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Grow Your Business

Through Linkedin
A guide by Sarita Thakur
Digital Marketing Expert @ Think 360
Complete your business IN profile

Before creating a Business Page on Linkedin make

sure you are having a attractive profile including
all information related to your business, skills,
achievements, because profile is first impression
where people solemnity got the answer of their
question “Should i go with this company?”
Let the people know your business
knowledge and expertise by
answering the question
You can also share your knowledge and expertise
by helping others to find solution of their
problems. For this process you need to invest your
time. This step can be a great way to make “Expert
name for your business.”
Participate in group for Brand

Groups gives the free and direct communication

with your desired audience. You can also
introduce your product and the way how it will
solve their problems.while communicating in
group member you drop a short signature and
information in your post, which could help you to
make your brand memorable to members
Linkedin groups are also a great feedback
Create your own group and make
your desired audience to hear you

After becoming expert and well known in others

group create your company-branded
collaboration group and ask your employee and
clients to join and discussion. It can be an excellent
way to get your product out there and
Keep updating status for your
follower to make them more curious

You can use the status updates field on the profile

to make related announcements, special deals,
Exclusive offers, important tips and share link.
This can make your followers more curious and
intent towards our brand.
Ask For Recommendation

After six month of success, we will start to maximize

the function of recommendation by regularly asking
our clients to provide testimonials. These will be
listed under your company which can be great proof
of your excellent performance.
Make your Business Page SEO
This is strange but yes, you can also make your
linkedin page seo friendly by doing some minor

1. Insert relevant Keywords

2. Make you company page links outside.
3. Share relevant content which is mostly asked
via people.
Attracts your followers by using rich
Attracts your followers mean make your desired
audience to like/follow your business
can start it with employee ask them for favor to
share your product AMAP.

By mean of rich media, images, videos,

infographics, Influencer videos.
Facebook Page Planning

● Facebook page creation.

● Update Page including all required information
● Introduce all your product, its services and how it will work, and
why it is different from your other competitors.
● Start posting regularly(content should be relevant and related)
● Share your post in related group.
● Start making polls.
● Ask your client and employee for reviews.
● Share your facebook page on website.
● Make your page SEO friendly.
● Make your presence in other group and make
people know about you and your product.
● Share some rich content to attract your
followers, Like video, images, Infographic etc.
● Don't ever forget to use # Tag in each post to
make your audience find your stuff.
Instagram Page Planning
● As other social media facebook is also a community where you engage your
instagram followers with showcase your reputation and how valuable member you
● Keep posting Images and videos along with desired location #Tag.
● Establish the reputation among your competitor by doing direct communication
and analyses their strategy.
● Interact with the competitors content, You must spend in engagement to make
● Reply on Post about your followers concern.
● Demonstrate the local lifestyle offered by your product.
● Track and Measure your performance
Twitter Page Planning

● Build your complete profile

● Implement the Twitter card in your website.
● Engage and well target your followers and Influencer.
● While posting anything use right Hashtag(#).
● Analyse your competitors what they are doing?, What makes
them good in twitter?
● Pin your important tweet on twitter
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