Nuclear Power

To know what nuclear Energy is. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

Task 1: Watch video clip and answer the following questions: ‡ How many environmental hazards did you spot? ‡ Does it suggest any advantages to nuclear power? ‡ How real do you think this is? ‡ Could this happen in the UK? Guardian News Story .

.Where in the World? There are currently approximately 437 nuclear power reactors in operation around the world. An additional 36 reactors are currently under construction. with a total output of some 350.000 megawatts.

How Much? Where at Home? .

Uranium Nuclear power is generated using Uranium. Because it is a mineral it will run out one day. but this is in a long time to come. . This means that Nuclear Power it is considered a non-renewable energy. which is a metal mined in various parts of the world.

Yellow cake consists of 60-70% uranium. It is then processed further and is turned into the rods which generates nuclear power plants . due to its yellow colouring. This is then purified in a chemical process and reconstituted in a solid form known as "yellow cake". and is radioactive.Conversion & Enrichment Once extracted. uranium ore is taken to a mill to be crushed and ground into a fine powder.

.Power stations Nuclear power stations work in pretty much the same way as fossil fuel-burning stations. except that a "chain reaction" inside a nuclear reactor makes the heat instead.

Disposal ‡ Waste is sealed in containers. There are two ways of handling waste: 1. Reprocessing for reuse ‡ Produces less waste that is more radioactive ‡ Some of this waste can be used to make weapons 2. and stored in concrete ponds or buried .Waste The waste from nuclear power stations is radioactive.


2. Nuclear power stations use___________ as fuel. The __________ reaction inside the ___________ creates heat. Is nuclear power renewable? [yes/no] . 5. __________ power stations do not create atmospheric pollution. because they do not ______anything. However. . 4. the small amount of _________ that they do produce is very __________. it's only when they come out that you need to handle them with ___________ arms and heavy ________. which drive generators to make electricity.Use these words to answer the questions: Nuclear burn chain dangerous energy no reactor robot rods shielding turbines uranium waste water 1. They need very little. The fuel ______ are safe to handle before they go into the reactor. compared to a "fossil" power station because there is much more ______________ in nuclear fuel. which turns ________ into steam to drive __________. 3.

NOTE: Some people may hold the same opinions E. Nuclear Power Companies Politician Environmentalist Homeowner Have you decided what you think? .g. In this case write the opinion next to both.Opinions Working in pairs match up the statements with who you think is the correct person.: The government and the power station may both believe nuclear energy is essential for meeting future energy demands.

The waste from nuclear energy can be turned into bombs. Environmentalist I think nuclear power stations are a potential targets for terrorists and so are unsafe. It won·t run out soon. There is no risk to the environment because the waste is stored safely in sealed containers. Getting rid of civil reactors would not remove the risk of a nuclear war breaking out. We should spend that money on researching ways to improve renewable energy resources Renewable energy sources are unreliable. . it might explode like Chernobyl. Nuclear Power Companies Politician I don·t want a nuclear power station near where I live. Nuclear power stations are safer now because of better technology. Homeowner Have you decided what you think? Nuclear power is a good because it is a long term solution. Nuclear power stations are too expensive to build. What if the sun doesn·t shine or the wind doesn·t blow? Nuclear power is better because it is reliable. Nuclear power stations are expensive to build but after that they produce really cheap electricity.Nuclear energy is dangerous for the environment because of the radiation in the waste Nuclear Energy is great because it doesn·t produce CO2 and cause global warming.

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