You, Take Two.

Compositional Devices
How to organize your space to interact with your viewer

‡ Straight on (connects the viewer to the image)

‡ Worms-Eye View (makes the viewer feel less than the image

‡ Birds-eye View (makes the viewer feel important, feel large, or feel empowered)

Consider Distance
‡ Conversational (1-4 feet); like a personal bubble

‡ Zoomed In (In your FACE!; extremely close)

‡ Zoomed Out (to include multiple objects

Distance to Achieve!
‡ NEAR/FAR ‡ (2 important aspects in which one is close, and one is far)

Set-up checks«. Have you«
‡ «.filled at least 75% of the space with your main elements? ‡ «.. Cropped off 2 or more sides in the composition?

How to Involve the viewer..
1st person vs. 3rd person perspective

The challenge:
‡ Pick a random object and written prompt. ‡ Create a composition with multiple views of yourself (near and far) drawn from observation which tell a story. The story is based on your written prompt and includes your selected object.

1 Create thumbnails of composition possibilities 2 Begin sketching in pencil 3 Work in more values using black oil pastel, thin with solvent for grays 4 Lastly, use selective color to add emphasis to the focus of your composition

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