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Nouman Alam
What is Smog?

• Smog is Air pollution.

• occures when smoke
combine with fog.
• it has a yellowish color o r
• also called ground level

• it is a secondary pollutants as it react with primary

pollutants in envirment to form more dangerous
How Smog Formed?

• Atmospheric pollutants
released to environment
• When sunlight and its heat
react with these gases and
fine particles in the
atmosphere, smog is

• Emmision from industries

• automobiles, diesel trucks,
trains, and airplanes,

• Volcanic Activity
• Forest Fire
• Crop Fires etc
Smog,fog,mist,photochemical smog &VOG:

• Smog is a mixture of smoke and fog.

• Fog are suspended water droplets in air.
• Mist are also water droplets in air but it occure when hot
air passes through cool condition and suddenly change
into water droplets.
• Mist is less denser than Fog.
Mist & Fog:

• photochemical fog is little bit different from industrial fog.

- smog is a mixture of pollutants that form when nitrogen
oxides and volatile organic compounds react to sunlight,
creating a haze that is common over cities.
- Industrial smog contains two primary components: sulfur
dioxide and particulates, which include dust and soot from
burning coal for heat and fuel.

• Vog is a form of air

pollution that results when
sulfur dioxide and other
gases and particles
emitted by an erupting
volcano react with oxygen
and moisture in the
presence of sunligh.
• It is harmful to humans, animals, plants and the nature as
a whole.
• Effects on human health:
• Causes eye irritation.
• lung related diseases.
• skin diseases.
• asthama etc
effect on agriculture:

• The ground level ozone

present in the smog also
inhibits plant growth and
causes immense damage to
crops and forests.
• Crops, vegetables like
soybeans, wheat, tomatoes,
peanuts, and cotton are
subject to infection when they
are exposed to smog.
Effect on Physical environment:

• Smog consists of different

hazardous gases.
• when come in contact with
water it will cause rain in
the form of Aicid rain.
• Acid rain effect color of
building etc.
The Great smog of 1952:

• The Great Smog of London, or Great Smog of 1952 was a

severe air-pollution event that affected the British capital
of London in early-December 1952.
• sustain from 5 to 9 December 1952.
• 12,000 dead
• 200,000 injured.
Smog cause in pakistan:

• we know that emission from different things are resposie

for smog production but also here is some other things
that cause smog in pakistan.
• On October 23, 2016, NASA published an image from
Soumi NPP Satellite.
• showed huge agricultural fires in India and some
scattered fires were also shown in Pakistan.

• Every year the Middle Eastern countries, especially Iraq,

Syria, and Iran, are hit by heavy sand and dust storms,
which form dust clouds,” Asif Shuja, a former director
general of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),
told The Express Tribune while explaining the
• These dust clouds travel thousands of kilometres to other
Effects in pakistan:

• According to an unofficial tally, at least 17 people have

been killed in road crashes caused mainly by poor
visibility on roads due to smog.
• The accidents occurred in Faisalabad, Jhang, Pasrur,
Layyah, Attock, Sheikhpura and Pakpattan.
Policy for Smog in Pakistan:

• The Punjab environment secretary on Monday told the

Lahore High Court that a smog policy had been notified in
the province and six air-monitoring stations made
functional to determine how much India was contributing
to smog in Pakistan.
Action Taken By NDMA:

• Precautions Include
• 1) Avoid being outdoors near heavy traffic areas to minimize
• 2) When outside, take rest breaks in the shade & drink plenty of
• 3) Avoid strenuous work outdoors.
• 4) Reduce your contribution to pollution by avoiding driving &

• 5) If driving is unavoidable, drive slow & use headlights

plus fog lights / blinkers / hazards even in say time.
• 6) When indoors, close windows & other inlets of air.
• 7) For people with asthma & / or chronic Obstructive
Pulmonary disease, have your inhaler with you at all
times. Keep your doctor on speed dial if your condition
has the potential to worsen.
• 8) Important to note that smog affects everyone differently
& some people are more susceptible to its negative

• . According to Economic Survey of Pakistan, oil

consumption of the country has been increased 263%. In
Pakistan, we need to minimize the major source of air
pollution: We should minimize the smoke emission of
vehicles, and smoke from industries, burning of solid
waste and dust etc.