A Perspective To Launch Export Business from India

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Imitation Jewelry & Handicrafts

Imitation Jewelry

Imitation Jewelry .

Handicrafts .

Handicrafts .

43 4.66 8. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 COUNTRY AUSTRALIA CANADA FRANCE GERMANY ITALY JAPAN NETHERLAND 2008-09 (in cr.) 2.India Turn Over on Exports Of Imitation Jewellery per yr S.81 4.46 11.16 11. No.10 11.39 9.04 5.85 14.50 6.33 .59 5.58 8.42 2009-10 ( in cr.) 3.

OTHER COUNTRIES Total Turn Over Per Year .49 3. No.) 9. A.72 79.66 1. LAC 2008-0 (in cr.92 60.83 cr. K.22 4.62 1.) 6. U. S.25 57. 2009-10 (in cr. 8 9 10 11 12 13 COUNTRY UAE SWITERLAND U.India Turn Over on Exports Of Imitation Jewellery S.91 208.92 66.84 245.5 29.74 24.28 cr.

Market size for imitation Jewellery in the world as per Indian Export Promotion Council for handicrafts 2009-2010 .

63% 71. 11. France.Major Buyers Of Imitation in the world ‡ ‡ ‡ USA & UK Japan. Italy & Germany UAE.39% 15. Canada & Netherland Total Market of Major Buyers 44.09% .07 %.

S.05% .A UK 32.First Major Buyers ‡ ‡ U.34% 12.

Second Major Buyers ‡ ‡ ‡ Japan Germany Italy 5.54 % 4.71% 4.82% .

44% 2.27 % 2.Third Major Buyers ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ UAE France Canada Netherland 3.75% 3.17 % .

92% 1.Rest of the Buyers ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Switzerland Australia LAC Other countries 1.46 % 0.78% 24.75% .

30 41.45 73.36 22.13 .71 168.) 18.India Turn over on Export Handicrafts per yr S.95 2009-10 (in cr.) 17.87 163.43 76.56 58.58 62.36 23.93 45. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 COUNTRY AUSTRALIA CANADA FRANCE GERMANY ITALY JAPAN 2008-09 (in cr.

67 1271. S.36 123.33 282.52 73.India Turn over on Export Handicrafts per yr S. LAC OTHER COUNTRIES 2008-09 cr.) 30. 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 COUNTRY NETHERLAND UAE SWITERLAND U.07 6.98 312.17 5.66 290. No. A. U. K.33 129.17 283.30 (in Total Turn over per yr .42 40.) 27.83 1213.56 38.35 68.75 (in 2009-10 cr.

Market Size of Handicrafts in the world as per Indian Export Promotion Council for handicrafts 2009-2010 .

S.57% 13.Major Buyers in the world ‡ ‡ ‡ U.26 % 10.A Germany UK 24.18% .

75% 4.Second Major Buyers in the world ‡ ‡ ‡ Japan UAE Italy 5.99% 5.91% .

60% 3.16% 2.Third Major Buyers in the world ‡ ‡ ‡ France LAC Netherland 3.40 % .

31% .Rest Buyers from the world ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Canada Australia Switzerland Other countries 1.44 % 0.88 % 1.55% 22.

.Mission To Start Export Business of Imitation Jewelry & Handicrafts Products from India in the favor of NTH India branch.

JAPAN etc . .Objective Selling quality product at reasonable price to make NTH as a brand in the world by targeting major buyers of Imitation Jewelry Product & Handicrafts from USA UK .

 As the india known for handicrafts product in the world & the big countries like USA. so it become easier for us to get them as a customer for company pockets. etc are participating in it as a buyer.  Having contacts with Delhi NCR Production house.Key of Success  We having export license due to which we can take a part in E.H & fetch the buyers from other countries. Europe.  Imitation Jewelry & Handicraft are in big demand in the world so no need to hunt for the buyers. UK. who manufacture it for traders.P.  Minimal charges of Product cost. .C.

 Don·t required own factory for it  We already have saloon in all major cities of Japan due to which we can display our product in the saloon from where. . we can sell the product to the saloon walk in customer.Key of Success  Low investment.

in the month of FEBRUARY and OCTOBER held in India.How to Execution the plan Making visit to E. of buyers from the world.H Fair. Which is a biggest fair of the country for jewelry & handlooms.C.P. where we can find Large no. Venue Pragati Maidan (New Delhi) Expo-Mart (Greater Noida) .

NTH has to outsource and collect new samples from the Production house and then NTH will ask each of their fabricators for showing their new development and samples as well.000/ 4 Days.Step-I Hire a stall in the exhibition  E.P. .H Fair participating charges = Approx Rs 50.C.  Just before a month for participating in the Fairs.

 In case if they like any of our sample then they take snap of it and ask for at least 2 Pieces of the same as production samples to show in their country.  After receiving those Pieces they take sometimes for placing an order. Before placing an order. the buyer inquire about the production delivery timing and all terms and condition regarding payment as well. Production delivery timing is always cleared by Production house who takes care for producing the product. .Step-II  We have to collect all the articles and samples being displayed on stall in order for receiving new orders from the client those who come to visit the Fair .

III  Then we will make costing on the bases of freight & Taxes.  After accumulated all the charges & cost we will send the final price to the customer. .Step.  For safer side we will make payment term condition as partial payment before the shipment to ready the material & rest payment on product delivery .

Step-IV  After clearing all negotiation points buyers will place the order through giving purchase order. we will make export doc. as per the decide transit (through air / container shipment) . who first get purchased raw material from market as per the specification and execute this by the same fabricator who made the master samples for stall.  Then NTH will deliver this sheet to Production house. & sent it to the customer.  After getting ready material from the production house.

Step-V  We will display some product sample to our all Japanese saloon.  We will do trading of these product by register our self on Alibaba.  We will make our own sites through which we can make contacts with world wide customer & sell online our product to them. trade key etc. . so that we can target saloon walk in customer too.

15000/as per this website www.P.com (Jewellery website)  Articles/Product developing Charges depend upon the products .C.Important Points  Catalogue making charges depend on pictures quantity  Single picture can cost approx starting Rs 200  E.H Fair participating charges = Approx Rs 50.chadhahandicraft.000/ 4 Days  Website Generating Charges starts from approx Rs.

Benefits of Margin  Margin of Profit vary from 100% to 300% and sometimes can be more than this. .A Bead necklace is made approx Rs 60 to 70 which is tagged approx 5 to 6 USD. .  Likewise the article of jewelry is very easy to outsourcing and fabricating and can be easily sell out on the high margin of profit.  For Example.

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