705342 Marketing Information System

7. Marketing Intelligence System

Department of Marketing Faculty of Business Administration Chiang Mai University

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7. Marketing Intelligence System
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Marketing Intelligence Types of Marketing Intelligence Purposes of Marketing Intelligence Scope of Marketing Intelligence Sources of Marketing Intelligence Analyzing Marketing Intelligence Data Designing Marketing Intelligence System

Suppliers.Kotler’s Model of MKIS Marketing Environment Marketing Managers Marketing Information System Analysis. Marketing Channels. Macroenvironment Forces Distributing Information Decision Decision Support Support Marketing Marketing Research Research Marketing Decisions and Communications (Kotler) . Planning. Implementation. Control Assessing Information Needs Developing Information Internal Internal Records Records Marketing Marketing Intelligence Intelligence Target Markets. Publics. Competitors.

(Adapted from McLeod) .Another Model of MKIS Internal Internal Records Records System System Marketing Marketing Intelligence Intelligence System System Marketing Marketing Research Research System System Marketing Marketing Decision Decision Support Support System System Data base • Marketing Mix Planning and Decisions • Forecasting • Resource Allocation etc.

Marketing Intelligence s s A systematic collection and analysis of publicly available information about comp etitors and developments in the marketing environment that helps managers prepare a nd adjust marketing plans Marketing intelligence refers to the wide range of ethical activities that may be used to gather information about competitors .

Types of Marketing Intelligence s Defensive intelligence  To avoid surprises that threaten present or future marketing plans and actions Offensive intelligence  To identify marketing opportunities Passive intelligence  To yield benchmark data on competitors and other environmental forces s s .

Purposes of Marketing Intelligence s s s s s s Customer satisfaction Creative and effective marketing strategy Realities of the company and its competitors  Strengths and weaknesses Realities of the marketplace  Opportunities and threats Competitive advantage Anticipate the competitive move and develop competitive strategies .

Scope of Marketing Intelligence s s External environment BPEST Analysis  Business (industry)  Political and legal environment  Economic and demographic environment  Social and cultural environment  Technology and natural environment .

Scope of Marketing Intelligence s Five Forces Model  Determination of the intrinsic long-run profit attractiveness of a market or market segment Potential Entrants Industry Suppliers Buyers Competitors Substitutes .

Scope of Marketing Intelligence s Competitive environment  Production costs  Economies of scale  Economies of scope  Economies of skill  Economies of speed  Extent of product differentiation  Capital requirements  Distribution channels .

brand recall. brand awareness. share of mind. share of heart  Share of voice.Scope of Marketing Intelligence s Competitive environment  Share of market. share of wallet  Other variables related to competitors’ marketing program and activities . brand recognition  Share of customer.

Sources of Marketing Intelligence s Company’s own personnel  Executives  Consultants and specialists  Purchasing agents  Salespersons  Other employees Issue: 5 Always busy people 5 Fail to pass on important information .

Sources of Marketing Intelligence s Company’s supply chain  Suppliers  Resellers  Customers  Business partners  Business allies  Other marketing intermediaries .

Sources of Marketing Intelligence s Competitors  Annual reports  Speeches and press releases  Products and labels  Advertisements and other marketing communications  Web sites .

Sources of Marketing Intelligence s s Government sources  Census of population  Census of industries  Other government agencies and publications Academic sources  Theses and research reports  Academic journals  Academic forum .

Sources of Marketing Intelligence s s Publications and mass media  Television/radio news  Newspapers  Magazines and trade journals Syndicated services  Panel data  Retail audit  Customized reports (on demand) .

Sources of Marketing Intelligence s s Electronic databases  CD-ROM  On-line databases Internet  Search engines  Portal sites and communities web sites  Web boards  Chat rooms  Social media .

Analyzing Marketing Intelligence Data s s Environmental analysis  Changes in macro-environment forces  Power of suppliers. distributors. customers Market share analysis  Overall market share  Served market share  Relative market share to top three competitors  Relative market share to leading competitor .

Analyzing Marketing Intelligence Data s Product Life Cycle Analysis รม ว สู ร ร ด ต ธร ม า สู ร ม น ต เข้ ข้ ชด ด นิ เม็ สู ร า ต น้้ 25y7 25y8 25y9 25z1 25z6 25z0 25z2 25z3 25z4 25z5 25z7 25z8 25z9 25y0 25y1 25y2 25y3 25y4 25y5 25y6 25x0 25x1 25x2 25x3 25x5 25x6 25x7 25x8 25x4 25x9 .

What are their strategies? 3.Analyzing Marketing Intelligence Data s Competitor analysis -. Who are our competitors? 2. What are their reaction patterns? .knowing about competitors 1. What are their strengths and weaknesses? 5. What are their objectives? 4.

Analyzing Marketing Intelligence Data s Competitor analysis -.levels of competition Brand Competition Other companies offering a similar product and services to the same customer at similar prices All companies making the same product or class of products All companies manufacturing products that supply the same service All companies competing for the same consumer dollars Industry Competition Form Competition Generic Competition .

ตัวอย่างการวิเคราะห์ค่แข่งขันโดยพิจารณาจากการตัดสินใจซื้อของล่กค้า 1. 3. 5. 2. การตระหนัก การแสวงหา การประเมิน การซื้อ การประเมิน ถึงปั ญหา ข้อมูล ทางเลือก หลังการซื้อ . 4.

บริษท ค.เฉลีย ั ั ั ่ (บาท) (%) (บาท) (%) (บาท) (%)(%) ดขาย (พันบาท) 100% xxx xxx 100% xxx 100% 100% ทุน xxx yy xxx yy xxx yy zz ไรขันต้น xxx ้ yy xxx yy xxx yy zz โฆษณา xxx yy xxx yy xxx yy zz ส่งเสริมการขาย yy xxx xxx yy xxx yy zz ใช้จ่ายอื่น ๆ xxx yy xxx yy xxx yy zz ไรก่อนภาษีxxx yy xxx yy xxx yy zz .ตัวอย่างการวิเคราะห์ค่แข่งขัน โดยการเปรียบเทียบ (ประมาณการ) งบกำาไรขาดทุน รียบเทียบยอดขายและค่าใช้จ่ายทางการตล บริษท ก.บริษท ข.

Designing Marketing Intelligence System s s s s s s Intelligence gatherers must be trained and encouraged to report intelligence back to the com pany Members in the supply chain must be motivated to pass along important intelligence Formal and informal reporting system Document/image processing system Multidimensional analysis Prompt circulation .

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