Design and implementation of software that acts as a teaching interface between geographically dispersed students and teacher with the help of e-learning tools like : ‡ Text chat ‡ Whiteboard. ‡ Audio - Video conferencing


Live telecast of lectures  Proper synchronization of video and audio data.

CONSTRAINTS:  Network should be of high speed  Only teacher can send data through the Audio / Video Conferencing .  The project cannot run on other platforms  The number of students which can login at one time will be limited .

teachers and students  The main screen has two parts each with its own tools: 1.INTERFACES  HTML pages and links are provided to the administrator. 2. . White Board having paint tools. Text Chat  A number of options will be provided like: Choice of audio/video conferencing.


Networking tools like chat.  To develop a proper teaching plan according to the constraints given which will suit both teachers and students. . two-way interaction amongst students and teachers. enhanced.GOALS AND OBJECTIVES  To develop a software which provides easy.  To facilitate distant learning through the use of Multimedia tools like Audio/Video Conferencing & Whiteboard.

Everyone in class can save text. . paste text from other document into text chat.DESCRIPTION TEXT CHAT Text Chat is a text based communication tool that instructors and students can use to compose and exchange ideas and comments with everyone in a virtual class.

WHITEBOARD A whiteboard allows one or more users to draw on the screen while others on the network watch. and can be used for instruction the same way a blackboard is used in a classroom .

.VIDEO-AUDIO CONFERENCING Video-Audio Conferencing is a strong tool which will enable the transfer of teachings from a remote place. Hence incorporating this tool in our project will facilitate easy learning and teaching on part of students and teachers.

Java Development kit 1.Hardware Requirements:1.1 . Monitor-colored 4. Java Media FrameWork 2.1. Web Camera 5. Hard disk-10GB & more 3.3 2. Java Server pages 3.1 Internet Explorer Software: 1. RAM-128MB & more 2. Ms-SQL 2000 4. Head Phones and Microphone Software Requirements:: Operating System: Web Server: Browser: Windows98/2000/XP Tomcat3.

send and save his /her lecture to all students who are online.  Teacher should be able to prepare.  The students should be able to view lectures send online by the teacher and retrieve any previous lecture offline.  The student should be able to ask questions from the teacher.FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS  Live telecast of lectures.  In addition the following functions will be incorporated    Text Chat White Board Audio Video Conferencing .

.  Proper synchronization between sound and visual data.NON-FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS  User friendly interface should be provided.  Our software should be reliable enough to meet the real time requirements.  No delay should exist between two audio and video samples.

 Enough primary and secondary storage are required  Uninterrupted power supply.DEPENDENCIES  A high speed.  The performance of software will depend on the number of students currently logged-in. . reliable and efficient Broadband connection is needed  Processing speed of the server should be high  Hardware failures should be minimal.  All the systems in the network should be of same configuration.

Delay should not exceed a preset limit. Synchronization of audio and video data. Invalid login should not be allowed Proper security of Administrators rights. Reliable transmission of data over the network. Proper congestion and flow control .VALIDATION CRITERIA        There should be no loss of data.



Login Module Login Details Invalid ID Message Try Again User User Name & Password Validity Check Process Valid ID Message User Interface .

Administrator login Administrator login Teacher registration Add New Subject Set Schedule User Name & Password Login Details Validity check Try Again Invalid ID Message Valid ID Message Logout Change Password .

Teacher Registration Module Login Details Teacher Notify Teacher Administrator Teacher Data Teacher Registration Process Teacher Detail Teacher-subject detail .

Teacher Modification Module Teacher Detail Teacher Notify Teacher Teacher Data Administrator Teacher Modification Process Teacher Detail Teacher-subject detail .

Set Schedule Module Teacher Subject Details User Set Schedule Process Schedule detail Subject Details Administrator .

Modify Schedule Module Teacher Subject Details User Administrator Modify Schedule Process Schedule detail Subject Details Schedule detail .

Add New Subject Module User Add New Subject Process Administrator Subject Detail .

Teacher login Login Details Teacher login Validity check Invalid Try Again Valid Start Query Session Save lecture Change Password Logout .

Student login Student login Validity check Online lecture Login Details Invalid Try Again Valid Logout Offline lecture View Query Change Password .

Student Registration Module Login Details Student Student Registration Process Student Student Detail .

Change Password Module Login Detail User Change Password Process User Login Detail .

New User User Information Registra tion Process Student / Teacher Details User Command & Data User Password & User Name Login Process User Command & Data User Command & Data Teacher Command & Data Text Chat/White Board/AV Conferencing Login Details Change Passwor d Process Change Schedule/ Add Subject .

Subject Name. Number of days for online classes Student : Name. Teacher ID. Student ID.Address Schedule : Teacher ID. Subject ID. Class Teacher : Name.DATA MODEL  DATA OBJECTS      Subject Student Teacher Administrator Schedule Subject: Name . Address. Time Slot. Day  ATTRIBUTES:     .

Relationships Student Communicates Teacher Teaches Subject Uses Schedule .

ARCHITECTURAL MODEL Client Software for Text Chat Client Software for White Board Data Store (server side) Client Software for Audio Video Conferencing Client Software for synchronization .

Valid access Waiting Invalid Processing Start text chat Start white board Start audio video conferencing Collecting Drawing Messaging Broadcast Send Picture Send/Receive Messages .


Login Module Logins Logins Verifies Teacher Student Administrato .

Video Conferencing Initiates Access Teacher Student Initiates Audio Conferencing Access .

Text Chat Access Access Teacher Student Access Access White Board .