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Shake everyday for 7 days then may use solution. BAYABAS TINCTURE (Wound Wash) . Combine 1:1 chopped leaves:gin 2.Ingredients: Guava leaves White wine 1.

Cooking oil .Ingredients: . Strain 5. Let cool 4. Fungal) (Anti- . Discard leaves 6. Don·t cover 3. Boil 15 minutes over slow medium heat. Combine 1:1 asunting leaves:oil (1 cup oil with equal part of asunting) 2.Asunting leaves .Candles 1. Transfer to jar or tin container ACAPULCO OINTMENT (Anti-Scabies. Boil mix with candles (melt) 7.

Boil over medium heat. Add with 1 glass 250ml water 3. 1.Calamansi 5pcs .Brown sugar ¼ kilo . Don·t cover. Prepare 3 handfuls of washed tamarind leaves 2.Ginger 1 piece I. Strain and discard leaves SLK Cough Syrup .Ingredients: . Wait until mixture reduce to ½ 4.Sampalok leaves 1 bag .

II. Add ginger (size of 1 peso coin-pound only) 4. Boil until syrupy 3. Mix 1 cup of brown sugar to the tamarind extract 2. 1. Add 3-4 pieces lemon For cough: Adult 1 tbsp TID Children ½ tsp TID Storage: Refrigerator 5days Room temperature 2days .

Siling Labuyo .Ginger 1 big piece . Strain. Cool. Peel and cube garlic and ginger. Mix 1 glass of oil (150ml) 3. 4.Ingredients: . For: Muscle pain Body pain Rheumatism ALS OINTMENT . Boil for 15minutes over medium heat. Transfer to clean jar.Cooking oil ½ kilo (150ml) -Garlic 1. 1:1 combination to 25 sili 2.

Materials Needed: Clay pot (palayok) 2 pieces Wooden spoon Stainless Strainer Empty Jar/ Container/ Canister Charcoal/ Wood/ Gas Stove/ Cooking Materials Candles White Wine/ Gin Knife Chopping Board Measuring Cup Apron/ Damp Cloth/ Pot holder Glass Bowl/ Funnel Soap & Sponge .