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Business Plan

SN Registrars (Holdings) Limited – UKAS Registered 8327

SWOT Analysis
QCL TECHNIC comprises of an auditors’ base of those SNR Holdings is a new name in Delhi Indian market.
who are professional, experienced and knowledgeable Competing with long time existing clients would be a
and provide expertise. The personal contact Mr. challenge.
Ramakant & Mr. Khaleel had made with the QCL TECHNIC comprises of a handful of auditors due
organizations over the years during his employment to lack of competent auditors in the market.
and having personal rapport with them.
• Existence of QCL Technic and previously certified Lots of competitors such as TUV Nord, Bureau
clients. Veritas, SGS, Lloyds, DNV providing range of
• A team of Sales team and panel of qualified and certifications that QCL TECHNIC is unable to offer
experienced auditors, experts and trainers. at the moment.
Competitors are well supported by their HQ to
undertake any critical project. The other
certification bodies here are linked to all other
worldwide branches through a branch network
Environmental Analysis
• Current Strategic Position: QCL Technic is operating from years within the local
market. Compared to our competitors we have auditors and trainers who are
professional, qualified and competent although it’s a handful of auditors.
Working with us from past 10 years representing Guardian Independent
• Turnover for FY: 200 clients per year can be achieved. Pricing is on par with the
competitors not less or not more. But the price may vary according to the
situation based on other quotations by our rivals.
• Standards versus share of Turnover: UKAS accreditation can be considered as the
main product that has a special feature in our range of products that attracts
clients due to its recognition and origin being UK.
• New Business Development Opportunities: We have requirements for lead
auditor training including QMS, EMS and OHS trainings this year. Further we are
expecting 100 certification in 200 clients by 2020.
Direction Statement
• Vision and Mission
Vision: To be the leading Certification Body of in the region (Delhi, India).
Mission: To operate a world class Certification Body to maintain excellence in
the auditing and certification.
• Core Values: Quality of work, Impartiality.
• Core Competencies: Panel of Qualified, experienced and approved
auditors & experts in the relevant scope.
• Competitive Advantages: Compared to our competitors we have auditors
and trainers who are professional, qualified and competent although it’s a
handful of auditors. Working with us from past 10 years representing
Guardian Independent Certification.
Customer Analysis
• Customer needs and expectations: UKAS accreditation is a major
need of clients. Value added audits are expected by most of the
• Required Standards and Certification: Mainly ISO 9001, ISO 14001 &
ISO 45001
• Unit Costs: Price is the main factor to consider in the market.
Competitors are offering low prices being their presence in the
• Value for Money: Number of clients and the requirements.
• Perceived Competitive Edge: More products to offer in the market.
Business Development
• Compliance with SN Registrars (Holdings) Limited planning for QEC,
DAS and SNR Certification: Process from Application review till the
completion of the certification cycle will be applied.
• Implement new SharePoint system as appropriate to achieve high
level of competency oversight: Ensuring compliance to ISO 17021-2, -
• Analyze year end FY2018 to look at break of profit and costs per
certification to identify more clearly profits and costs per sale:
Completion is so high in Indian market. 75 to 100 $ per certificate x
200 certificate per year.
Identify current staffing levels and staff and recommend appropriate changes:
Resource planning for sales
Recruited one sales executive for Delhi office
QCL TECHNIC is negotiating with a sales and marketing company for promoting certification in Delhi and nearby
states of india.
Resource planning for auditors
We plan to source 2 full time auditors to Delhi office. More auditors and expert will work as part time (as and when
required and subject to approval from CB).

Resource planning for operations

Plan to have good number of experts in different scopes.

Resource planning for administration management and technical resources

Full time administration staff available in the office for office work

Maintain a min 20% net profit margin: 10 to 20%. But the price may vary according to the situation based on other
quotations by our rivals.
Marketing and Communication
• Draft and implement a strategic marketing plan: Competent team of
Sales / Marketing, Administration (Application review / Quotation) &
Auditor / Experts will be assign in accordance with the plan.
• Implement a review of the QEC, DAS, SNR brand and all corporate
marketing and sales materials including the web site, LinkedIn etc. :
Information will be sought through SNR and developed marketing
materials including social media by year 2020.
Marketing and Communication
• Maximize the media to increase SN Registrars (Holdings) Limited
brand awareness
In terms of IT developments we plan to launch our website by
December 2020.

• Wide ranging review of certificates currently being sold to evaluate

agency activity:
A software will be developed for monitoring, reviewing and follow-up
of certification status including Surveillances and re-certifications.
Training Requirements
• Establish Agency handbook: A detailed company brochures and website will be
made available. Also office policies, procedures and necessary particular
instructions will be provided time to time.
• Formalise employee induction training: All the staff of QCL Technic will undergo
induction training including the Confidentiality and Impartiality Agreement
• Formalise Reviewer training process: A yearly training plan will be developed
based on the outcome of performance evaluation and assessments. Information
on the developments and changes if any will be included in the training format.
• Evaluate Auditor framework, contracting, qualification and competence: A
complete process of selection, agreements, contracts, qualification, experience
for ensuring the competence of the Auditors and experts will be carried out in
accordance with the standard requirements (ISO17021-2, -3, 22003 etc).
Specific Action Plan - Goal Setting
What business do I want to win? Certified clients with value added audits. Major share
in the market, reputation of CB, capable of providing
the market demand with high value.

What will I do to achieve this? Market reputation, compliance to the accreditation

and certification body requirements. SNR should be
first choice for certification.

What resources or support will I need? Support from HQ for provision of qualified auditors
from near by offices.
What criteria will I use to measure success? Marketing plan, objectives and targets. Performance
monitoring, measurement and analysis.

Target date for completion / review? Quarterly review