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Farmesaco FZC

Supplier of Spacers in UAE

Top Manufacturer & Supplier of
Spacers in UAE

Farmesaco is a leading construction material supplier in Dubai and all over

UAE. Now get Light Duty Chair Spacers available in all sizes with us or can be
customized according to your requirement.

We are specialized in manufacturing different construction materials and supply

them in different regions of Sharjah and all over UAE.

Farmesaco offers an extensive range of products. Every products can be

customized into different sizes in different as per the requirements.
Top Manufacturer & Supplier of
Spacers in UAE

Heavy Duty Chair Spacers

Heavy Duty chair spacers with pointed legs are used for various types of
horizontal applications. It can be used for slab reinforcement as well as pre-
cast concrete applications with its tiny shutter contact region.

Heavy Duty Chair Spacers now available in all sizes in our product range.
Top Manufacturer & Supplier of
Spacers in UAE

MaxiFix Spacer UAE

Maxifix spacers are commonly used in all areas of construction industry on
building sites. Find the best products at right prices available in all sizes at
Farmesaco FZC – Supplier of spacers.
Top Manufacturer & Supplier of
Spacers in UAE

Adjustable Height Pedestals

Adjustable height pedestals have been designed to give a wider scope to pave on areas
with very large differences in deck level.
Order now quality adjustable height pedestals designed from Farmesaco a leading
supplier of spacers in UAE.
Top Manufacturer & Supplier of
Spacers in UAE

Nailing Accessories For Soil Strengthening

Now stabilize side hill cuts or rocks, slopes and construction pit walls by using Nailing
Accessories for Soil Strengthening.

Nailing Accessories available with us in bulk. Contact us for more details.

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