Objective ± To take a positive role in a group discussion.

Starter ± How do you get to school? What other ways could you use to get to school? Why don¶t you use these other ways?

In pairs ± Consider what the ideal form of transport might be like. Include ideas about: ± Cost ± Convenience ± Speed ± Environment ± Health ± Safety

What does ideal mean? Can we achieve the ideal?

Features of ideal transport

Environmentally friendly

You will now be split into either Dragons or Inventors.

Dragons ± If you had to judge a competition to design the ideal form of transport, what would you be looking for? In groups, make a list of ten things and agree the order of importance. Inventors ± In teams, come up with some ideas of the ideal form of transport. What features will it have?

Plenary ± What role did you take in your group? Did you contribute to the discussion? Did you talk too much? Did you listen to others? Did you come up with ideas? Did you help others to stay on task?

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