Contents            What is WiMAX ? Why WiMAX ? Objective of WiMAX. Usage of WiMAX. Reference. Advantage of WiMAX. Components of WiMAX. Current usage. WiMAX System. Working of WiMAX. . Status in INDIA.

Could replace cable providing universal internet access. WiMAX is not a technology. Has the ability to deliver true broadband speed. standards. Can cover a large geographical area.16 family of standards. but rather a certification mark. or 'stamp of approval' given to equipment that meets certain conformity and interoperability tests for the IEEE 802.What is WiMAX      Stands for ³World Interoperability for Microwave Access´. . up to 50 km and to deliver significant bandwidth to end-users endup to 72 Mbps.

Broadband access WiFi access DialDial-up access .Other options for accessing the internet The are basically three different option for accessing the internet.

so it would be a lot less expensive than cable and much easier to extend to suburban and rural areas. Wi-   . The high speed of broadband service.Why WiMAX?  Wireless rather than wired . Broad coverage like the cell phone network instead of small Wi-Fi hotspots.

WimaxWimax-The wide Coverage  Important than the range limitation The capability to reach any potential user within the base station covering area Has been optimized to provide excellent Non-Line-Of-Site Non-Line-Of(NLOS) coverage (up to 15 Km around the base station) and long range transmission up to 50Km in LOS conditions.   .

Objective of WiMAX High Security WiMAX QoS Quick Deployment Interoperability Portability Mobility CostCost-Effective Wider Coverage Flexible architecture .

WiMAX System .

 . or they could be built into a laptop the way WiFi access is today.Components of WiMAX  A WiMAX tower ± A single WiMAX tower can cover a very large area as big as 3.000 square miles. A WiMAX receiver-could be a small box or personal receivercomputer memory card.

Working of WiMAX .

Uses for WiMAX  Providing a wireless alternative to cable for last mile (last km) broadband access Connecting Wi-Fi hotspots with each other and to Wiother parts of the internet Providing high-speed mobile data and hightelecommunications services (4G)   .

Typical rural connectivity using WiFi/WiMax .

It supports AES(Advanced encryption standard ) & DES (Data encryption standard ) for security reasons. one of which is VoIP.    . The service provided by WiMAX will be faster than any other method for accessing internet. WiMAX don¶t have any requirement for lay down cables.Advantages of WiMAX  The WiMAX protocol is designed to accommodate several different methods of transmission .

a joint venture between C-DOT and Alcatel.Status in India C-DOT Alcatel Research Centre (CARC). Pune. MTNL Plans WiMAX trials In Delhi And Mumbai . Ahmedabad. has Cstarted lab trials for indigenously developed WiMAX technology. Kolkata. Chennai. Pinjore. Hyderabad. Rohtakand Panipat. BSNL is setting up 10 WiMAX base stations (as part of a pilot project) at Bangalore. Hissar.

3-3.Current usage  Teachers from Bishop Cotton School in Bangalore deliver live lectures (video conferencing) to high school students in HavaraGiri School. Davangere (remote town in Karnataka) over the Internet using WiMAX/BWA (Broadband Wireless Access) for last mile connectivity. Citizen multiple video conferencing set-up wherein the setdeputy commissioner and officials at the taluka level interact with citizens at the telecentre in RG Halliand Navilehalli in Davangere district.4 GHz frequency 3. all this being enabled through WiMAX (operating in 3.3with 2 Mbps of broadband bandwidth available for video conferencing).  .

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