he is said to falsely apply the trademark.` ` Falsifying a trademark: A person is said to falsify a trademark if he makes a trademark without the assent of the proprietor. Falsely apply a trademark: When a person applies to goods a trademark belonging to another person without the assent of the proprietor of that mark. .

instrument like die. . quality. disposes of. block. quantity. name and address of manufacturer etc.` ` Making or possessing instruments for falsifying trade marks: A person who possesses. Applying false trade description: Trade description includes description of the number. machine for falsifying a trade mark is said to commit an offence.

` ` Applying false indication of country of origin: When a person applies a false description of the country. place. which has already been applied to goods. name or address to goods. . he is punishable with imprisonment and fine. he is punishable with imprisonment and fine. Tampering with an indication of origin already applied to goods: If a person tampers or alters an indication of origin.

the government will forfeit all such goods and the person will be punishable Falsely representing a trade mark as registered: The use of the word 'R' or 'registered' inscribed in a circle shows that a particular trade mark is registered. .` ` ` Selling goods falsely marked: If a person sells or possesses for sale goods applied with false trade description Removing piece goods: If a person removes piece goods etc.

. it is termed as an offence . or both. Falsification of entries in the register: When a person makes a false entry in the register. fine.` ` Falsely describing a place of business as connected with the trade marks office: If a person uses words which would make a belief that his place of business is connected with the trade mark office. he is punishable with imprisonment.

` ` Penalty for applying false trade marks.50.000 . trade descriptions * imprisonment ± 6 months ± 3 years * fine ± Rs. * imprisonment ± 6 months ± 3 years * fine ± Rs.50.000 Penalty for selling goods or providing services to which false trade mark or false trade description is applied.000 ± 2.00.000 ± 2.00.

000 ± 2. Penalty for removing piece goods * fine ± Rs. *imprisonment ± 1 year ± 3 years * fine ± Rs.Enhanced penalty on second or subsequent conviction.00.000 .00.000 ` .1.1.

00. * imprisonment ± more then 2 years * fine ± more then Rs. Penalty for falsification of entries in the register. Penalty for improperly describing a place of business as connected with the Trade Marks Office.` ` ` Penalty for falsely representing a trade mark as registered. . 1.000.

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