Ice Cream

Everyone’s favorite late night dessert

F. Abhijit By: Sanchari Dutta (FPT/09/21) Rittika Debnath (FPT/09/31) Semester – I.Mentor: Mukherjee Mr.Tech (A.P.) . B.

Overview  Origin of ice creams  Composition of ice creams  Ingredients of ice cream  Manufacturing process  Flavors of ice cream  Ice cream defects  Sales outlets  Indian market overview  Trends in advertising .

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C. Ancient Greeks sold snow cones mixed with honey and fruit in the markets of Athens. 5th century B. beside the Euphrates River.ORIGIN OF ICE CREAMS 4th century B. Roman Emperor Nero brought ice from the mountains and combined with fruit toppings. made of rose water and vermicelli which was served to royalty during summers. Mesopotamia has the earliest icehouses in existence.C.D.C. 400 B. Persians invented a special chilled pudding-like dish. . 37-68 A.

but he also invented a superior technique to manufacture ice cream.D. The earliest reference to ice cream given by the Oxford English Dictionary from this year. Augustus Jackson.618-97 A. Marco Polo learned of the Chinese method of creating ice and milk mixtures and brought it back to Europe. Mughal emperors used relays of horsemen to bring ice from the Hindu Kush to Delhi. not only created multiple ice cream recipes. invented a method of creating ice and milk concoctions. 13th century 16th century 1674 1744 1832 . The first recipe for flavored ices in French appears . China. King Tang of Shang. an African American confectioner.

Both the ice cream cone and banana split became popular. Mid 20th century .Late 19th century Early 20th century The ice cream sundae originated. Introduction of soft ice-creams. Cheap refrigeration became common.

Composition of ice– creams Source: International Dairy Foods Association. Dairy Facts 2007. .

Ingredients of ice cream Milk Fat Milk Solids not Fat 1.Sucrose 2.Concentrated Skimmed Milk 2.Locust Bean Gum 2.Butter 3.Mono and Di Glyceride Emulsifiers 2.Butter Milk Powder Source: International Dairy Foods Association. Dairy Facts 2007.Fresh cream from milk 2.Anhydrous1Milk Fat .Sodium Alginate 1.Carboxymethyl Cellulose 4.Polysorbate 80  1.Guar Gum Stabilizers 3. .Sweeteners derived from corn syrup Sweeteners 1.

Manufacturing process Blending of mix ingredients Pasteurization "ice cream mix".considered air The process involves freezing the mix and incorporating hard . nuts and bulky flavorings. 69 ˚C/ 30 mins Pre-cooling and Process80 ˚C/ 25 mins.2500 By helping  form the fat :structure. overnight is the use of butter. Dry raw materials.Freezing Makes time for likely and stabilizer •Allowing time for membrane rearrangement and protein/emulsifier interaction Add fruits. Forms membrane whipping qualities •Improves increases resistanceto meltingbest results under average plant cond me of •Allowingpossible full proteinto givefrozen cream. etc. First stage: 2000 Aging psi . it also has the following indirect effects: to Homogenization Second stagefollowing1000 psi in ice cream . provides the 500 . and colors are Process parameters : Heated up to 55 to 60˚C.functions m mix to about 8 ˚C a smoother ice cream warmer than the entering water temperature manufacture: makes section Reduces size of cream mix torichness4andand colors entering chilled water willgives aice fat globules about ˚ C warmer than cool greater apparent Add liquid flavors palatability Increases surface area the following functions: Aging provides better air stability w 5 ˚ C •Providing time for fat crystallization of mix and body and texture of ice cream . The ideal serving temperature :(-) 13 ˚C . except flavor Homogenization mixed together (-) he water in ice cream is frozen. chilling parameters : at the pasteurizing temperature. the ice serveis packaged and is placed into a blast freezer at  Soft cream ice cream is generated at this point in Packaging Hardening Source: International Dairy Foods Association. . Dairy Facts 2007.

Flavors of ice cream Vanill Butterscot Mixedinfruit Strawbe NutsBlack Chocolate and Mango Cher ice current ch a rry cream cocoa ry .

Unnatural flavors Coarse egg Too much or icy structure Over cooked Crumbly content in High acid body Fluffy texture milk Gummy body Salty milk Sandy tecture Old ingredients Weak Curdy melt body Oxidized Do not Storagemelt uneven Color Wheying Color off unnatural Foods Association. Dairy Facts .Common ice cream defects • Flavor defects • Body and texture defects • Melting quality characteri stics • Color Source: International Dairy 2007defects .

Sales Outlets  There are several types of markets available to the ice cream manufacturer: Wholesaling Retailing Drive in store .

in 2005-2008.a. 11192 million INR in 2009 Source: The Economic Times “Showers upset regional sales targets of marketers”. . May 2007.  Forecast to increase by 15% to reach Rs.The Indian market overview Size and growth:  Worth Rs. 9746 million INR in 2008.  Growing at 12% p.

Characteristics of Indian market Northern and western regions. Vanilla is the highest selling flavour • . 80% of sales is through street vendors. Profit margins range from 30% to 50 60% of ice cream sales occur during the summer months.

Trends in advertising • Advertising on television: (Jan-Apr 2008) – Grew by 15% rise in 2008 compared to 2007 – Average number of ads per day increased by 45% • Advertising in print: (Jan-Apr 2008) – Grew by 58% rise since 2005 o Non-metros: 57% o Metros: 26% o Mini –metros: 16% .

Share in advertising .

Rs 62 Amul Starts from Rs 24 .Rs .Price of different Indian brands Metro Vanilla cup Rs 8 (150ml) Two in one Rs 7 cup (150 Butterscotc Rs 12 ml) h cup Chocolate Rs 11 (150ml) cup (150 Rs 15 Chocolate ml) bar Paddle pop _ Vadila Rupam’ Rollick Amul Kwality l 8 s 8 Rs Rs Rs 8 Rs 10 Wall’s Rs 16 Rs 7 Rs 8 Rs 8 Rs 12 Rs 14 Rs 15 _ Rs 10 Rs 16 Rs 15 Rs 20 Rs 18 Rs 20 Rs 16 Rs 25 _ Rs 5 – Rs 15 Rs 14 Rs 12 Rs 14 Rs 11 Rs 18 Rs 14 _ _ Cornetto Tricone Kwality wall’s Starts from Rs 15 .

..NO! 52.Misconceptions Macro Nutrients eam Ice cream is an causes cold  Recommended Dietary Balance of Main Nutrients (%) Ice Creams (%) Carbohydrates (% Calories) Fat (% Calories) 59..0 14..0 Soft Drinks (300 ml) 42..0 Chocolate (40 gm bar) Potato Chips (28 gms) Rasmalai (50 gms – 2 pieces) Calories Kwality Wall’s Vanilla Cup (80 ml) 72 Kcal 191 Kcal 219 Kcal 136 Kcal 130 Kcal 198 Kcal Protein (% Calories) 6.0 Gulab Jamuns (75 gms – 2 pieces) ..0 27.0 Item not cream in “Nutritious” er??.