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There are some marriage¶s step in minangkabau:
Maresek is introduction between boy and
girl who will married by means of the third side.
The girl unable to meet the boy yet. Only
both of their family meet and discussion what
steps that wiil be done.

6 ×irl¶s family and her uncle come to boy¶s house
to meet with his family in order to her uncle tell
propose marriage (³lamaran´)
6 If both of them agree with the decision to
present the marriage, they will change
something sacred (batuka tando) such as ³kris
and embroidery cloth

iscussion about picking the
bridegroom aspirant up from his
house when he will be get

Selecting one nice day to get
married for the bride and
bridegroom aspirant.

or bridegroom, he will be accompanied with a
man from his family to give the cigarette to the
other family.

or bride, the woman in her family bring betel
vine leafe to the other family
This proccess is held two days before wedding
The bride¶s father¶s family who will marry take
various baggage, such as : clothes, rice, cake,
jewelry, etc.
At yesterday they still stay at girl¶s home until
night to follow the ³Bainai´ night

Bainai is take the banna which pounded
smoothly into bridges¶s nail on one night, so
tomorrow morning her nail is red. Malam
Bainai have some means, such as ³Tip of her
nail´ which give the banna can spared bride
from something that worth by other people that
injure her by the red colour on her nail, she
and her couple free from gossip bride family
and neigh bour snow their love to her by
following this program
Several of bride¶s family fetch the bridegroom to
pronounce ³ijab qabul´ in mosque. ×enerally,
there is 3 obligation baggage which of taken by
bride¶s family to fetch bridegroom, yellow rice
and singgang ayam.
At this moment bride¶s family give title to
bridegroom apporiate with generation. After
marriage bride¶s family announce the title of
bridegroom to society
The moment after marriage


Came back the baggage that give when ³batuka
irst, bride give it to bridegroom and
the opposite.
is announce the tradition title to bridegroom
which doing by ³niniak mamak kaum´

is patch forhead between bride and


bride and bridegroom struggle to eat singgang

it is doing bride¶s family, take yellow rice, cake,
onde ± onde, lamang tapai, pinyaram. its taken
by carrying above head the bride is arract to
bridegroom¶s house that follow by women who
wear ³baju kurung´ and niniak mamak. Also
together with sounds of ³talempong pacik´ after
arrive in bridegroom¶s house, the bride site
together in pelaminan with the bridegroom.

petatah ± petitih contain advice, forbidden,
obligation and etc. tradition speech tell by
there is example of petatah-petitih:
Tasasak putiang ka hulu
ibawah kiliaran taji
Aso mulo rundiang dahulu
Tigo limbago nan tajali
after that the guest enjoy the meal together on
the floor, the food taking on the floor.