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SeM Assignment

P. Siva Yaswanth

Sector: Real- Estate.

Service : (search portal)
Filter: Geography, number of rooms, and
various other fields
Brokers: 6000 brokers
Number of Cities: 40 cities in India
Characteristics of that Service

Online Portal for Retail Services

Service Marketing Mix of that Service
Gap Model

Gap- I: Knowledge Gap Gap- II: Standard Gap

Company Perceptions of Consumer Company’s Perception of customer’s
Expectations - Expected Service expectation – Service Standards.
Company Perceptions: More Customers It helps store staff understanding how
Expected Service (Customer): Best the top management and store customers
house with less cost. define and evaluate a quality task.
Gap- III: Delivery Gap Gap- IV: Communication Gap

Service Standards – Actual Service Gap arises when retailer’s promises

Offered don’t match the performance
Company’s Promises - actual set of
services offered