‡ Axis Bank, previously called UTI Bank, was the first of the new private banks to have begun operations in 1994, after the Government of India allowed new private banks to be established. ‡ hold a special position in the Indian capital markets and has promoted many leading financial institutions in the country.

‡ The bank changed its name to Axis Bank in April 2007 to avoid confusion with other unrelated entities with similar name

‡ Shikha Sharma was named as the bank's managing director and CEO on 20 April 2009

Š Š Š Š Management of people wealth making it possible for millions to enjoy life Caring for your MONEY Satisfaction of the concerned clients .

1. Corporate banking Š Gold plus & gold card Silver plus & silver card Š Normal current Accounts Trust/NGO saving Accounts . CARDS Š Š 2.

LOANS & ADVANCES Š Š Š Š Š Personal loan Housing loan Cards Consumer durables Auto loan .3.

manipulate(processes).An information system(IS) is typically considered to be a set of interrelated elements or components that collect(input). and disseminate (output) data and information and provide a feedback mechanism to meet an objective .

Axis Bank has implemented a new derivatives system Summit FT  provided by MISYS. The RBI favours transparent online systems that can track every transaction and report it exactly as it is . it is a global financial applications provider The system will provide the bank with the ability to structure derivative products in real time. reduce time to market. and give a single view of the entire transaction to the customer.

software. hardware. transforms and disseminates information in a organization . communication networks and the data resources that collects.An Information System is an organized combination of people.

.e. basically a pune based company that provide on net solution for different bank in India as well in world.A software system for derivatives valuation and risk management has been adopted & implemented i. RISKOMPASS provided by pyxis system. Supporting the industry standard FpML (Financial Product Markup Language) protocol. it can manage valuation and risk management of a broad range of derivatives instruments.

Employees Corporate databases of internal data Databases of external data Corporate intranet Decision support systems Executive support systems Business transactions Transaction processing systems Databases of valid transactions Management information systems Application databases Operational databases Drill-down reports Exception reports Demand reports Key-indicator reports Expert systems Input and error list Scheduled reports .

NET platform. The implementation will provide the bank with an automated system that reduces manual effort to streamline its operations The benefit envisaged by the bank is that everybody being on the same system it can be accessed by anyone on the different locations of the bank The solution will result in smoother deal processing. The solution is on a . and will operate on the Windows operating system The database employed is Oracle 9i . with verifying and online risk monitoring mechanism.

Š Earlier Manullay DMS-2000-2001 From 2006 Š Š .

service or a business wide strategy. . documents.A management information system (MIS)is a subset of the overall internal controls of a business covering the application of people. technology and procedures by management accountants to solving the business problems such as costing a product.

. To provide management with access to information relative to complex activities in decentralized organizations.To provide the type of information environment that will integrate the basic operating functions.

 Back office support for Bank clearances and to expedite remittances.  Follow-up with your correspondent banks for old outstanding amount of up country cheques sent for clearance.  Follow-up with correspondent banks to expedite the early clearance of cheques and remittances against the same.  Pick-up and processing cheques / Drafts / Documents from clients.  Coordinating Funds activity between banks and their clients.Management Services. .

 High quality scanning assignments Verification & Processing of insurance proposal forms.  Specialized collection of cheque and tracking of same and reporting at the frequency mentioned by the client.  Data Processing. . Reconciliation & Data Management.Management Services.  Collection of Duplicate DDs against the lost / mutilated or time barred instruments.  Bulk cheque processing.  Processing & Encoding of clearing cheques.

 Verification of the details of the prospective clients for teleco companies. ONG PTC.  Completely handled around 15-20 IPOs like IGL.e.  Verification. collection of subscription form from syndicates. GAIL. IDBI.TCS.  Delivery and tracking of documents/bills to customers. physical as well as telephonic of addresses and details of new subscribers. data entry of the forms and encoding of cheques. . NTPC etc as a team member of Kotak Mahindra Bank.  Complete handling of IPOs i. Standard Chartered bank etc.Other Services  Management of DROP BOXES and complete process of collections including MIS Reporting.

Š Š Š Š Š Timeliness Accuracy Consistency Completeness Relevance .

Atom card.  Atom Technologies innovated a technology. which will enable mobile payments.  After this mobile payment method is implemented. Axis Bank is in advanced stages of beta testing a new method of using java enabled mobile phones to make payments. users can swipe their mobile phone and conduct various transactions. which were earlier possible using the credit cards.a product developed by the company and the accompanying software can embed a user's credit card data .

Axis Bank facilitates ECS Credit at all ECS designated locations .ECS Credit is an electronic clearing system that facilitates paperless transaction through an offline system.

fund transfer for railway E-ticket & Flight E.g. reliable and expeditious system of funds transfer and clearing in the banking sector throughout India. economical.To establish an Electronic Funds Transfer System to facilitate an efficient. E.ticket . secure .

Bank offers this immediate electronic fund transfer facility to RTGS enabled bank branches across through the country its designated RTGS enabled locations. Under RTGS the funds are settled on a near real time basis across Banks in different locations.RTGS System is a payment settlement system that minimizes the credit risk in the prevalent cheque clearing system. .

.EBS (E-Billing Solutions) is the Merchant Account providing company partnered with Axis Bank that visualizes you how to become more competitive and help you to make the changes to your online payment processing for risk free business.


Step 5: Credit card information is transmitted securely to the corresponding bank for approval.Step 1: Customer select and adds item in the shopping cart And places the order on your (merchant) website. Step 4: Customer enters credit card details on Secured Payment page. . Step 2: Customer selects to pay via credit card . Step 3: Customer is redirected through EBS Payment Gateway to Transaction Processing Bank.

Ste 7: nk nds ropri t infor tion to t tr nsaction e result is for arded to ( ia t e ransaction Processing ank). .Ste 6: Corr onding Processing bank. Ste 8: Customer recei es a confirmation and is redirected to our (merchant) ebsite.

. transaction report fu credits reports and cheque returned unpaid report. cheques or warrants issued by your Organization.We provide comprehensive MIS reports like daily report. On the payments side w provide daily paid ± status for the demand drafts.

monthly) Š Key-indicator report Summarizes the previous day·s critical activities Typically available at the beginning of each day Š Š Demand report Gives certain information at a manager·s request Exception report Automatically produced when a situation is unusual or requires management action . or on a schedule (daily. weekly.Š Scheduled reports Produced periodically.

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