Proposal for Concrete Demolition For Recycling

Since time immortal disasters has plagued man. It is a constant occurrence. Today as in the past these disasters are prevalent and constant. The Haitian earthquake is one of the more horrific and tragic problem facing the world today. In an effort to bring fresh ideas to the table to assist the rebuilding of Haiti this short proposal is in response to that tragedy that is in the minds of all people in communication to the electronic world. We hope that these ideas will be used to speed up the process for rebuilding a troubled country in paradise. Because of the level of devastation the process for rebuilding will be hampered by the destruction of streets and other needed infrastructure. The construction technique used is reinforced concrete and masonry. This will require huge resources to demolish to allow rebuilding. In addition the location thru out the metro region will require logistics and planning that will require prioritizing. In an effort to address these concerns this proposal addresses those needs thru a system of catering to the elimination of those structure by demolition and the crushing and cutting of the debris to allow both by products to be recycled. Thus, the demolition process makes this endeavor a most rewarding solution both to the people of Haiti but the consultant as well.

Maps of Devastation .

Over all City of Port Au-Prince .

Arial views .

removing. All by products will then be either recycle for usage of rebuilding Haiti or investigated for other options. The project then will take on another task of crushing the reinforced concrete and removing the steel reinforcement. . The process entails pre-planning of activities in a logical manner not to deter the efforts of the present activities that will be in forced for months into the future. The requirement for such a task requires heavy equipment to be imported into Haiti to establish crushing sites. transporting of concrete refuse for crushing.Project Description The project consists of the retrieval.

Pictures of Devastation Palace .

UN Mission .

Cathedral .

Logistics and Planning ‡ Investigating on site toll of devastation ‡ Establishment of site selection parameters for crushing sites ‡ Selection of crushing sites ‡ Investigation and selection of heavy equipment ‡ Investigation of cost for all logistics ‡ Investigation of final cost of all logistics. labor and equipment .

Streets Flow Prior to Earthquake .

Streets Flow After Earthquake .

Prioritizing of Demolition ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Streets and major infrastructure Building areas to allow functioning of city Governmental buildings Commercial buildings Housing areas .

Major Damages .

Roads and Commercial Buildings .

Environmental Concerns ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Allow the decreasing of built hazards Eradication of possible continual falling debris Centralization of dust caused by crushing Elimination of unwanted material Recycling of existing material for roadways and housing .

Housing Areas .

Health Concerns .

Financial Options ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Creation of jobs for Haitians Possible use of charity funds Possible use of USAID and OFDA Donations from other groups .

Required Heavy Equipment Concrete Crusher .

Dump Trucks .

Excavators .

The long term goal for Haiti is what will require careful thought and efforts on the part of the government of Haiti and its inhabitants. Some of those would be more open spaces. To do that would require Urban Design and Planning solutions inputting the latest Sustainability requirements. It is hoped that they will look at this time as an opportunity to uplift their country from slums and squander to a country the World would be very proud of.Recommendation It is recommended that the effort of rebuilding focus on solution of long standing problems of Haiti. . The demolition is only a short term goal. decreased density and the re-greening of Haiti.

The End .

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