Introduction to Lalbhai Group

Steel.Ltd. Ahmedabad 6 Kms.” to manufacture chemical & pharmaceutical machinery & equipment in a small way. Mr. etc. Arun P. away from Railway Station and 10 kms from Airport. 1964. Ø Ø ANUP’s Works is located at Odhav Road.Company Overview Ø In the year 1962. a self made technocrat. this company was merged with Lalbhai Group and rechristened as The Anup Engineering Limited. Oil & Gas. Fertilizers & Chemicals. a public Limited Company and is still the Flagship Engineering Company of Lalbhai Group. Sheth. Ø Ø ANUP is a leading manufacturer of heavy and critical equipments required by core Engineering Industries like Refineries.  . Power. had established a Company in the name of “Hind Laboratories Pvt. On 1st January.

 Contd………… Ø Ø The Company has full-fledged in-house Research and Development laboratory approved by Department of Science and Technology. TEMA. Anup has experience in working with critical metallurgies like low temperature CS. DIN. stainless steel. super duplex. Ø Ø ANUP has expertise in designing and manufacturing of equipment as per internationally accepted codes and standards like ASME. waste recycling. etc. the company has many new products in the pipeline and is now moving into high gear by expanding its product range which may in future include equipment of pollution control systems. power plants etc.   . cupro nickel. Ø Ø Presently. monel. duplex. Government of India. IBR. New Delhi. SMPV/Gas Rules of CCOE. low alloy. Anup has started manufacturing more sophisticated centrifuges required for different industries. BS. NACE/HIC.

skill or behavior through learning experiences to achieve effective performance in an activity or range of activities. and it is believed that “increased human performance (through instructions). often directly leads to increased operational productivity and increased company profit”. ü ü Secondly.   .  Ø Needs and Objectives of Training • ü First or most important purpose of training is ensuring increase inproductivity. knowledge.Overview of Training Ø Training: Definition •  A planned process to modify attitude. Its purpose in the work situation is to develop the ability of the individual and to satisfy the current and future needs of an organization. the purpose of training is improvement of quality since better informed workers are less likely to make operational mistakes.

ü ü Seventh purpose is to make possible an increase in compensation indirectly through opportunities for internal promotion arising out of better knowledge. understanding and competence bringing about financial rewards. ü ü Fifth is the improving of employees. ü ü Fourth purpose of training is enhancing employee motivation. ü ü Sixth purpose is to improve organizational climate since an endless chain of positive reaction can result from a well planned training program.Contd………….   . ü ü Third purpose of training is human resource planning or adequate fulfillment of an organization’s future personnel requirement.

 Ahmedabad-382415      Title of the Project:“A research report on “Training Needs Analysis” of the employees at Anup Engineering Limited” Research Type:Applied Research      . 66kv Electric Sub-station  Odhav Road.  B/H.Research Methodology Organization: The Anup Engineering Ltd.

Employees of Anup Engineering  Sample Area: .Anup Engineering Limited  Sample Size:60   Data Collection: Primary Data:.Structured Questionnaire  Secondary Data:. Objectives of the study: To study the employee’s training need of Anup Engg.Websites & Books   Limitations of the study: Reluctance on the part of the respondents to provide exact details.   Sample survey: Sample Unit:.Survey Method  Research Instrument:.     .

Data Analysis  Q.2 Since how long are you working at company?   .

3 How do you prefer to work in the organization?  .  Q.

4 To what extent does your job require you to work closely with other people. such as customers. clients or other employees in your own organization?   .  Q.

2 – 5.8 – 2. Hypothesis  Particulars 1 1 2 Very much  Decision Rule 3 1 – 1.6 – 3.0 1 5 TOTAL 55 121 AVERAGE(MEAN SCORE) 2.2 8 32 5 Not at all 4.8 Total  5 (1*4) 23 Mean Score 6 23 2 Little 1.4 15 45 4 Very Little 3.2 3 Moderate 2.2 .6 8 16 2.4 – 4.

 Q.5 Which of the following training opportunities company offers?  (Multiple Choice Question)    .

6 Is in-house training provided to the employees?   .  Q.

7 What training have you attended within last three years?  (Multiple Choice Question)    . Q.

a little)   . Q.a lot and 1 .8 To what extent has the training program helped to enhance your appreciation and understanding of your job as a whole? (6 .

  Q.9 How did you feel about the length of the training program?   .

10 Are the employees permitted time off from work to attend the training? .    Q.

 Q.  (Multiple Choice Question)    .11 Please indicate below. areas where further training would help to perform your current job completely.

  Q.12 Topics for the training in which you are interested? Communication skills Team building Negotiation skill Personality development Managerial skills Leadership Basic code knowledge Fabrication related training Positive attitude Time management Design knowledge ASME code Presentation skills Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø .

 Q.13 Are there any training program that have not been covered and you would like to suggest to the company? Spirituality of workplace Safety related training Induction program Presentation skills Overall technical training  Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø  .

  . does require to work closely with other people. such as customers.Hypothesis Testing Ø NULL HYPOTHESIS (Ho)   Employees of Anup Engineering Ltd. clients or other employees in an organization. clients or other employees in an organization. does not require to work closely with other people. such as customers.  Ø ALTERNATIVE HYPOTHESIS (H1)   Employees of AnupEngineering Ltd.

 Decision rule for hypothesis    Mean Score Result 1 to 3 Disagree with the statement 3 to 5 Agree with the statement .

such as customers. 2. Of total respondents   Disagree with Ho .2 clients or other employees in an  organization. Findings of Hypothesis Testing     Sr.  does not require to work closely with  other people. Stated Ho Mean Score Result 1 Employees of Anup Engineering Ltd. No.

Findings & Suggestions   Findings:- Ø I found that in each department maximum employees need English communication skills to communicate outside as well as inside the organization.  Ø Employees are ready to participate in the training sessions to improve their skills. are ready to improve the skills to make its Human Resource more accountable.  Ø Management of Anup Engg.  Ø Organization spent vast sums of money on training and development of an employee.    .

 Ø Company should give training on presentation and management skills to the employees.  .  Suggestions:- Ø My observation/findings gives me an idea that employees at Engineering Ltd. I found that company should give basic technical training even to the employees those are not dealing with the technical work. lacks in English communication skills.  Ø Company should take corrective steps to give training for safety of the employees. So company should focus to improve the communication skills of employees.  Ø From the findings.

com www.R. Ltd. of the Anup Engg.google.anupengg.com Information from the Assistant Manager .Bibliography Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø  WEBSITES:www.H. .

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