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Northern Ireland

Leonardo Wilians ; Hugo Rocha Nhoato

Profa. Dra. Adriane Orenha Ottaiano
• Ge ne ra l info rma tio ns : lo c a liz a tio n,
po litic a l o rg a niz a tio n, his to ric a l a s pe c ts

• Pro nunc ia tio n

•Cultura l As pe c ts :fo o ds ,drinks ,

tra dio na l c lo the s na tio na l pa rtie s ,
c urio s itie s

• To uris m

• Sa fe ty is s ue s
 Localization
Political organization

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

 General Informations

• Capital: Belfast

• Population: 1,871 milions (2017)

• Language: English; Irish ; Ullans ( Ulter-Scots)

• Religion: Roman Catholic; Presbyterian; Anglican

•Currency: pound sterling

 It also known as Ulsters
Historical Aspects
 300 a.C.  Celtic arrives in Irish / Ustler kingdom in

 XII Century  England conquers Ireland

Anglican Reform century XVI

 Ireland resist because of his majority catholics and

nationalists feelings

1801  Ireland becomes part ot United Kingdom

• Ulster Plantation

• Developed north and a agrarian south  immigration from south to north

• 1905  fight for independence

• 1921 --> Ireland becomes independent --> Ulster reaction ( paramilitary groups)

• 1918 and 1921  Irish Republican Army ( IRA)

• 1949  England recognizes Ireland Constitution Northern Ireland acquires


• Unionists Protestants  Death Squad

• Civil War ( 1968)  millitary occupation --> The Troubles

Bloody Sunday (1972)
The City of London after being devastated by an IRA bomb, April 24,
Lord Mountbatten’s funeral killed by IRA
IRA ( catholic ) vs Unionist
moviments ( protestants)

Peace Agreement (1998)

Queen and Martin McGuinness shake hands (June,
Two arrests made as the recent car
bomb attack in Derry is linked to the
dissident 'Real IRA' (2019)

Calm / Half

/r/ The / r / is clearly pronunced

( end of words: or, ir, ar)

Short sound
Train / Ace / eight / Kate


The vowel sound is shorted so much that

the word sometimes sounds like one
How / Cow / Brown / Now

How now brown cow

“How’s the/What’s the/Any craic?” – How are you? How are you doing? Any
gossip? What’s happening in your life since we last met?

“We had great craic.” – We had great fun.

“They're great craic” – They’re great fun and great company.

WEE = small (Scots)/ to urine

"Give me your wee arm so that I can give you a wee


"my wee house"

 Foods

Traditional Northern Ireland Breakfast

Bacon Cabbage
Irish Stew
Fruit Scone
 Drinks

Irish Coffee
Irish Tea
St. Paddy’s Day Punch
 Traditional Clothes
 Tourism

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge
The Dark Hedges
An episode of Game of Thrones were filmed in
the Dark Hedges
Marble Arch Caves
Titanic Museum
Giant Causeway
The Bar Liquor Saloon
St. Patrick’s Day
The “Peace Wall”
Carrickfergus Castle
Narrow Water Castle e House Tower
Dunluce Castle
Enniskillen Castle
Is North Ireland safe for tourists?