The Science Communication Project in Japan

By Mr. Shingo Hamada SciCom Japan NPO Affiliated Researcher, Science and Technology Foresight Centre/NISTEP

The Science Communication Project in Japan
 

Social Study on Sciences and Technologies New Type of Science Communication which is integrated from
  

Sciecne & Technology Journalism Science Education Popularization of Science and Technology

Global Incubation on STS issues from Europe, Asia and North America

The Abbreviations :
   

STS – Science, Technology and Society. HPST – History and Philosophy of Science and Technology. PUST – Public Understanding of Science. PUR – Public Understanding of Research

    

The necessity of STS based research Science Communication. Researchers Training in Science Communication. Science and Media – New communication tools for sharing creativity. Laboratory studies on Technology Shaping Ready for Town meeting !

Synergy between Basic Research Investigation and Skill Practice

Basic Research Investigation – 4 items
   

STS based research investigation Intl. comparative study Program Application development Organizational Management Writing skill /Communication methods Communication In. for researchers Media and Arts Labo. Study/Management Town Meeting

Skill Practice – 5 skill groups
    

Skill Practice 1. Writing Skill 2. Communication training In 3. Science and Media, Art Skill 4. Laboratory Studies/Management Skill 5. Town Meeting Skill

en twe nd e gy b arch a er Syn Rese tice c asic ill Pra B Sk

Group 1
Fundamental Report on Research Investigation
Outcome by group works

ITEM 1-4 of Basic Research and Investigation

Item Ove The Info data

Methodology Instruction Research writer Methodology Implementation From different countries Communicator Into internal/external body Collaboration Catering practice To public institutions Application With Asia Completion MRS

1st year Outcome
Practice MRS

Synthesis Implementation To Centre


Brain storming

MRS Practice MRS

Instruction phase to Production Phase

Production Phase Application Development

2nd year Outcome


Synthesis Venturing Synthesis

Practice Incubation Centre

Industry-Academy Methodology Instruction Cliental alliance Technique Instruction Market trial in US and EU Collaboration

3rd year Outcome

Centre+Network Commercialization Phase Intl. Funds 2006-2010

Scenario A

Demonstrative Phase National Budget 2005-2008 CoE Instruction Scenario B

Scenario C Experimental Phase 2004-2007
Goal : Incubation Centre

Scenario D Scale ( Budget+ Manpower )


Fund Accredition

Call for Collaboration
  

SOHO type installation incorporated with Press, Enterprise Research Study based on Faculty OJT (On Job Training) opportunity on Laboratory studies E-Learning platform for research development

Appel d’offre de l’intervention pour le Séminaire - les sujets à aborder -

Les expériences et pratiques pour mieux développer la communication dans le système de recherche concernée  Les difficultés et les problèmes rencontrés  Votre analyse sur le système japonais  L’analyse comparative selons votre expérience  Votre prospective à partir de séjour au Japon

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