Analysing perspective about security flow of information among organizations facilitating e-commerce


Evolution of commerce 
Commerce has evolved over the centuries. Prior to the evolution of money it was a simple ³barter process´ where things could be exchanged, say milk for grains. The evolution of money brought with it, the concept of a ³marketplace´.  In a marketplace, Commerce is function of 4 P¶s ± Product, Price, Place and Promotions. All these four components play a vital role in a transaction to take place.  A slight modification on Price and Place led to the convenience of getting products at their homes. This concept delighted the customers and thus, the concept of ³Street Vendors´ was born.

They can be thousands of miles apart. might speak different languages. may belong to different parts of the world. the evolution of the ³Tele shopping´ networks was inevitable with the development of media vehicles. When the Postal System came into being the sellers decided to cash in on the new opportunity and started using mailers giving description of their products.  From here. .  The latest generation of commerce is one that can be done over the internet. It led to the concept of ³Mail Order Cataloguing´. ³E-Commerce´ emerged as the boundary-less trade medium in the era of globalization.

Usage of e-commerce  The adoption and usage of E-Commerce in the country is a function of the overall environment for Internet usage in a country. .  The PC literate population is on a fast growth curve having grown 100% in 2006 over 2004. etc. E-Commerce. they tend to spend more time online.  Internet Users mature with respect to exposure and awareness of internet. Though in India overall penetration is still low the important factor is that a critical mass of users is shaping up which will fuel rapid growth over the next 3-4 years. access internet more frequently and surf noncommunication based applications and advanced online applications like gaming.

e-store. internet shop.Introduction to online shopping  Online shopping is the process consumers go through to purchase products or services over the Internet. online store. eshop. or virtual store evokes the physical analogy of buying products or services at a bricks-and-mortar retailer or in a shopping mall. webstore.  An online shop. . webshop.

It is more difficult for consumers to manage a non-digital channel. It is easier to introduce products and services to different markets . Internet increases commoditization Threat of new entrants.Benefits:      Bargaining power of consumers. Online means it is easier to introduce new services with lower over-heads Threat of substitutes Rivalry among competitors. They enjoy a wider choice Supplier power.

The $18.3 billion worth of clothes sold online represented about 10% of the domestic market. representing about 6% of retail product sales in the country.4 billion in the United States in 2006. . adoption of e-commerce in place of or in addition to conventional methods is limited by a lack of affordable Internet access.Market Share: E-commerce product sales totaled $146.  For developing countries and low-income households in developed countries.

e-commerce market size and trend  The increase and penetration of online use in the US increases the potential market size for businesses on an annual basis..potential market size for our service is upwards of 200.  Online shopping population will grow from 66 million in 2001 to 132 million 2006.  Annual spending per buyer will increase from $457 in 2001 to $784 in 2006. from 142 million in 2001 to 211 million by 2006 (CAGR of 8.  There are 2. A large share of the expected growth in Internet commerce can be attributed to the increase in the online population:  US online population estimated to increase nearly 50%.5 billion in 2006.3 million small companies in the U. .S.  U.000 companies. online retail sales will grow from $40.2%).S.4 billion in 2002 to an estimated $112. with 16% of these in the retail trade and 60% of all small companies have an online presence .

automobiles.S. Source: Jupiter Internet Shopping Model. and prescription drugs. Online Retail Sales Note: Excludes sales of travel products. 10/01 (US only) .Figure 1 U.

Figure 2 U. . 10/01 (US only) © 2002 Jupiter Media Metrix. Inc.S. Online Shopping Population Source: Jupiter Internet Shopping Model.

 To determine and analyze the results of the survey along with the various relationships between factors.Objective of the research The primary objective of the research is to understand. how can online shopping and e-commerce websites be improved and what are its benefits. .  To interact with the consumers formally and informally and ascertain their problems empathetically. analyze and interpret the e-commerce and internet shopping market dynamics among the local consumers. There are a number of e-commerce websites which provide online shopping facility with certain additional features.  To conduct a survey and ascertain / identify various types of services which affect consumer¶s satisfaction. The research conducted will analyze why a consumer choose to shop online.

website layout and features on the consumers and their shopping habits.  The study shows the impact of different factors like payment system. The major emphasis in this study is on discovering of ideas and insights. . The main purpose of this research is to interact with consumers and to know the satisfaction level by the quality of services being rendered by e-commerce websites and online shopping service providers. Research design: Exploratory research design was used for this project.Scope of the study: The study pertains to the consumers who are aware of internet and computer applications. security.  The study also gives the information about the competitive advantage of shopping online as compared to traditional shopping.

which is collected through direct involvement of both the parties.Research design used:     Methods used under this kind of research design are: Developing plans for the research Drafting questionnaire Survey Analyzing and interpreting the results. . Methods of data collection: Data collection used for the specific purpose of the research was first hand data called primary data. The method that was used for obtaining primary data was through questionnaires. It is the first hand data.

which decide our sampling techniques and the sample size to be adopted.Sample design: Sampling is done to figure out the parameters. This would further help the whole research to reach the final solution. Sample size: 100 Sampling unit: consumers having access to internet . It is the process of selecting units from population of interest so that by studying the samples one can fairly generalize the results to the population from which the results were chosen.

etc. They use internet for all purposes including educational. Now users visit internet very often.Findings Most of the consumers surveyed in the study fall under the age group of 18-35 which is the segment comprising of youth and new service entrants. search. Internet usage among the users is increasing day by day. shopping. . reservation. They rated overall experience at the first place followed by value of the products and usage experience. Users were asked about their choice on the feature of ecommerce product which satisfied them the most.

Billing transactions are also gaining popularity among the users. . But the most rated e-billing transaction by the users is e. Telephone/ mobile bills. electricity bills. airlines and movies) were the most frequently and recently purchased items online by the users surveyed while cloths and apparels were the least voted.Tickets (railways. e. Most of the users surveyed agreed that they would be satisfied and likely to recommend e-commerce websites and online shopping methods to others too. Internet shopping was considered better than the traditional method of shopping in the analysis of the survey. income tax all are paid online.reservations.

The websites and online shopping services should be made more secure and safe for users.commerce websites should emphasize more on the security issues. E.commerce services and websites should be made more user friendly so that the users find it more comfortable while using the websites.commerce should be made more interactive for the users. .Suggestions and recommendation E. Two way communications should be the prime objectives of the e-commerce websites. The websites providing e.

the service providers should emphasize on its continuous improvisations. E.billing transactions should also be the core area where e-commerce service providers should focus because now a days use of internet for paying bills is on the verge of rapid increase. .Layout and visual appearance of the e-commerce websites also demands improvisation. E. Additional features like reward points. u-make the store should also be featured along with the basic facilities of the e-commerce websites.reservation facilities of e-commerce are popular among consumers therefore.

Conclusions of research analysis  This research on success of e. It is an honest attempt conducted to understand the market complexities and the problems faced by the e-commerce websites. clearly brings out the need for ensuring effective interconnection between various consumers in view of rapid increase in user data base.  The study reveals the weaknesses and strengths of ecommerce needed to improve its network area and offers to new connections. .commerce among the consumers gives an insight into the e-commerce trends and online shopping popularity among the users who have an access to computers and internet. The study based on the several months of data.

especially the globalization of the business. We are even offered to ³feel´ the product with a 3D mouse to better understand its shape. size and texture.  E-Commerce is not just about conducting business transactions via the Internet. This is because the revolution in information technology is happening simultaneously with other developments. and more prominent than we know currently. Its impact will be farreaching. Ecommerce today gained so much popularity because its underlying technologies are evolving at giant steps. .

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