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Leading People Transformation through

our “Employee First” Philosophy

“Employee First” Philosophy

Focus in the next few minutes!

Module 1
Transformation Journey

Module 2 Employee First @ HCL

• Employee First Philosophy
• Our endeavor through technology

Module 3 BPR Tools

• Empowerment @ HCL- insiderEdge; EFC; 360 Degree feedback;
Career Power
•My Financials @ HCL
•My Day @ Work
•Project Management
•Reporting & Analytics
•HR Life Cycle

Module 4 “Employee First”- the Impact

What do I stand for

HCL’s Employee First

and ‘democratization’ of
Employee First management
concept could “bring
about a corporate
Teach HCL as a case
study on Business
Trust, Transparency
and Flexibility

Employees are always

right… public grading Value Centricity
of managers is just one
of several unconventional
steps HCL has taken…
to build a more democratic

2005: Beginning of our
transformation journey

Three Phase Approach to HCL Transformation

Phase 1 First phase of the HCL Transformation is a 24 month
plan with 76 initiatives cutting across employees,
customers, operations and new business ideas driving
business growth.

Phase 2 Second phase is a selective partnership approach to A Five year

augment domain depth, capability and service innovation to Three phase
enhance customer value and accelerate growth in 18 to 48 months.
Transformational plan
Phase 3 Third phase is a radical shift in business model and
unique value propositions in 36 to 60 months.

HCL Transformation- Its Facets

Employee Experience Customer Experience

 Employee first, customer  Output driven strategic

second relationship rather than

 Result driven rather than
2007 effort driven
effort driven culture  Total outsourcing focus
 Inverted organization 2006 (TCO)
structure  Building trust and
 Values of trust, transparency transparency
& empowerment

Operating Excellence Business Differentiators

 Drive efficiency at gross  Create uncontested market

margin level spaces in services
 Improve the quality of propositions (MSD and
SG&A spend Service Innovation)
 Build scalability  Business outcome based
pricing and risk sharing
Module 1
Transformation Journey

Module 2 Employee First @ HCL

• Employee First Philosophy
• Our endeavor through technology

Module 3 BPR Tools

• Empowerment @ HCL- insiderEdge; EFC; 360 Degree feedback;
Career Power
•My Financials @ HCL
•My Day @ Work
•Project Management
•Reporting & Analytics
•HR Life Cycle

Module 4 “Employee First”- the Impact

Employee First @ HCL
Engaged Employees lead to
Individual Enlightenment Engaged customers

1 Corporate Research Foundation ranks

Support HCL among top ICT employers in the UK. IDC ranks HCL as
 My page the #1 paymaster and #2 in Employee satisfaction among
 Natasha: your assistant companies with 25,000-plus employees
The five-fold path to individual enlightenment:

 Customized e-zines

2 Pillars for leveraging technology

 Community programs

 Campus extension Recognition
 Cultural orientation  360o feedback
 BQ: the knowledge bank  i4XL:democratic & rapid
 Knockout: collateral &  Online appraisal
 Weekly expert sessions  Compensation review board
3  Fast track program
 Individual development Plan Transformation
 Coaching & Mentoring  Executive development
 Holistic Learning  Leadership Development
 Intrapreneurship  Multilevel Competency Framework
 Behavioral

 Business & Process

 Technical

At HCL, we treat people as people, not ‘human resources’. Our five fold path to enlightenment provides you with space to grow, time
to think, tools to use. It gives you whatever you need to succeed – be it a virtual assistant or talent transformation sabbaticals;
inner peace or fast track growth; expert guidance or democratic empowerment. The result? Over 32000 highly motivated individuals
working for 493 satisfied customers around the globe. IT works better this way.
At HCL, it is truly “Employee” First
1 Providing employees with a 3 Driving an inverted organization
unique environment
 Smart Service Desk  360 Degree Feedback
 iGen  Blogs with Vineet
 Directions

2 4 Creating transparency and

Encouraging a value driven accountability
 U&I (Direct Communication with
 Trust Pay President)
 Value Portal  Electronic appraisal system
 Career Portal  Hewitt employee engagement survey
 Weekly opinion polls on key policy

Best managed attrition in the industry

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Our Endeavour through Technology

My d
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“Employee First”

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Employee First: Technology 2 people

Employee First

WoW, practices & Values

Systems & processes
Module 1
Transformation Journey

Module 2 Employee First @ HCL

• Employee First Philosophy
• Our endeavor through technology

Module 3 BPR Tools

• Empowerment @ HCL- InsiderEdge; EFC; 360 Degree feedback;
Career Power
•My Financials @ HCL
•My Day @ Work
•Project Management
•Reporting & Analytics
•HR Life Cycle

Module 4 “Employee First”- the Impact

Empowerment @ HCL


JD Bank

Internal Job Individual devp

Postings Plan

PULSE - Employee Satisfaction Survey

74 % Participation
Continuous and
periodic sharing of
strategies, blueprint,
ideas, initiatives,
achievements, news,
results, milestones.
InsiderEdge- The power to manage career

• A tangible example of “Employee First” philosophy.

• Employees benefit from the opportunities in HCL.
• InsiderEDGE allows one to make the skill-set multi-faceted,
allows one to monotony, and is in sync with the aspirations
to fast track career growth.
Click here to access
Employee First Council- Our way to empower!

‘…a diverse group of people working

together in democratic ways towards a
common goal for which they have a strong
in built passion”

•A unique platform for employees of employees, for employees, and by

•Based on the WYGIWYG philosophy-What you give is what you get.
•Ignite change, Inspire change and create transformation

•An employee can nominate yourself for a council, elect their

representative and participate in organization's decisions that impact
himself & participate in the transformation journey.

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HCL Career Power

‘Career Development in HCL is a people process by which the

organization facilitates its employees’ to plan and realize their
personal and professional vision of growth and development’.

Key Objectives
1. Focus on professional learning and growth
2. Higher career satisfaction and engagement
3. Talent Management and succession planning

Key aspects
1. ‘Career’ refers to a journey through life.
2. Career is a web, not a ladder. It involves flexible plans and a strong
development focus
3. Career Planning encompasses both short term & long-term aspects and
reflective exercises to ascertain the current profile through career
4. Career Management is a partnership between the employee, the
manager and HCL
HCL’s Career Growth Model


Technical &
Business term
Competencies Opportuniti
Career Power- A Win-Win for all

Employee Career Counselor HCL

Takes responsibility for Assesses employee’s  Puts in place a robust

career planning strengths, opportunities, career framework
process goals and aspirations Provides a well-defined
Initiates career Helps the employee plan structure to career
discussions with and focus on career goals development process
counselor and Discusses potential future Provides openness and
manager roles, opportunities and fit transparency w.r.t.
Co-develops actions Provides guidance, timely career planning
and executes plans feedback and Commits to career
Regularly seeks developmental support growth for employees
feedback Acts as a coach and
Commits to learning mentor
Partnership between the employee, career coach (manager/HR) and HCL
and development
Sample Career Landscape

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360 Degree Feedback

A Feedback mechanism where results are published on the Company

Intranet including that of the President.

The 360 Degree Feedback is a feedback mechanism for all managers.

The 360 Degree feedback report is based on the HCL 360 Degree
Feedback Competency System. 22 of Gartner’s 25 IS competencies
have been mapped to 8 identified parameters.

The 360 Degree Feedback report gives a summary of rating of

self vs all observers, overview of strengths and developmental
areas in competencies of managers.

360 Degree Feedback-07 participation

 No. of employees who could give feedback= 35942
 No. of employees who gave feedback= 11945 (or 33.23%)
 No. of managers who could receive feedback= 3655
 No. of managers who received feedback= 3071 (or 84.02%)
360 Degree Feedback
8 parameters identified and each mapped to 22 of Gartner’s 25 IS Competencies
360 Degree feedback: People Orientation

Identified Parameter Gartner Competency

Development of Others 1. Empowerment (H5)

2. Performance Management (H5)

3. Mentoring (H5)

Leadership 1. Impact and Influence (H7)

2. Innovation (H2)

3. Thinking Strategically (H4)

Personal Development 1. Personal Integrity values (H1)

Relationship 1. Customer/Client orientation (B9)

2. Team Work/Team Leadership (H6)

3. Relationship Building (H6)

Communication 1. Communication (B8)

Task Orientation
Identified Parameter Gartner Competency

Business Enhancement 1. Set Directions (B1& B6)

2. Proactivity (H10)

3. Quality Orientation (T1 &T3)

Results 1. Result Orientation (H3)

2. Decision Making (H1)

Task Management 1. Goal Orientation (H3)

2. Planning and Organizing (B7)

3. Resource Management (B5&B7)

4. Result Orientation (H3)

5. Analytical Thinking/Technical Orientation (H4)

HCL 360° Feedback Competency System
The Blake & Mouton Model

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Control My Financials!!

• A standardized system for online

creation, approval & disbursement of cash vouchers

• Employee can raise and track the

status of their claims

View your leave status.

View your monthly pay slips anytime online!! • My Personal
• Automated workflow for medical claims.
• Raise
• Track status
• Check Claim History
• Manage your flexi-basket!!

• Flexi System facilitates employees

to define the amount to be claimed as
reimbursement/ monthly salary for
various components under the flexi
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Administer my day @ Work

•My Inbox
•My Time Sheet
•My Travel
•Leave management
•Swipe Card based
•My Smart Service
•Geo Arrival System
•Free your mind@ 999
•Find@ HCL
Time Management System- TSMS

Purpose of TSMS

•Enables Manager to track time invested in various activities and increase efficiency.
•Enables employees in time planning.
•To enter the time spent in various activities`
• Provides data for measuring various metrics like billable hours required for
customer billing
•Employee can select activities from a master list & plan and update the time
spent on these activities.

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I- Fly

 Complete tour of facilities and guide to overseas culture and

lifestyle of countries in which we are operating.
 A special induction is also arranged to sensitize employee to the
place of work assignment.

1. To make one comfortable in the new environment
2. To help one understand the culture, communication and lifestyle of
the countries where they are going.

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SSD- Resolving Employee Queries


•Query resolution mechanism for employees.

•Resolves employee concerns in just three clicks. Open SSD, raise a ticket &
•An employee opens a ticket which makes its journey on its own, to the related
support executive to the manager if required...and comes back to you with the

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Knowledge @ HCL
The powerhouse of knowledge

An in-house Learning & Development

team that offers a rich suite of learning
events to build technical, business and
behavioral competencies

Talent transformation

A forum to recognize our sales force

on overachievement of targets

Sales Champions

An online tool for an employee to track

learning for himself or for his team.
Information management system to manage
learning for all employees and provide
learning opportunities for all.

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Transparency @ HCL
Transparency @ HCL
Dialogue with the CEO to share the concerns
and ideas to make the environment and
experience better & effective.
U & I conversations serve as a blog that
serves as a platform for Vineet to pose
questions and opportunity to benefit from
collective wisdom.

The unique automated appraisal system is

more “employee centric” and focused on
employee development and assists in timely
compliance and completion of the process.
I4xl transparently shares ratings and views of
manager's manager (Reviewer) with the
Weekly polls are conducted to gather
employee feedback on several organizational
topics like policy decisions, feedback on
enabling functions, etc. The results are shared
on the intranet and guide decision making.

A Team building catalyst program runs

organization wide. This is completely
employee driven and initiated with much
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Natasha : Virtual
Assistant and Management
Guide to HR Dashboard
policy portal
Reward and Recognition @ HCL
Decision Making Support @ HCL

•My Human Capital enables reporting metrics for

employees, thereby supporting decision making.
•It gives the top analysis and employee wise view
to identify the focus area.

•My Operational Information

(Projects) is designed to be a 'Managers
Desktop' where data pertaining to the
managers is made available in a
preprocessed form that enables him to
use it for decision support/operational

PM Smart is a web based application

which provides a collaborative platform to
manage Projects effectively and

Click here to access
My Human Capital: Integrated Systems Support
Net Console Joining
Compensation Exit Management System

PM Smart

 PM Smart is a web based application which provides a

collaborative platform to manage Projects effectively and

 It is a centralized database for all Project related

information and supports project throughout its Lifecycle

 It caters to the needs of different Project types like

Development, Maintenance, Enhancement etc.

•It enables a Cross-functional team at LOB level to

Help Desk
Infrastructure support
Problem reporting and resolution with
the help of PM Smart team
PM Smart Functionality Overview

User Services
(Preference, Notification &
View customization)
Reporting & Planning

Document Scheduling/ Task

Management Management

PM Smart
Collaboration Risk Management
(MOM and Action

Issue & Defect

Reviews Tracking
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Technology through Employee Life Cycle



Employee Communication
Joining Exit Management
Smart Recruit Employee Engagement
Console System
Knowledge Management
Projects Management
Reporting & Analytics

Win-Win for employee and HCL

Smart recruit Joining Console 360 Degree/ i4excel Exit management

My Projects portal/ Business System
My Human Capital/
Employee First Councils
Opinion Polls/ i-gen
Natasha/ SSD/ My Human Capital
Module 1
Transformation Journey

Module 2 Employee First @ HCL

• Employee First Philosophy
• Our endeavor through technology

Module 3 BPR Tools

• Empowerment @ HCL- InsiderEdge; EFC; 360 Degree feedback;
Career Power
•My Financials @ HCL
•My Day @ Work
•Project Management
•Reporting & Analytics
•HR Life Cycle

Module 4 “Employee First”- the Impact

Employee First has catalyzed achieving
both business & people metrics

Revenue Breakup by Service Areas (LTM Total Revenue: $ 1.8 Billion)

Enterprise Application 2007:

12.5 11.3 76% of our revenues today come from
Engineering and R&D businesses that did not exist earlier
Customer Application
(Industry Solutions)

Vision 2010:
Infrastructure Services
50% of our revenues will come from
36.3 ‘new business areas’ – as we continue
BPO Services
to focus on service innovation
“Employee First”: The momentum
HCL won the largest & second largest full service IT
outsourcing deal by any Indian IT service provider
Latest Financial Results….

• LTM Total Revenue at

US $1.8 billion;
• Revenues up 36.0% YoY
• Net Income at
US$85.4Mn; up 12.0%
• Interim Dividend Payout
of 100%, the 21st
consecutive quarterly
• EBIT at US$67.9mn; up
27.4% YoY
Delighted Employees….
Delighted Customers..

And hence today HCL is

on a fast track