I. Atlantic Coastal Plain
c. Washington, D.C.


RedRed-Term to define and remember YellowYellow-Place to locate and remember GreenGreen-Resource to know and remember Bright Green-Agricultural product Green(crop) to remember White, Blue and Brown-Narration to Brownhelp understanding

Washington, D.C.

Virginia District of Columbia


English Land Survey System 


Uses natural features for boundaries Results in small irregularly shaped fields Also called metes and bounds system Found in areas settled by the English Thirteen original states


Washington Monument

White House

Washington, D.C.

Washington Monument Capitol Lincoln Memorial

Arlington National Cemetery

Kennedy Gravesite

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Lee Mansion

Potomac Estuary

USS Maine Memorial
Arlington National Cemetery

John F. Kennedy Grave

View from the Kennedy Gravesite

The Mall

Close Up Washington (1999)

Close Up Washington 2005

The Mall

Smithsonian Castle

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of the American Indian

The newest Smithsonian on the Mall

Capitol Steps with Senator Bond

Capitol Steps with Senator Talent

In representative Carnahan¶s office

In the Senate Subway

The Speaker¶s Balcony with Senator Talent

Chambers of the Speaker of the House with Representative Talent

Under the Capitol Rotunda with Senator Talent

The Frisk

Capitol Hill

Supreme Court

Library of Congress



The Supreme Court

Library of Congress

Library of Congress Interior

Library of Congress--Interior Congress--Interior

Capitol Hill

Supreme Court

Library of Congress



Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial
from the Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial

The Mall

World War II Memorial (under construction)

4000 Gold Stars Each representing 100 Americans who gave their lives during World War II

Lincoln Memorial

Reflecting Pool

From Lincoln Memorial


Marine (Iwo Jima) Memorial

Einstein and Friends

Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam Nurses¶ Memorial

Korean War Memorial

FDRFDR-Four Rooms/Four Terms

The turbulence of the water and the order of the granite blocks reflects the disturbances of the term.

The First Term/The Depression

The Third Term--WWII Term--WWII

Note the chair

Eleanor Roosevelt

Jefferson Memorial
Reagan/National Airport

Tidal Basin

The Pentagon

Under Repair

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

White House

Jefferson¶s View

The South Front

The North Front

The West Wing

The Press Corps

Across the Street from the White House
Smithsonian Renwick Gallery

Blair House

The Church of the Presidents

Church of the Presidents

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

The Catholic Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

The National Cathedral

Washington Neighborhood


Washington Neighborhoods

Washington Neighborhoods

Old Town Alexandria, Va.

Alexandria¶s Old Episcopal Church

Memorial to . .? Japanese internment camps


African-American Civil War AfricanMemorial

The Burghers of Calais by Rodin

Additional copies located near Parliament in London, U.K., and Paris, France

Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial (Island)

Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial




The Awakening

The Smithsonian National Zoo

National Building Museum Interior

What¶s This Building?


Georgian Style House ± an 18th century building style with strict symmetry and dentil trim Fall Line ± a series of waterfalls located where rivers fall off the hard rock of the Piedmont down to the soft sedimentary rock of the Coastal Plain The Mall ± a 2 mile lawn in the center of Washington, D.C. Gentrification- Converting low income Gentrificationneighborhoods into wealthier ones Gerrymandering ± creating elongated election districts to benefit a particular group.

Map Placement

Atlantic Coastal Plain
Washington, D.C.

The End

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