Capacity to take risks Ability to own and organize Desire and capability to innovate and diversify

Person conducting own business Person who sets up business deals in order to make profits Organizer of an economic venture, one who owns, organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of the business

An innovator who combines technical innovations and financial finesses  Important role in producing competitive products, processes, and services  Generation of new employment  Local and regional economic development  Improved allocation of resources and transfer of technologies

I. Stability in personal life and relationship with parents/spouse/loved ones, physical health, spiritual orientation and spirit of compassion, Vision,


III. Creativity, Get Feel and ability to take risks o Chinese say Qi Ye Jia . 
Qi - Lift up your heels and look to the future  Ye - God given responsibility  Jia - Teamwork and Unity

Having an entrepreneurial style of managing may be thought of as having the structure and flexibility to assist an organization to succeed.  The manager implementing an entrepreneurial style must be flexible in adapting to the rapid changing of the market conditions and ideas which are important factors for developing strategies for a company's growth.  Entrepreneurial managers may be thought of as being aggressive, survivalist, creative, passionate, honest, and an innovator of ideas. They often strive to make the vision of the organization a reality.

5 Entrepreneurial Skills needed in MANAGEMENT
1. Personal Skills : Personal skills are simply those skills that are attached to your personality, it's important you develop a keen eye for spotting errors. develop your personal skill with respect to your business. "Great men are ordinary men with extra ordinary determination." Abraham Lincoln.


Communication skill : To be a successful business owner, you must be a powerful communicator. Look at Bill Gates whenever he speaks, people listen with rapt attention. "The test of a real comedian is whether you laugh at him before he opens his mouth." George Jean Natha.


Negotiation skill : In the course of building a business, you are bound to negotiate deals. You negotiate with customers and suppliers over goods and services offered. 

Leadership skill : "In business, leadership skill is not an option. It's a
necessity." Rich Dad. Successful entrepreneurs were not born business leaders they were made. 

Sales skill : The most important entrepreneurial skill of all. It is the most
important is because I have never seen a business that doesn't sell one thing or the other. "If you cannot sell, you will be sold." Tony Martins.


a successful entrepreneur

Graduated from Stanford University  He is the richest man in India  One of the top 50 richest men in the world  CEO of Wipro and head person of Azim Premji Foundation  Brought Wipro from Scrap to Beauty, that is from US$ 2million to US$1.76billion  Member of Prime Minister's committee for trade and industry in India  Made Wipro the biggest BPO services provider in India

Azim Premji started off in Wipro with a simple Vision - to build an organization on a foundation of Values.  Wipro is today ranked among the top 100 Technology companies globally (by Business Week)   

Azim Premji has received many honors and accolades, which he believes are recognitions for each person who has contributed to Wipro He was adjudged the Business Man of the Year 2000 by Business India and as the Business Leader of the Year 2004 by the Economic Time Time listed him (April 2004) as one amongst 100 most influential people in the world 

In January 2005, the Government of India conferred upon him the Padmabhushana, one of the highest civilian awards in the country. 

Azim Premji voted the 15th most powerful man in the world

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