   © 2006 Nokia IS. Application interoperability in jeopardy ‡ Mobile TV may be fragmenting badly ‡ Content related standards require openness (and type approval). => Technology and Network Neutrality call for a holistic. Interference can not be managed solely by market forces or by competing standardization organizations. Spectrum trading and ownership developing to the direction of real estate ownership trading and ownership. complemented by Openness and Interoperability ‡ EX1: Obligation for selected Application level interoperability is the key element guiding the development towards more value and less fragmentation ‡ Voice and other services over IP.ppt / 2006 /TAV .Innovation at the Edge of Chaos ‡ Convergence in Technologies multiply the impact of developments in regulation. ‡ All the spectrum should be available pan-European wide in order to create globally competitive business system.5 GHz up to IMT Advanced spectrum allocations between 200 and 2020 ‡ In long term. Co-existance) must be maintained as a set of ³Traffic rules´ of the new growth.

Standardization for Interoperability in Europe ‡ Europe is in the transition ‡ Evolution of Telco. where all interested parties are able to contribute and utilize the results ‡ Most successful when used as a starting point ‡ Can be used also to open inter-operation bottlenecks between originally proprietary technologies and value systems ‡ Europe has shown the leadership in the past by being: ‡ Pan European mobility ( ream has come True for Voice only) ‡ Open and Transparent ( like membership and documentation processes of ETSI used as a best practice model and facilitator for 3GPP and many other forums) ‡ Co-operative when utilizing non-European standards as essential elements in European standards or as a complementing elements (IMS) ‡ Industry driven with good operation among all the stakeholders ‡ Predictable and Living and Working in harmony with global goals (such as those of ITU.0´ to ³2. From Vertical to Horizontal ‡ The best value for the community by open approach. Evolution of Internet .ppt / 2006 /TAV . ISO.0´.Evolution of the EU ‡ From ³1. IEC and others) 8 © 2006 Nokia IS.

It is not enough alone. ‡ Pan European Interoperability is also an expectation of the consumer. technology and network neutral and more innovation and value oriented market.ppt / 2006 /TAV . => Pan European Application Interoperability and Technology Compatibility as generic requirements are crucial elements to stabilize the move towards more liberal. ‡ Intelligence and system thinking is needed in order to avoid both stagnation and anarchy. where Europe can take leadership but only in strong cooperation with other regional and national organizations ‡ Standardization is Industry riven but in good operation with consumers and authorities 9 © 2006 Nokia IS. Act Locally ‡ Standardization is a global process.Interoperability and Standardization ‡ Standardization is a crucial enabler in the innovation process to achieve interoperability. especially for very large scale business systems. ‡ Regulation (also when it is very liberal) defines the limits of the systems. ‡ Standardization for Europe: Think Globally.

Through Interoperability and Standardization.ppt / 2006/ TAV will. . the growth and sustainability of the broad communications industry and monitor and act if value for the community is lost due to lack of good 10 © 2006 Nokia IS.Europe shall continue to drive.

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