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Universidad Central de Venezuela

Facultad de Ingeniería
Escuela de Petróleo

Dynamic Stability on Rigs

Br. Daniel Sala

CI 24.773.3440

August, 2019
• Introduction
• What it’s Dynamic Stability?
• How work’s Dynamic Stability?
• System and Components DP
• Types of Dynamic Stability
• Conclusion
Vessel Positioning
Remote Control
Risers and Umbilicals
Installation Methods
Intervention Methods
Inspection, maintenance and repair
Vessel Positioning
What it’s Dynamic Stability?



Position in
How work’s Dynamic Stability?
Parts of System DP
Position and Bow System

• Differentail GPS (Global Positioning System)

• Laser System (Fanbeam, CyScan)
• Radar Waves System (Radius, RadaScan)
• Mechanical System (Tautwire)
• Hidroacustic System (USBL, SSBL)
Parts of System DP
Eternal Measurement System
• The function of this sensor is measure of
movement caused for the current, waves and
determine the grade to correct.
Parts of System DP
Propulsion and governance System
• Are managers to create the push necessary to
counter external force and drive the vessel
with propellers, helix or water jets.
Parts of System DP
Control System
• Is the algorithm neccesary to decipher the
external force answers.
Types of Dynamic Stability
• DP1: Could produce material damages or
environment damages.

• DP2:Could produce personal damages, material

damages, environment damages and that is going
to have a economic impact.

• DP3:Could produce personal, material,

environment damages and the result could be the
dead of a person or several contaminations.