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Future Group is one of the country·s leading business groups present in retail, asset management, consumer finance, insurance, retail media, retail spaces and logistics.  Future Group companies includes, Future Capital Holdings, Future General India Indus League Clothing and Galaxy Entertainment that manages Sports Bar, Brew Bar and Bowling Co. Future Capital Holdings, the group·s financial arm, focuses on asset management and consumer credit.  It manages assets worth over $1 billion that are being invested in developing retail real estate and consumer-related brands and hotels.

Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited, is India·s leading retailer that operates multiple retail formats in both the value and lifestyle segment of the Indian consumer market.  Headquartered in Mumbai (Bombay), the company operates over 7 million square feet of retail space, has over 1000 stores across 53 cities in India and employs over 25,000 people

a supermarket chain  Central -a chain of seamless destination malls.The company·s leading formats include  Pantaloons. a uniquely Indian hypermarket chain  Food Bazaar.a chain of fashion outlets  Big Bazaar. .

CURRENT PANTALOON·S STATUS  Turnover .45 all over India (25 cities)  Highest Revenue From John Miller  Lowest Revenue from Agile (sports new brand)  Private Label Contribution towards sales  Men·s wear 65% Women·s wear ² 35 % .700cr Apparels  40% Revenue from Kolkata  No of stores .

UMM.Ajile Bare) . Lombard) Men s Wear Ethnic (Rangmach.CATEGORY MEN·S Weekend Wear (Rig) Formal (John Miller. Manywar) Casual (JM Sports.

Ajile) Formal (annabell) Women s Wear Ethnic (Akkriti.CATEGORY WOMEN·S Casual (honey Bare. Trishna. Rangmach) ingerie (Honey) .

CATEGORY OTHER·S Kid s wear (lilliput . Liberty) . Gini & j ny) Miscellane us N nApparels Pens Ot er ate ries Perfumes T ys F twear (lee pper.

g. In total there are 14 special occasions listed in a year for e. Holi. etc. The events are decided after the mark down budget has been made in the marketing plan. .  They also conduct in house celebrations like ¶women·s week· and events like End of season sale.PR / PROMOTIONAL KITS:  Marketing Calendar ² The events are organized on the basis of occasions which come on a yearly basis. Diwali.

BRAND ARCHITECTURE a) Competitive Environment  The Managing Director of Pantaloons Retail (India) Limited. states that the competition in the fashion segment would be Shoppers· Stop. Mr. Kishore Biyani. Westside and the stand alone stores in shopping malls and streets . Trent and Lifestyle to start with.  But Pantaloons also faces competition from Globus.

feel and attitude· offers.  This is in pursuit of its strategy to sell everything to everybody. c)Target  Pantaloon targets the large and growing upper-middle and middle class of Indian society. seek to be the Jack of all trades. .  It does not.  It makes efforts to rope in those with category expertise.  Pantaloons. however. trendy and hip collections that are in sync with the hopes and aspirations of discerning young and ¶young-at-heart· consumers.b) Greater chunk of wallet  Pantaloons has explored many new concepts. with its focus on ¶fresh look.

etc. Marketing Executive that. Pantaloons is associated with Bobby Deol. Pantaloons offers is the entire retail experience and the feeling of pride with which the customer walks out after having shopped from Pantaloons. Amrita Arora to endorse its brand. . accessories.  Pantaloons also has an association with The Femina Miss India pageant.  In accordance with the positioning paradigm of Pantaloons· mantra of Fresh Fashion and perpetually reinventing itself with seasonal fashion wear.d) Benefits  The functional benefit that Pantaloon offers is an extensive and exclusive variety of the latest fashion and trends across its product categories such as apparel. Lara Dutta. footwear. e)Values and Personality:  Pantaloons is known to have a youthful persona and its own distinct sense of style that appeals to millions. y The emotional benefit as quoted by Anil Bumb.

Winter (February) sales  Changes are made according to the revenue per square foot of each section and brand .Floor Plan  The floor plan demarcating the different sections and their placement is made by the concept. design and visual merchandising team at the head office and is implemented by the zonal teams  The plan changes after each End of Season Sale (EOSS) i.e. the Autumn-Summer ( August) and Autumn.

 The Perfume section is always kept at the entrance in every Pantaloons store  The Brands are placed according to the expected sales  ¶Highpoints· aim at attracting the consumer by displaying the latest and ´inµ merchandise  The store also has clusters at entry and exit points .

 The company stresses on promoting a product category. .  Pantaloon·s merchandising team is divided into the category management team and the merchandise management team. thus making brand marketing a secondary function.Merchandise Management  Management of a category of merchandise is a more effective tool than managing individual brands.

 Smaller. ´quick pick upµ products such as Hairbrushes. clips.Visual Merchandising Merchandise Display :  A light to dark color story is always followed  The store usually also follows a color theme. on the clusters etc. toys etc are kept near the billing counter. will be within the pink palette. . For example if the color theme is pink then the garments at the focal points.

 There are A4 sized shelf talkers that tell the customer which product is from which brand. Merchandise is also displayed on the mannequins (either stand alone or clusters) by mixing clothes and accessories of different brands to put together a complete look. .

 Fashion Friday is a concept by Pantaloons since they believe in fresh fashion and say that they bring something new to the customers every week.Window Display :  The windows in each store are segregated and have different themes for display.  One of the windows is dedicated to ´Fashion Fridayµ. .

 Shopping Bags: The bags are green in color with the brand name and the customary leaf design.  Point of Sale  Promotions and Signage: Various schemes are promoted in the store through announcements Other promotional materials such as those with the brand ambassadors etc are given to various stores by the head office. The maximum time for which a display may be put up is a month though usually they try and change it every fortnight.The display always follows a color theme. .

gross margins. stock levels and net margins for each store and each category  The category managers take a more micro approach wherein they study the category·s past performance and trends in the marketplace  The category manager here performs the twin functions of vendor development and sampling of SKUs. bottom-up process. discounts. which would finally go into the merchandise mix of the stores .Planning at Pantaloons  Planning at Pantaloon is a top-down. inventory turnover. The top management forecasts the sales for each store and category and decides the space allocation for each category based on which targets are set for sales. markups.

 Designs are developed not only for the fashion and collections category but also for the classic segment so that there is something new every season. exhibitions and may also visit leading retailers in the city to understand the latest styles.  The design department depends on fashion forecast magazines.  The team is led by the visual merchandising head and has 20 designers for product development. which consists of close to 40 people handling 16-17 categories of merchandise.Merchandising Process  First.  The new designs are presented to the category management team. the design team develops the design or a new pattern. .

then the category manager will first establish the total purchase quantity of that design and the stores in which this should go  This is the most crucial stage where the category manager prepares the merchandise control chart (see table ¶Keeping a Tab on Tags·) . The category captain and his team is given the entire year·s budget and sales target for the category based on which he decides whether to experiment with a new design or not  If yes.

The tracking is done based on the merchandise category classic.On. fashion or collection  Every month. which it calls dump. the company identifies the good and bad sellers. This data is analysed to see the movement of various types of goods. style. the company analyses the results in context of price. According to company policy. colour and size  The company believes that if the style or colour is not right no amount of discount will help sales . a bad seller is a product that stays on the shelf for more than 60 ways In case of any slow moving goods.Shelf Strategies  Pantaloon has a clear policy for each category of merchandise  The company gets weekly reports on Tuesdays.

the company takes the approval of the vendor and often. So if the merchandise does not move during its shelf life. If the price appears to be a deterrent.from 10-40 per cent at the factory outlet to get rid of the stock . In each of these cases. the vendors take part in the sales  The company discounts the goods -. the factory outlet and the Big Bazaar. where it is discounted and sold  The factory outlet stores also hold sales to dispose off the merchandise. the company corrects it right away and marks down the price immediately  To its advantage. the company is present in three formats ³ the Pantaloon department store. it is just removed and kept at the warehouse for end of season sale.  A slow moving good is often moved to the factory outlet or the Big Bazaar.

Supply hain Infrastructure .

pantaloons refurbished its image  Junking the old positioning of 'India's family store' and is planning to target the youth instead  Pantaloons now carries the `Fresh Fashion' statement across its 12 stores  Going forward with increasing sales promotion and massive store expansion it is just going to increase the brand value in the mind of the consumers  It has transformed the consumers from being a brand loyal to store loyal  The company has roped in Bollywood stars to promote its apparel offerings .Strategies adopted by pantaloons  In 2005.

to have an understanding of customer buying habits across different formats  Pantaloons. 3.Loyalty Programme  Loyalty programme ² ¶Green card·  Over 390000 card holders having exclusive privileges. and 7.Star) approach to cater to different segments  An integrated loyalty programme for its various formats. and Jet Airways' Jet Privilege frequent flyer programme have entered into a partnership for co-branded loyalty programmes . 5. rewards and benefits  Green Card holders contribute to nearly 50 % of sales annually  They practice a 4 ² tier (1.

Less conversion level T H R E A T .Consumer spending pattern -Consumer loyalty W E A K N E S S O P P O R T U N I T Y -Industry is booming -Percolating down -Rural retailing -Competition is increasing -Risk of new formats .Focused on f shion -Private labels margin drivers -Inventory is a critical issue .S T R E N G T S .Multiple f r ts to chieve ximum consumer's w llet sh re .

depending upon the agreement with the supplier  The In-house or the own brands.An Interview With An Expert  Merchandising: The branded merchandise. supply the product to DC. is distributed to the stores by different DCs (Distribution Centres ) by raising STOs (Stock Transfer Orders ). which is then sent to the stores. is supplied either directly to the store or to the distribution centres or warehouses located in different cities. after receiving PO (Purchase Order) from the category based at HO . the manufacturer of the product.

based on customer demand .Total space in the store . share in the product category and paid visibility ) Store layout is decided on the basis of :. y y .The business returns of the present categories . Store Layout: Once the layout is ready and handed over to the business.The concept of the store ( Hypermarket or Supermarket ) .The flow of the customer .The number of categories present . the assortment plan is prepared ( brand mix of merchandise ) and plannogramming is done ( placing of the SKUs .

buying power of the people in city. ATL ( Above the line ) and BTL ( Below the line ) . The number of stores depend upon the different factors such as the class of the city tier 1 or tier 2. space /property availability for the store and future business prospects and competitors and last but not the least feasibility of business  Marketing is broken down in two activities. number of present stores in the city It can range from minimum 1 to 22  Location of the store depends upon . the current business potential. the catchment.

which are based on the promotions. festivals and sales periods  Considering the sales targets. once the stocks reaches MBQ level. SCM & Inventory:The planning is done for 4 to 5 months in advance. where the PO will be generated automatically. depending on the annual business targets. . coming for that period. for normal days the (MBQ·s) Minimum Base Quantities are set at the store levels and ordering is done accordingly. also we have gone live with (ARS) Auto Replenishment System. weekends and Wednesdays. the stocks are calculated and the backward calculation is done. the stock level is planned.

This needs to be spaced out so that the arrangement looks pleasing to the eye  Research has proved the importance of music in a retail store and how it acts as a stimulant to purchase.Recommendations & Conclusions  After a visit to Lower Pare. It needs to be reduced so as to avoid any inconvenience to the customers  Due to the numerous brands that Pantaloons sells. the first thing observed was the volume of the announcements made about the promotions of the store was very high. They should play music that is fresh so that it goes in sync with its product offering and depending on the time of the day they should play loud or soft music . there is a lot of clutter with regards to the display.

This area would have toys. The Stock keeping levels should be checked more often so as to avoid a stosck out of the product . It also keeps a customer engaged for a longer time in the store  An in-store ATM can be established by a tie up with a bank. We recommend an area that would be made a ´Kidzoneµ. books and games so that the kids can enjoy while the parents shop  A café is recommended so that customers don·t have to step out of the store incase they are hungry or thirsty. Pantaloons would be the first in the industry to come up with this and would thus enjoy a first mover advantage  A common issue faced by many customers is the availability of sizes as far as denims are concerned.

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