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‡ Greg is an SAP PM and PS Trainer for Catalyst Paper. ‡ Since 1997 he has acquired valuable experience in the manufacturing industry both in Maintenance and Engineering systems in SAP. ‡ Greg has been involved in creating training manuals, tip sheets and Captivate training modules as well as developing and maintaining the Training Centre web space. ‡ He has over 20 years experience as an applications trainer with various applications

‡ Catalyst is amongst North America's leading producers of mechanical printing papers ‡ With annual capacity of 2.5 million tonnes. ‡ With approximately 2,700 employees ‡ Original Go-Live Date: 1997 ‡ Current SAP Release: SAP ECC 5.0

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Mill Locations in Canada .

Crofton. BC .

Port Alberni. BC .

BC .Campbell River (Elk Falls).

BC .Powell River.

BC .PRD Recycling Plant in Surrey.

Snowflake. Arizona .

Now. and Work Order attachments. they have automated many repetitive procedures and provide the crews with better information in an easier method. in many cases. I will describe how we are streamlining processes for document management. with the use of task lists. Yet file management is important and. . PRTs. In this presentation. Our planners used to spend hours manually creating document packages for their work crews. required for maintenance and repair work to be initiated.Document Management in SAP PM ‡ Managing documents is difficult and time consuming for the frontline SAP PM user.

Lessons: ‡ Ways to save time and frustration ‡ Naming conventions are important ‡ File management skills are important ‡ Linking is better then embedding ‡ Document retrieval should be easy .

Why Documents? ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ³A Picture is worth a thousand words´ Improves communication Provides field technicians with information to do their jobs You can do it all in SAP We use a third party Printing Add-on to produce document packages for work orders .

Horror Stories« ‡ 12 page print out ! ‡ Attachments fill up SAP server. no naming conventions. use links only ‡ Poor File management skills«people make mistakes. poor folder structures ‡ Personal Mapped drive links ‡ Symbols in Filenames #$%&* ‡ BMP (huge file size) . move. rename.

drawings.What is a Document ? ‡ Job procedures. sketches. work lists ‡ Check Lists (Excel can have multiple authors) ‡ Inventory Pictures ‡ Manuals ‡ Videos . lock-outs. pictures.

esp. PM Work Orders Print Manager from Prometheus within PM Work Orders .Topics 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Storing Documents Creating SAP Documents (links) Object Links in ³Document Settings´ BOM Links Task List Operation Links (PRTs) Work Order Operation Links (PRTs) Object Links.

Topics Simplified .

batch resize jpg) .Read / Write ‡ Directory Protocol (by Planner GRP or FL) ‡ Naming Conventions (asset #.Storing Documents on Network ‡ Network Places . noun) ‡ File size (compression ‡ Linking issues ± Avoid user mapping ± Avoid renaming or moving files .

Creating Document Links in SAP (CV01N) ‡ Access via data carriers for Consistency ‡ Document Types (Drawings. JSP. ISO) ‡ Versioning (gotcha) ‡ Release Strategy ‡ Auto-numbering Documents ‡ Naming Conventions (so you can find them) .

CV01N (New SAP Document ³link´) .

CV01N (New SAP Document ³link´) .


Basic Attributes ‡ Application associated ‡ Data Carrier by file type ‡ Browse to the document .

Object Links ‡ Select the Object Links tab. ‡ Select the Appropriate Object Tab ‡ Specify the Object(s) .

the master sheet and any Notification or Work Order created to that object will have the link available via the icon ‡ Note: This does NOT add it to the BOM(s) . FL or EQ).Object Links ‡ By associating a document to an object(s) (example.

CS02) ‡ Technical Objects > Bill of Material > FL BOM > Change . IB12.Documents in BOMs (IB02.

D is for Document .

Searching Document .

Order of Items .

Verify .

Documents in Work Orders ‡ PRT in Task Lists Operations (IA12) ‡ PRT in Work Order Operations (IW32) ‡ Object Links (PM Work Order) .

PRT in Task Lists Operations (IA12) .


PRT in Work Order Operations (IW32) .


WO Header Documents ‡ Supports URL to website(s) ‡ Do not attach JPG directly ‡ Paste image into WORD ‡ Arrows and Call-outs in WORD ‡ Save file into read/write network directory ‡ Show path in WORD. PPT (Web toolbar) ‡ Rt click > ³Open With´ >Internet Explorer for PDFs . Excel.

Attachments copy file to SAP server ! .


PDF .Rt Click > Open With« IE ‡ Spot the Danger ? .

View / Edit or Delete Links .

Printing PM Work Orders ‡ Work Order Print Manager by Prometheus ‡ Shop-papers (un-released Work Orders too) ‡ WO Header Attachments (defaults to Print) ‡ PRTs (defaults to Print) ‡ FL / EQ documents ‡ Can control at operational level with WOPM .



Inventory Images (MM) ‡ Link to re-sized JPG (<50K) ‡ Image resizer (batch processing) ‡ Grid background ‡ Build into receiving / business process ‡ Images show in Search Materials (ZMSE) ‡ Images show in Material Masters GuiXT(MM03) .

ZMSE (any document type) .

MM03 (GuiXT Script supports JPG only) .

easily accessed ! .Conclusions ‡ Requires good file management skills ‡ Common server for documents ‡ Avoid storing on your SAP server ‡ SAP has various document linking methods ‡ Printing documents should be easy« ‡ Gets info out of people¶s individual desks out to all on the floor. © 2009 Eventure Events.Questions ? Greg Olynyk Catalyst Paper Inc greg. . All rights reserved.

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