Traditional Rice Products In Korea

JUN-SEOK KUM Korea Food Research Institute

 Rice is the dominant food in Korea.  Most of the rice production (95%) is consumed as cooked rice.  It provides over 4,000Kj of energy per capita per day.

 Apparent rice availability in 2003. 81. processed foods. coated rice.3Kg of milled rice per person annually. enriched rice in Korea. direct food use.  Utilization of rice as food can be categorized three categories in Korea. and brewing.  Whole grains are rice. . washed rice.

 Rice for processed foods ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Cereal Soup Baby food Snack Cake Cracker Candy Noodle Bread Popped brown rice Brown rice tea Minor unclassified uses .

rice soup Heating Cooking .Rice vinegar.Baby food.Parboiled rice Rice wine Fermentation .Can Retort Aseptic Whole grain Steaming .Rice Products in Korea Boiling . Rice burger. Popped rice Roasting . Red pepper paste Rice cake Rice drink Popping .frozen cooked rice Pasteurization .Snack. Roasted rice flour Non-Heating Rice flour Rice bread Rice starch . Yogurt.

.  Rice flour offers potential for new and traditional rice products. or wet milling process.  Processed rice products are increased using imported rice. semi-wet. Utilization of by products : rice germ.  Rice flour is produced from whole grain by dry.  Rice starch production is quite limited because of the high cost of making of starch. rice bran.

y Brown rice ‡ Brown rice tea ‡ Brown rice flour ‡ Brown rice bread y Rice germ ‡ Enriched drinking water y Rice bran ‡ Salad oil ‡ Rice bran oil .

000tons) ‡ Rice candy (12 companies.000tons) ‡ Rice brewing(165companies.000tons) ‡ Rice cracker (37 companies. 10.000tons) ‡ Others . 21. 7.Rice processing companies ‡ Rice cake and noodle companies (136 companies. 3. using 44.000tons) ‡ Rice flour (20 companies.

 Research goals for rice products in Korea 1) High Quality of rice for cooked rice 2) New products development for rice products 3) New technology for traditional rice products 4) Varieties of rice for rice products 5) Rice processing complex .

1) Cooked rice ‡ Aseptic cooked rice ‡ Retort cooked rice ‡ Frozen cooked rice ‡ Chilled cooked rice ‡ Canned cooked rice ‡ Dehydrate cooked rice ‡ Traditional cooked rice: about 75 items .

 Cooking method ‡ Continuous gas cooking method ‡ Continuous steam cooking method ‡ Aseptically cooking method .

2) Rice soup y Vegetable y Meat y Fish . etc 120 items .

 Research area in rice soup y Diet food y Convenient food y Packing material y New ingredient y Parameters .

pine. Parameters for production of rice soup Shape of ingredient Moisture content Heating temperature & time Ingredients (poultry fish. soybean) . nut. mushroom. seasame. pumpkin.

3) Rice cake 240 items of rice cake is made know by classical reference  Current research is extension of shelf-life & prevention of retrogradation .

 Rice cake will be continued to be a major rice product in Korea. steaming. grinding. cooling and packaging. In Korea.  Rice cake (Garadog) is the principal from of rice product consumed in Korea. .  Rice cake and snack is usually prepared from non-glutinous milled by washing. rice flour from milled rice is prepared from both glutinous and non-glutinous rice.

 Fermented rice cake Rice flour + Rice wine q Fermentation q Forming q Steaming .

4) Rice candy Steaming of rice q Concentration q Foaming .

5) Rice drink y Sikhae y Roasted rice water y Roasted rice flour drink y Fermented rice drink .

6) Korean traditional rice wine y 200 items are known y 46 items was developed y 23 items is produced .

7) Rice snack 8) Rice noddle 9) y Soysediment y Redpepper paste 10) y Rice vinegar y Brown rice vinegar .

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