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When we know what we want…

…we have to make it happen!

Stop Talking…

…and make it happen!

What factors or acts exercise a disproportionate influence on:

Breaking the status quo?

Ensuring the greatest impact upon learning from our
Motivating key players to aggressively move forward
Knocking down political barriers that often block even
the best strategies?
Cognitive hurdle TPL Strategies

Meet with the most

extreme colleagues
Colleagues do not first
see the need for a Use harsh operational
strategic shift realities to render
status quo indefensible
Resource hurdle TPL Strategies

Redistribute resources
to high impact
Limited resources strategies
to execute a Abandon low impact
strategic shift strategies and redirect

Share/swap resources
with other schools
Motivational hurdle TPL Strategies

Concentrate on
Colleagues are Manage kingpins
unmotivated to transparently based on
engage in a fair process
strategic shift
Chunk up the change to
make a strategic shift
Political hurdle TPL Strategies

Recruit the help of a

respected wheel-oiler
Strategic shift is Create a coalition of
blocked by Angels
powerful vested
interests Build fact-based
arguments against
Formulate our implementation strategies

Articulate exactly why we need to adopt our strategies

Identify the four hurdles for each strategy:
Cognition hurdle
Resource hurdle
Motivational Hurdle
Political Hurdle
Establish our detailed Fair Process of Implementation
Decide how we involve colleagues in Fair Process