bj cti M thodology Project Scope Standardization of agent level PMS within PAN India domestics operation Propose common blue print of PMS for Inbound and Outbound campaigns to BLs BLs will further fine tune the structure for localized processes Finalize the various usage of PMS like VIS, appraisal and agent¶s career path Process sign off, roles and responsibilities and GO LIVE Why PM ? PMS Blueprint National PM t mplat Localiz d PM Roadmap to a standard PMS Forced Vs Actual Ranking Communi tr t y tion ABCDE structure including KPIs and sub KPIs with weightages Business impact of PMS

Customize national PMS template to suite individual campaigns (if required) Analyze Brainstorm Finalize

Identify and communicate key stakeholders including Operation, HR and BA Home grown tool to communicate ABCDE rankings on a daily basis to agents

VIS Consequence Management Agent¶s Career Path Other initiatives like Assessment centres

PMS O jective
Wh PMS ? Standardized PMS is a one stop solution to following questions ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Performance Management: where is the talent in the organization ? Emplo ee Branding: how can we segregate agents into elementary ABCDE rating ? Rewards & Recognition: how do we keep our talent ? Talent Management: how do we manage our talent ? Leadership: how do we determine agent¶s growth path ?

PMS Structural Approach Understand process value drivers and link to agent¶s performance: focus on measures that matter create sophisticated yet simple performance measures are responsive to agents and team performance

PMS Template

Establish a process to define, validate and KPI measures and develop sustainable business performance management system


Leverage from technology to reduce complexity and maximum transparency


Efficient and effective PMS is not a su stitute for sound operational excellence ut is an essential component to successful and profita le execution of usiness strateg

PMS: Align Agent Goal to Organization Goal
S stematicall align agent activit with Organization Goals Agent PMS Organization Goal Benefits


Happy Employee Happy Shareholder Happy Customer


Consistent trg & feedback on process/product will equip agents to enhance his Knowledge and performance Reduces leakage and help Aegis to realize maximum value through enhanced productivity Beat expectation and deliver a great facilitating their goal setting customer experience


PMS will align workforce to achieve usiness o jective

National PMS Template
CAMPAIGNS Inbound KPIs Input Su KPIs/ Weightage Knowledge ± 15% Source KMT Score


‡ Login Hour ± 15% ‡ AHT ± 20% ‡ Call Quality ± 25% ‡ Cust.Satisfaction ± 25%

Focus for improvement ACD report





Knowledge ± 15%

KMT Score


‡ Login Hour ± 5% ‡ # of connect/call ± 20% Sales/Collection Index ± 60%

ACD report



Agent wise data

1 Calculate Localized PMS 2 Determine Forced Vs Actual Ranking 3 Communication Online Tool 4 Consequence Management VIS Agent¶s Career Path National PMS 

National PMS template provides a broad frame work for inbound and outbound campaigns 

Localized PMS will reflect the intrinsic difference in individual campaigns Modify national PMS (if required) to ensure that rankings responds to key process indicators All similar campaigns must have same PMS structure 

³Ranking methodology´ with respect to the current dynamics of domestic business Evaluate business impact associated with both methodologies. Buy in from all line managers on a common consensus 

Device effective communication strategy to educate managers and agents Venue branding, interactive sessions, employee forum, etc. Evaluate existing online tools/ develop new software where in Agents can view their daily performance 

Integrate learning and performance to optimize employee satisfaction and growth in the organization

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