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w Doing what the advertiser think and

they believe that is morally right in a
given situation

Doing what society views as best for

the welfare of people in general or
for specific community of people


w Úroup
w Individual
w Ethic definition

w ddvertising is untruthful and
w ddvertising is manipulative
w ddvertising is offensive and in bad
w ddvertising creates and perpetuates
w People buy things that they don¶t
really need
w ddvertising plays on people¶s fear
and insecurities


w Deception occurs-
occurs- false
w Similar as other industry-
industry- follow
moral rules
w Lying, cheating & fraud
w dd is not without sin
w With no reason customers feel that
ads are not true

w Influence people to do things

w Motivate , consciously aware
w dctivate thoughts of customers
w No idea to purchase ± ad is done
w Brain washing the people

w Insulting human intelligence

w Sexual explicitness, humor,
repetition of ads
w TV movies is filled with sex and

w ×ertain group
w Old people ± feeble / forgettable
w Women-- sex objects
w Forced by the society
w ×ompare with society ad is not


w Society and status they get things
w Unaware about the product but
forced to buy the product

w Bad breath - rejection from others
w Fear , guilt and humiliation
w Die without proper insurance
w Negative impact to society

w Which is set of inter related and co-

ordinate marketing communication
activities that center on a single
theme or idea that appears in
different media across a specified
time period

w Strong ideas expressed ±central

message communicated
w Short term-
term- annual basis
w Promotional activities

w Plan long terms but most cases ends

in short span-
span- market conditions,
competition, in effective performance
Eg. BMW-
BMW- ³ultimate driving machine´

w dn advertising campaign should be

geared to your niche market. It is a
common mistake to create generic
ads that do not speak the language
or grab the attention of your
potential customers.

w One of the keys to all advertising is
to improve the image of your
company, those factors that give you
your competitive edge. Too many
ads are clever but fail to sell the
benefits of the product or service.
w èou can recognize the McDonald's
arches while whizzing by on the
highway. Likewise, there are plenty
of products that you recognize by
their packaging or logo. Image
counts when it comes to advertising
and promoting your business. Too
many advertisers do not work to
build a consistent image.
w There are ways to save money, but
typically advertising is not the place
to cut corners. It will affect sales,
and that affects the bottom line.
Successful advertising may cost
some money, but that is because it
w è  favorite magazine, radio
station, or even television program
might not be a favorite of your
audience. Know what they read,
watch, and listen to, and advertise in
media that reaches your target
w If you budget $5,000 per month for
advertising, you've made it very easy
from a bookkeeping perspective. However,
if like most businesses you have seasonal
highs and lows, you are spending too
much money advertising during down
times and not enough when you want to
attract customers. Too many
entrepreneurs do not budget according to
their seasonal advertising needs.
w It is all too common for business
owners to choose the best place to
advertise based on price and
potential rate of returns and then
stop. ds is the case with investing,
you do not want to put all of your
eggs in one basket. Spread your
advertising dollars around.
w No product or service will appeal to
everyone. Many business owners,
including corporate executives, try to
come up with ways to reach every market.
Typically, this does not work. It can spell
disaster for small businesses, who cannot
afford to spread themselves too thin.
Therefore, find your market and be
everything you can be to that audience.
w If you have the time or money to
invest in focus groups, you should
test your ads on other people. First
they should understand and accept
the message that you are trying to
convey then proceed«

w It is very easy to ask new customers

or clients where they heard about
you. ds simple as this is, many
entrepreneurs do not bother to do
so. It is advantageous to know which
ads generate business.

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