Mandela belongs to a Cadet Branch of the Thembu dynasty which reigns in the Transkeian Territories of the Union of South Africa¶s Cape Province. Nelson was born in the village of Mvezo in Umtata which is the Transkei capital. Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa Mandela's father was the chief of Mvezo. Nelson Mandela's father had four wives but Nelson was born from the third wife. When Nelson was young him and his father moved to Qunu.

Education Nelson Mandela attended college at Fort Hare College. When administration began to find out that he was behind all the protesting. but while he was there he was there. he was asked to leave Fort Hare. Fort Hare College below . he boycotted and protested against college rules that were unjust and unfair. Later on while he was in jail he began to study law and soon after he attended Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg.

In other groups.Mandela and His Fellow Protesters Protesting played a big part in Nelson Mandela¶s fight for Apartheid. Their nickname was. kids and adults were shot. . the ANC was banned and a smaller protesting group was built off of it which was led by Nelson Mandela. ³Throwers of rocks or rock throwers. One of the biggest groups that fought for the for black South African rights was the ANC or the African National Congress. The group was called Umkhonto we Sizwe. In many groups. In 1960. Many group followers were either thrown in jail or prison just for protesting Apartheid. many kids were shot or killed. there were kids who would throw sharp objects and rocks at the police.´ For doing this act.

Nelson Mandela¶s reputation and name became known through all of South Africa and other parts of the world. he would actually open the eyes of many South Africans.´ Over and over again.Jail and Prison Time While in prison. his Apartheid movement became stronger and stronger. People all over the place called him ³ The most significant black leader in South Africa. He was released in 1990 from Robben Island prison and his first order of business was to continue and strengthen the movement. When people began to figure out that what Nelson Mandela was doing right. he would refuse to compromise for his freedom. As he was held in jail. . they began to help with the movement for Apartheid and his freedom. Nelson probably knew that that by staying in jail.

This event was broadcasted all over the world. . We express the hope that a climate conducive to a negotiated settlement would be created soon. The factors which necessitated the armed struggle still exist today. After his release on the same day he gave a speech saying. We have no option but to continue.Release Mandela was released from Victor Verster Prison in Paarl on February 11.´ Just because he was just released from jail that did not prevent him from fighting for the end of Apartheid. so that there may no longer be the need for the armed struggle. 1990. ³Our resort to the armed struggle in 1960 with the formation of the military wing of the ANC (Umkhonto we Sizwe) was a purely defensive action against the (Umkhonto Sizwe) violence of apartheid.

1994 with 62% votes. Mandela is also famous for winning the Nobel prize in 1993.Presidency and Noble Price Nelson Mandela was the first black president in the history of South Africa. He won the democratic election on May 10. He shared half of the prize with de Clerk for ending the Apartheid. 1994 till June 1999. Actually the ANC won but he was the president of it so he got elected president. His term was from May 10. His first deputy was Frederik de Clerk. . His second deputy was Thabo Mbeki who is currently the president of South Africa.

In 1999 Mandela retired and continued to fight for black freedom around the world and he set up many AID foundations. In the following year his son died tragically of AIDS. In 2003 he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer.Current Times for Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela currently is 89 years old. Nelson Mandela currently is married to and living with Graca Machel. During 2004 Mandela¶s health was getting worse and because of this he wanted to spend time with his family. .

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