has become a leading player among global firms. Racal Strategic Radio was renamed Racal Telecommunications Group Limited in 1985. Racal Electronics bought out the minority shareholders of Vodafone for GB£110 million. On 29 December 1986. Vodafone is traded on both the New York Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange. . Vodafone Group is a multinational enterprise.HISTORY OF VODAFONE Vodafone was launched on 1 January 1985.

It launched service in 1985 as a Racal subsidiary. In 1988 Racal offered 20% of Vodafone to the public. Vodafone's goal is to integrate data services and telecommunication into a worldwide network. . hence Vodafone.WHY THE NAME VODAFONE? The name would serve as a reflection of the firm's goal of establishing a voice and data services over cellular telecommunication networks. VO represented voice and DA would symbolize data.

.STRATEGIES OF VODAFONE Value enhancement We will drive operational performance through customer value enhancement (which replaces revenue stimulation) and cost efficiency. Cost reduction Cost efficiency requires us to continue to deliver scale benefits by optimising operating and capital expenditure.

COMPETITORS OF VODAFONE TOP COMPETITORS Deutsche Telekom  Orange  Telefonica Europe COMPETITORS NTT DoCoMo  Telekom Austria  Hutchison Whampoa  AT&T Mobility  Belgacom  KPN  China Mobile  Virgin Mobile Telecoms Swisscom .

this was brought to light again in the recent Conference on CSR . flyers. Vodafone CSR shows that going green can generate savings. Vodafone launched its first mobile recycling programme in all its retail stores and started recycling all unused posters. which makes sound business sense. In 2010 they launched a programme called 'The Vodafone Way' which is "about being an admired company. The company has rolled out several CSR initiatives across its global operations. brochures and other obsolete promotion material. .CSR: THE VODAFONE WAY It appears that CSR is the new focus of the Middle East .

SUCCESS STORIES The Macalla Platform enables Vodafone to offer prepaid mobile phone recharge for cash through an extended network of dealers and agents. vouchers. traditional POS devices or landlines to operate the service. . It uses the agents' mobile phones as the Point of Sale (POS) terminal for the recharge transactions and removes any need for scratch cards.

4 2009 41.477.25 .1 2008 35.461.079.5 15.) 9.5 10.) 8.) 44.171.9 3.7 5.552.) Gross Profit (£ mil.1 Operating Income (£ mil.642.029.INCOME STATEMENTS 2010 Revenue (£ mil.020.0 Total Net Income (£ mil.855.006.58 1.383.4 15.2 13.64 0.3 Diluted EPS (Net Income) 1.642.2 6.

Vodafone Grp Historical Chart 1 Year LSE:VOD (Vodafone Grp.) .


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