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› ´Communication - the human connection - is
the key to personal and career success.µ
~ Paul J. Meyer ~

› Instant Audio Translator for business, personal,
or educational use, including Braille output for
visually impaired users
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› e aim to provide a viable alternative to costly
translators used in business meetings
› Our hand-
hand-held device will take an audio input in
language A, process in to text, and either:
› Output audio in language B, as selected by the user
› Or, store the text as a record, or to print out on a
Braille printer
› Provides efficient communication without paying for
each translation
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› Instant Voice-
Voice-Language Translator Device:
› Converts Voice to Text
› Translates Text in one language to another
› Converts back to Voice
› Braille Ready: Converts to Braille for printing

› Target Market includes:
› International Businesses
› Tourism Industry
› International Universities and Schools
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Develop Product Prototype

Patent Product Design

Develop Second Generation Prototype

Software Alpha and Beta Testing

Mass Production

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› Initial markets will be international businesses and the
tourism industry, which are both growing markets
› Marketing will include ads in business and tourism
magazines and websites
› Projected payback after 3 years 6 months
› Move to secondary markets, which include educational
institutions, government buildings, and further expansion
to many further regions
› It will also be marketed to the hearing impaired and visually
impaired with Braille printing capability
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› Allows a company to save money that would be usually
spent on hiring translators for meetings
› People travelling to foreign countries are easily able to
communicate, making travel more comfortable
› Our product is currently patentable, which makes
investment acceptable since it can be protected
› In the future, licensing, and converting to a software
only version may be possible
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› Initial start-
start-up of $ 330,000
› prototype development
› patent fees at completion
› Search for Venture capitalists
› Search for license opportunities
› Testing of least 10 alpha and beta versions of the software

› Total revenue expected : $ 250,000 per year

› Breakeven to take place in 3 years and 6 months after initial
investments are made

› 10 % growth potential in the first year after breakeven is
Maa m am
› Consists of our 6 group members
› Superintendent ² Lead the team, manage work
distribution, meet potential investors
› Critical Analyst ² Calculate potential risks, oversee any
legal issues, work on spin-
spin-off technology
› Production Managers (2) ² Produce a working model
and scale up to full production
› Marketing Managers (2) ² Estimate required
production, advertise to existing and potential markets
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› Require $330,000 overall investment to develop a
prototype and begin initial production
› Each team member will invest $10,000 initially, leaving
$270,000 needed from angel investors, in exchange for
a share in our company
› Once our product is profitable, revenue will be used to
expand our market, and reinvest in spin-
spin-off technology
(e.g. Unique speech-
to--Braille output devices)
Po ss Ro
› Completed Tasks:

› Initial identification of the market size
› Identification of current and potential customers
› Identification of present and potential competitors
› Initial research and consultation on the basic idea and its
› Identification of Spinoff Technology
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› Tasks in Progress:
› Research of possible Legal issues
› Define basic organization structure and assign responsibilities
› Define a marketing strategy to best fit this technology
› Understand critical risks/problems with this technology and its market

› Remaining Tasks:
› Need to finalize actual physical design of device
› Need to define management compensation and ownership
› Need to run a survey among potential customers to judge their
willingness to purchase such a device
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