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My Dream

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My Dream
First segment of English for Life talking about reincarnation.Reincarnation is a belief that after somebody is
dead his soul rebons to be a new body.
Our friends in English for life said what they want if they to reincarnation.
-Eno said”I wish i were a goldfish”
-Molen said=“If only i were a pirate”
-Gina said=“I dress as tough i were a lara croft.
• Eno=“If i had the money i would buy a ferrari a big room filled with basses”
• Gina=“I wish i got the money,so that i could have a big room filled with
2 type is used “if ” when we want to say something that is diffetrent with the
reality. Besides using “if ” we can also use “wish”
• They are only used for dream only and in contrast with the reality.
The form is if+s+V2+O,S+would+VI+o
Example”if in were a fish i would swim to the atlantic ocean”.
The fact is”i am not a fish,so i can’t swim to the atlantic ocean
• The fact used the present form of verbs that are “i am not” and “cannot”.
Besides using the conditional if type 2 we can use subjunctive. Here is the
form: S+wish+S+V2+O
• Example: - I wish i were you
• The fact - i am not you
From the series of the English for Life, we’re learn used “ wish”,”if
only”,and”as tough” to tell your dreams, we’re learn used “wish” and “if ” to
say something that is differentwith the reality, and we’re learn the fact used “i
am not” and “cannot”.