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Ann Rhoades growing the JetBlue team from the original 10 people to almost 1000. She would continue to add approximately 100 new crew member with the arrival of every new airplane. JetBlue would employ nearly 5000 people within the next 4 years She was charged with achieving this rapid growth while building a values based and high commitment organizational culture

Jet Blue Airways was established to adhere to corporate values of safety, caring, integrity, fun, and passion Jet Blue Airways shows how an entrepreneurial venture can use human resource management, specifically a values-centered approach to managing people, as a source of competitive advantage. The major challenge faced by Ann Rhoades is to grow this people-centered organization at a rapid rate, while retaining high standards for employee selection and a small company culture.

JetBlue Airways is a major American lowcost airline owned by JetBlue Airways Corporation (NASDAQ: JBLU). The company is headquartered in the Forest Hills neighborhood of the borough of Queens in New York City JetBlue home airport is John F. Kennedy International Airport. In September 1999 the airline was awarded 75 initial take off/landing slots at John F. Kennedy International Airport, and received formal U.S. authorization in February 2000. It started operations on 11 February 2000.

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JetBlue Service had grown from 9 departure per day at launch in February 2000 to more than 50 per day in the past 11 months The fleet had grown from 2 planes to 10 with the arrival of one new Airbus A320 every five weeks. The business plan called for adding 10 new planes every year through the end of 2003, and bringing the fleet to 40.

Paperless cockpit, no meals served, no papers tickets to reduce time and cost
In 2002, JetBlue acquired LiveTV, LLC for $41 million in cash and the retirement of $39 million of LiveTV debt. LiveTV equips JetBlue with 36 channels of live DirecTV satellite TV programming at every seat. Two years later, JetBlue announced it would add 100 channels of XM Satellite Radio, Fox TV programs and 20th Century Fox movies to its inflight entertainment.

Non-unionized Workforce Above industry compensation medical benefit Recruitment (internal and external) Profit sharing

Performance Management Process with 360 degree feedback evaluation

JetBlue principal activity is providing passenger air transportation service with focus on underserved markets and large metropolitan areas that have high average fares. The revenue is earned from passenger transportation and other components The Passenger air transportation segment provides low-fare passenger air transportation service

JetBlue competes against many low-cost carriers or low-cost subsidiaries of larger carriers. JetBlue's main low-cost carrier competitors are AirTran Holdings (AAI) and Southwest Airlines Company (LUV). Its other competitors include American Airlines (AMR), Continental (CAL), United (UAUA), and U.S. Air (LCC).

Airtran Holdings American Airlines Continental Airlines Delta Airlines Inc JetBlue Airlines Southwest Airlines Company United Airlines US Airways Group

Fleet Size 136 625 350 755 142 537 409 354

Annual Departures (Thousand)

Passengers Enplaned (Millions)

Operating Revenue ($ Millions)

260 736 389 939 205 1,192 510 496

24.6 92.8 46.9 120.4 21.8 101.9 63.1 54.8

2,552 23,696 15,033 35,068 3,390 11,023 20,237 12,459


The strategies are provide low fares and great service, and another thing to deliver on that promise as the airline scaled up

Leveraging Human Resources
Five core values A Non-Union Environment Customized Employment Packages Selecting the right people


Operating strategy
³Paperless´ airlines Airbus Maximize aircraft utilization

The company leadership expects employees to commit to values and philosophy of the organization and they are assessed as to how well they live to the company credo. Employees are rated in terms of how well they nurture safety, integrity, a caring attitude, passion and fun in the work place.

had not fully developed all the formal HR system

What needs to be added:
‡ Recruitment and selection system ‡ Remuneration standard ‡ HR system

JetBlue is a small airlines company that want to growth in a high competitive situation in U.S. They build their position as "low fares, great services´ airline company which is shown by the high quality services work of the whole employees in the company. Their key success are leveraging human resources and improvement in operation strategy. JetBlue was still a small company and had not fully developed all the formal HR practices typically seen in a larger firm. 633/ e.asp?ticker=JBLU:US

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