Organization Theory Structure & Design

Topic: Span of control

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A clear structure makes it easier to see which part of business does what? There are many ways to structure a business .Why Have a Structure?    All business have to organize what they do.

By Process By Area By Product/ Activity Ways to Structure a Business By Customer By Function .

Span Wi i  f nt Span l Advantag s 1 1. Reduces effectiveness .Easy to handle 2.Consistent with recent efforts by companies 3. Cost efficient  4 16 64 256 1.024 4.096 Disadvantage 1.

Discourages Employee 8 64 512 4.Small Span  Advantage 1. Expensive 2. Complexity in Commumication 3.096 .Close Control 1  Disadvantages 1.

Driving force being global operations.Restructuring A significant modification made to the debt. This type of corporate action is usually made when there are significant problems in a company. operations or structure of a company. which are causing some form of financial harm and putting the overall business in jeopardy. Decorative International and India. a company can eliminate financial harm and improve the business.Asian Paints has restructured its manufacturing operations into 3 Sub's: Decorative India. another made up of chemical businesses along with industrial paints to ensure focus and greater accountability. Example . The hope is that through restructuring. .

Hurdles Faced by HR       Culture Inadequate focus & commitment of top management towards change program µWhat is in it for me¶ ± Attitude Mind set / Resistance to change Lack of involvement of employees Poor Planning .

Hurdles Faced by HR      Resource Availability Cost & Time Government Legislative policies and practices Poor Communication Poor Execution .


LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES (A Success Story)  Introduction about Lucent Technologies Problems Faced by Lucent Technologies Need for Restructuring   .

Restructuring Activity Service Delivery Project Team  Tiger Team:  Expert Help:  Focus on IT:  Work Force Reduction:  .

 Effects of Restructure Why was it Success?  Proper Planning phase:  Proper Implementation:  Expert Help.  Clear Definition of Functions.  Allied HR Activities.  .  Support of Top Management.

Fiorina¶  Positive Repercussions:  Negative Repercussions:  .HEWLETT PACKARD (A Failure Story) Introduction about HP.  Restructuring activity by new CEO µ Carleton S.  Problems Faced by HP.

Improper Timing. Lack Of Coordination. . Top Management Approach & Autocratic Style of Leadership. Improper Allocation of Authority. Lack Of Prioritization.Why was it Failure?       Improper Implementation.

Comparative Analysis .

Comparative Analysis .

. Prioritizing Activities. PrePre.So What Should An Ideal Restructure Take Care of ?      Appropriate Timing based on prevailing socio ± economic & technological conditions. Employees and Internal Customers involvement in the restructuring initiative. Functional Integration to create Synergy.planning the revised organization structure & design and working toward this goal in a systematic manner.

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