Future Trends in Application Software

the new SAP iPhone app (Beta Version) which cuts down on both time and nerves. y Also SAP is modifying its application for iPad for business purpose. AUS Traffic (Beta Version) helps people navigate in traffic jams and road construction areas in Brisbane and Sydney. This app was developed by SAP Research and automatically searches in Twitter for relevant traffic updates and displays them on a Google city map.SAP¶s @ Mobile y Anyone who is stuck in traffic during rush hour will welcome Traffic help. two of Australiaµs busiest cities. y SAP Mobile Enterprise Application. .

y The services are µloosely coupled¶ allowing for more flexibility than older technologies with respect to reusing and re-combining them to create new business functions both within and across an organisation. . implementing. y These components called µservices¶ can be distributed across geography. and deploying information systems such that the system is created from components implementing discrete business functions. and can be reconfigured into new business processes as needed.Service Oriented Architecture y SOA is an approach to designing.

Client-Server to SaaS ³ Software is going to have to change from being a collection of monolithic programs that are difficult to integrate. change. and reintegrate to being a set of services defined by a services-oriented architecture´ .

Cloud Computing Individuals Corporations Non-Commercial Others Cloud Middle Ware Storage Provisioning OS Provisioning Network Provisioning Service(apps) Provisioning SLA(monitor). Payment Resources Services Storage Network OS . Billing. Security.

this is going to be the most significant and the largest change in the current future to the traditional software industry! .Next Big Thing y Web 3.0 is about replacing existing software platforms with a new generation of platforms as a service ‡ ‡ ‡ Expansion of SaaS (Without Limits) The Semantic Web (The Data Web) 3D Spaces (Now for Business) y We need to view the internet as a platform.

Web 3. .0 as a Platform ‡ We will see data being integrated and applying it into ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ innovative ways that were never possible before Imagine The new shopping experience Imagine The new travel experience Major web sites will be transformed into web services Major web sites will expose information to the world.

Riding on the wave y Google y Cisco y IBM y Electronics Arts .

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