Problems And Issues Faced By Human Resource Department.

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What is Human Resource?? .

´-Kishore Biyani.Purpose and Role of HR ³An organization's human resource management strategy should maximize return on investment in the organization's human capital and minimize financial risk. .

rewards. ‡ Training and development. and benefits management. conduct and behavior management. Performance. Industrial and employee relations. selection. Business transformation and change management. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ .Basic HR Functions Recruitment. ‡ Compensation. Organizational design and development. Human resources (workforce) analysis and workforce personnel data management.

‡ Retaining and training them.What Are The Problems Faced By Human Resource Department? In simple words. . ‡ Firing staff who are unsuitable or who they can no longer afford. here are a few: ‡ Employing suitable staff .

It¶s a problem for the whole staff.Employing Suitable Staff An employee with performance problems is not just a manager¶s problem. .

´ . ‡ To build a culture where ³right attitude´ is a strong desirable: Of the three recruitment/promotion requirements of knowledge. then to knowledge. and attitude. and finally to skills. This would be a major shift from stressing skills and knowledge and thinking of attitude as ³nice to have. these were the objectives: ‡ To minimize the attrition of those employees whose performance was valued. ‡ To improve the productivity levels of employees across the board. we would award the most weight to attitude.Training and Retaining Staff Objectives For organizational aspirations. skills.

.Firing Unsuitable Staff Every now and then we hear about a people getting fired or a company laying off its employees.

. ‡ Economical problems. ‡ Non performance. ‡ Strategy changes by the company.Why do Employees get FIRED The 4 most obvious and basic reasons would be: ‡ For breaking laws.

#1: Thinking any legal problems can be solved later. . or hiring employees without first checking their agreements with the current employer and their knowledge of trade secrets. #2: Promising more in the business plan than can be delivered and failing to comply with state and federal securities laws.Top 3 Issues Faced #3: Starting a business while employed by a potential competitor.


was a part of the large South Korean Chaebol . formed in 1967. Hyundai managed to establish itself all over the world as a company producing reliable.the Hyundai Group until the group split in September 2000. In the last four decades.. . technically sound and stylish automobiles.About Hyundai Hyundai Motor Co.

‡ ‡ ‡ .Certain Problems Faced by Hyundai ‡ In the 90s. the company like all the other chaebols. faced serious financial problems. As a result the company had to cut its labor force. The automobile segment was among the first to be hit by the downslide in the economy. There was also mounting pressure from South Korean government to undertake strict economic reforms and restructuring measures. By the late 90s. Hyundai recorded a 200 billion won loss in 1998. The domestic automobile sector had negative growth of almost 55% in 1998 compared to the previous year.056 units . The slump in the South Korean economy in late 1990s was bound to have an effect on Hyundai also. Hyundai was responsible for almost 50% of total automobile production in South Korea and was therefore badly hit. the company started aggressive overseas expansion programs. The domestic sales of the company fell by 55% in the year 1998 and its exports crashed by 74 percent to only 15. when Southeast Asian crisis struck.

Aggressive Unions Since jobs were being cut. social unrest and a feeling of insecurity among the labor class was rising. companies were facing labor unrest. Although. Hyundai was among those that were hit the most. all over South Korea. The unions resorted to extreme measures in an effort to establish their authority. .

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