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Engineering Ethics

To understand the
philosophy of engineering
ethics and to use it in
solving the morals issues
encountered in engineering
Topic Outcomes
It is expected that students
will be able to:
Explain the scope of
engineering ethics.
Define the function of
engineering technologist in
society. 3
What is the
engineering ethics ?
Engineering Ethics

Why study the

engineering ethics ?
Engineering is the practical application of science
and math to solve problems, and it is everywhere in
the world around you.

Engineering is the process of developing an efficient

mechanism which quickens and eases the work using
limited resources, with the help of technology

From the start to the end of each day,

engineering technologies improve the
ways that we work, communicate,
travel, stay healthy, and entertain

Ethics are the principles accepted by the

society, which also equate to the moral
standards of human beings.

It reflect to the moral codes of practice,

values, system of moral principle, by which we
are expected to live and practice a profession
based on rule and science of the morally
Moral values
Ethics To conduct
Principles judgments

 Primary sources
~ the family
~ friends
~ religion
 Secondary sources
~ formal education
~ training
Engineering Ethics
A set of
scientific discipline
that applies to the
profession of
Formal Code Personal Morality
Codes of Ethics
Accreditation Board For Engineering And
American Institute Of Chemical Engineers
American Society Of Civil Engineers
American Society Of Mechanical
IEEE Code of Ethics
NCEES Model Rules of Professional
NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers
Software Engineering Code Of Ethics And
Professional Practice
Case 1 However, the
engineering codes
do not prohibit
engineers from
designing military

Engineer Jane refuses
Formal morality
to design the military
hardware because she code
believe war is immoral
Case 2 he may no
these code
are correct

Bob civil engineer refuses

to design a project that he
believes will damage the Formal
sustainable development Personal code
which are set out in the
code of Malaysian Society
of Civil Engineers
Scope of Engineering Ethics
7 Themes

1.Engineering projects are social

experiments that generate both new
possibilities and risks, and engineers
share responsibility for creating
benefits, preventing harm, and
pointing out dangerous.
Scope of Engineering Ethics

Themes #2

Moral values permeate all aspects

of technological development, so
ethics and excellence in engineering
go together.
Scope of Engineering Ethics

Themes #3

Personal meaning and commitment matter

in engineering ethics, along with principles
of responsibility that are stated in codes of
ethics that must be follow by all engineers.
Scope of Engineering Ethics

Themes #4

Promoting responsible conduct is

even more important than punishing
wrong doing (preventing wrong doing).
Scope of Engineering Ethics

Themes #5

Ethical dilemmas arise in engineering,

as elsewhere, because moral values
are myriad* and can conflict.

*too many; a lot

Scope of Engineering Ethics

Themes #6

Engineering ethics should explore

both micro and macro issues,
which are often connected.
Scope of Engineering Ethics

Themes #7

Technologist development
warrants cautions optimism.
• Ethics are an technologist most valuable
• Without ethics, an technologist has little
value in a technical community.
It is about people not things
• Suppliers
• Customers
• Competitors
• Colleagues
• Public
• Government
• Friends
• Neighbors
• Family