Presented By: NehaYadav Deepak Nanda Manish Hemrom Sheeraj Sengupta Group V

 Location: Oceania, Islands in the South

Pacific Ocean, South-East of Australia 
Geographic Coordinates: 41 00 S, 174 00 E  Area: 268,680 sq km  Coastline: 15134 km

Coal. Climate: Temperate with sharp regional contrasts  Terrain: Mountainous with large coastal plains  Natural Resources: Natural Gas. Timber. Gold. Iron Ore. Limestone  Natural Hazards: Earthquakes & Volcanic activities .

 Youngest country on the Earth  Initial dwellers Polynesians  Discovered on 13th December 1642  Treaty of Waitangi British people 1907 equal status to Maori &  Shed its colony until it became a dominion in .


3.2% Asians. 4.Europeans .8% . 78% Maori. 14% Pacific.

 Use of dark basalt blocks & facings of cream- colored Oamaru stone. a form of limestone  Resembles British/European architecture .


The Pompallier .



May  Winter . Spring .December. August . April.June. October. November  Summer . February  Autumn .September.March. January. July.

Temp hovers between 9-19°C perfect for swimming & scenic delights .

A comparatively higher temp 14-25°C with loads of sunshine. apt for sunbathing .

Slightly cooler with temp around 10-20°C perfect for swimming & rafting .

Becomes quite chilly with temp ranging from 4-10°C skiing opportunities .

Avg rainfall between 640-1500mm spread throughout the year amazing forests .


 People of the Land  Lived in huts grouped into villages ranging from 50-500 households  Ruled by tribal chiefs .



 Knee length kilt-like garment worn around the waist  A rectangular garment wore around the shoulders  Belts Tatua(Males) & Tu(Females) .


Patu or Meru a club Tiaha a formidable weapon .

 Predominant genre  Famous artists Reggae Herbs. Katchafire .

Sports/Adventure Activities .

 National game  Famous Haka Dance .


Paragliding. Skydiving. Off-road driving. Snow Boarding. Kayaking . Football  Adventure Sports Surfing.

half of them without children  Diet: Beef. predominantly non-vegetarian . pork & fast foods. Favorite hobby: Reading  Family: 1 in 4 family is a nuclear family.

  Greetings are casual a smile or a handshake Usually preferred to be called by their honorific title or surname Do not generally stand very close to each other when conversing. chocolates or book about home country not to be lavish. Gifts flowers. about arm's length apart. opened when received   .


 Wait to be told where to sit  Blessing/Acknowledgement before commencing to eat(Maoris)  Continental Style Fork(left) & Knife(right)  Elbows to be kept off the table while eating .

expect the same  Value for money & appreciate honesty . Negotiating process takes time. no high pressure-sales tactics  Demonstrate the benefits of the product/service rather than talk  Are direct & to the point.


 GDP: $135. Electronics Germany. meat. machinery Australia. fish. . Japan.723 billion  Mixed Economy  Prime Industries supply & demand forces Tourism & Agriculture  Export: Dairy products. China Japan  Import: Automobiles.

 Hub for Indian students staying abroad  Both once a part of the British Empire  Cordial relationship. not something extensive  Free Trade Agreement between the two as per the Joint Trade Committee in 1983 .


Arpit Gupta  Rashi Walia  Parakram Hazarika  Neha Priya  Kush Rai  PGDPC XV & XVI  Group V . Our mentor.

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