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Hardware is anything which specifically used

for 3 basic requirement of a building i.e. for

protection , decoration and convenience .

These hardware fixture involve Door ,

Windows and cabinet fittings…which
includes door handles , hinges , bolts ,
locking system.
The hardware fixture are further classified
under the following categories :

Bathroom fixtures
Door and windows fixtures
Furniture fixtures
Safety & security fixtures
Bathroom hardware fittings includes the
products that are used in constructing and
maintaining the bathroom appearance and
The fittings involve wash basin , showers ,
tubs , shelves , accessories , jet spray , sink
fixtures etc.
This type of taps are generally
used taps used for bathrooms
and outdoors. Its ranges starts
from 400rs to 1000…

2 way bib cock…

These types of tap are generally
used in wash basins. There are
variety of designs of pillar cock

Single liver long

pillar cock…
Generation creates a modern
form of pillar cocks known as
self closed cocks.. we use in our
daily life i.e. taps with auto
close mechanism. Its range
starts from 1500…
The single lever mixers are an alternative for
applications where the water flow is to be
regulated mechanically . The fittings are
designed for reliable continuous operation.. Its
range starts from 800 to 5000rs.
The electronic wash basin tap perfectly unites
both high standards of function and of design
meets the highest demands of hygiene and
economic efficiency. Its timeless design, contact
free operation and an optionally selectable
stagnation flush make it a perfect
component...its price ranges from 5000rs..
These designer series category of
taps comes in wide range. Its sleek
and designer neck only gives it a
royal touchup. Its range starts from
1000rs to 10,000…
These mixtures are used in wash
basin for optional use of hot and
cold water. Single knob mixture
range starts from 1600rs and goes
up to thousands…
These mixtures are used
in washroom for the
optional use of hot as
well as cold water.

Without telephonic
With telephonic
These main reason behind why
shower cabins are used I to separate
wet area from dry area in a
washroom. Its ranges starts from
These hinges are used in the door of
shower partition unit. This is also fixed
in the same way as other hinges…one is
fixed and the other side of hinge rotates.
It comes in 90d , 180d , 137d…

Wall to glass hinges…

Glass to glass hinges…

Fixed clips… These are the corner fittings for
a shower partition. One side is
fixed on wall while the cavity
end holds the glass…
Showers are a part of plumbing system which
is provided in washroom for a refreshing bath.
The main advantage of shower is it reduces
the use of water. However it sprays water thus
reduces water usage. There range starts from
800rs… showers are classified into :

Head shower…

Hand shower…

Rain shower…
These panels are used
in shower areas. Its
range starts from RS
Health faucets is a hand-held triggered
nozzle similar to that on a sink sprayer,
that delivers a spray of water to assist in
cleansing in wc areas. It is usually placed in
a small holder attached to the wall, on the
right hand side of a flush or wc and
connected via a short hose. Its range starts
from 480rs.
These hardware fittings are used in the
area where we need to hold water thus
to stop further flow. We can open it just
by rotating a liver. Range starts from

Stop cock…
This hardware fitting is generally
used in wash basins or sinks in
drainage unit. It cost goes around

Waste coupling (full thread)

waste coupling (half thread)

A wash basin is a bowl shaped plumbing unit
which is basically used for washing hands.
generally have tap (faucets) that supply hot or
cold water according. They must also
provided with a proper drainage system.
Wash basin are generally come in 2 varieties:

Plastic or Resin
Porcelain is a ceramic type of
material made by heating a type of
clay in a temp. about 1200c to
2000c. It have supreme qualities of
elasticity , strength , toughness and
transparency gives it an enlighten
look. Its range starts from 500rs
and goes up to thousands…
Porcelain wash basins are classified into the
following types according to area , design
and purpose…

Pedestal basins
Wall hung basins
Corner basins
Over counter basins
Under counter basins
Pedestal basins are tower type
basins. Which consists of a tower
sort of structure as a base and top as
a basin. Its range starts from 1500rs.
Wall hung basins are commonly used
basins in homes. It can be directly
hung over 2 brackets fixed on the
wall. Its range starts from 400rs.
Corners basins are usually used in the
compact area because it can be easily
hanged in any of the corner thus providing
a proper circulation. it is available from 1ft
dia. Its range starts from 600rs.
Over counter basins can be placed over any
counter top. These basins starts from 1ft
dia. Its range starts from 3200rs.
Under cover basins are similar to that
of over counter basins. Only difference
is it is fixed in the cavity in wash areas.
It can generally seen in any restaurants
or hotels. Its range starts from 3000rs.
Resin basins are now in full trends it
comes in various patterns and sleek
designs. It is basically made-up of
polyester, epoxy and polyurethane.
The range starts from around 2000rs
and goes up to thousands according
to designs.
Glass wash basins are some how
expensive as compared to porcelain and
resin type. It is made by molding a glass
piece into a cast. Its range starts from
4800rs and goes unto 30,000rs…
A water closet is a toilet which disposed
human body waste via flush. The sanitary
fixture is distinctly different which is
designed to handle only liquid waste.
Flushing mechanisms are found more
often on western toilets & now in squad


Western water closets are which modified
form of toilets used in earlier days. Now a
days most of the designers prefer western wc
because of availability in various designs and
it is more comfortable than those to Indian or
squatting pan. Its range starts from 2500rs
and goes unto lacks.
Indian water closets are also known as
squatting pan. It is generally used in
earlier houses. These are very cheap
according to western forms. It can also
be connected with bell fast flushing
cisterns. Its range starts from 600rs.
Door and windows fixtures are those
necessary hardware elements which is
required for a proper functioning of doors
and windows.
The hardware involves hinges , door closers ,
locking system , handles etc.
Doors are further classified according to their
uses and area where it has to be used. There
are variety of door fixture providing a wide
styles of door opening. Basically doors are of
following types :

Hinged doors
Sliding doors
By fold doors
Hinged doors are generally used doors in
homes. It is screwed over a wooden or
granite frame fixed to the wall. Some of
the hardware fittings used in fixing these
doors are mentioned below.
There are 2 types of hinges made up
of ss and brass. These hinges are
used to support and hold the doors
and windows and allow comfortable
movements. it starts from 5rs and
goes unto 80rs.
Friction hinges are generally used for
cupboards and upvc doors and
windows. It has a spring mechanism
inside. It is long run and more
comfortable than normal hinges. It
starts from 20rs.
This type of hinges are generally
used for hanging doors and also
for windows. It is used on for
light weight objects only. It
range starts from 5rs.
This types of hinges are
generally used for the doors
which requires 180 degree
Door closers are used for the proper
maintenance of doors. Its range
starts from 800rs.

Spring door closers…

Concealed door closer…

There are variety
of door handles
available which
starts from 100rs
to thousands.
These locks comes
in variety of
designs. These
locks are used for
standard and
narrow style doors.
Open from a key
from outside or
from a knob inside.
These are the modern
form of locks which is
used in most of the
doors nowadays. It is
easy to install.
Barrel bolt…
Indicator bolt…
Sliding door is a type of door
which opens horizontally.
whereby the door is either
mounted on or suspended
from a track. Sliding doors are
commonly used for shower
doors, glass doors
and wardrobe doors.
The fittings which are used in sliding system
are called sliding door gears. There are two
standard types, top hung or bottom rolling

Top hung
Bottom rolling
The 'top hung' system is most often used.
The door is hung by two trolley hangers at
the top of the door running in a concealed
track; all the weight is taken by the hangers,
making the door easy to move.
Sometimes a top hung system cannot be
used, as the weight of the door cannot be
supported from above; in this case a bottom
rolling system is recommended. A bottom
rolling system consists of two rollers at the
bottom of the door running on a track and
two guides at the top running in a guide
channel. As all the weight of the door is
concentrated on the two bottom wheels,
more force is needed to move the door than
on a top hung system
Glass door fittings are also called patch
fittings. These comes under the category of
glazed doors. Toughened glass are used in
glass doors because of its toughness and
Bottom patch..

Bottom pivot..

Top pivot..

Top patch...
Bottom rail…

Floor spring…

Bottom rail…
There are variety of
glass door handles
available in the
market which starts
from 400rs to
Fin and splice fittings…

Fin and splice fittings…