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Ghost games

Ghost games or spirits games which are used to

communicate with spirits
 Several types of ghosts are
1. Ouija board
2. Charle charle
3. Bloody mary
In this presentation, I m going to describe about
ouija board
Ouija board
The Original name is Ouija but generally it
called as ouija
Charles command invented this board
It consists of AtoZ letters, 1to 9,0
nummbers, Yes or No , raindrop shapped
pointer and Sun and moon
How did he named it
To name this he called a spirit and
asked it
 The ghost named it as ouija
The truth behind Ouija board

Can we talk with ghost using this

 A scientist proved it is 100% wrong
He played this game with his friend to
know the truth
 First his friend played it .He called
one spirit and asked questions
He got correct answers
 Now the scientist blind folded his
friend’s eyes with cloth
 Again he played this game he got
wrong anwers
The scientific Reason behind
Ouija board

 Really spirits is not giving answers

 Its us. We are moving to the right
 The reason behind this game is idio
mortal effect
Then how Charles command named
Before he invented , he read a book
called orija
Thats why he named it as ouija
Thank you

T.Girish Naga Sai