The Secrets of Bermuda Triangle

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. also known as the Devil's Triangle. is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and surface vessels disappeared mysteriously.The Bermuda Triangle.

.Location The Bermuda triangle is a legendary area of the Atlantic Ocean between PuertoPuerto-Rico. Florida and the Bermuda islands in which in the opinion of many explorers a lot of unaccountable events happen.

they don·t do any harm. Because of that people plunge into the water and drown. .The hypotheses Gases and vapors having unknown to science physical and chemical properties break out of the cracks on the ocean bottom to the surface of the Earth with enormous energy. but they cause hallucinations and delirium from the members of the crew. When power of this gases and vapors is not great. These properties make magnetic fields destroying ships and airplanes.

because of that lost ships and airplanes cross to the fourth dimension. .The hypotheses In the Bermuda triangle unknown physical phenomena results in transferences through space and time. to the past or the future.

Because of that the density of the water (or the air) descends sharply and they can·t secure floatation of ships (or flair for flying). Powerful eruption of methane under water results in churning of it. This substance is very unstable and easily turns into gaseous state. which is formed at the depth of more than 300 meters at the temperature of about 2 degrees above zero. The conditions on the bottom of the Bermuda triangle are just the same. .The hypotheses The reason for disappearance of ships and airplanes may be the hydrate of methane.

The hypotheses Another variant is possible. And the pilot has to lose height into the water. Because of the spike of methane they begin to show. The work of aircraft altimeters is based on the measurement of air density. that the airplane is rising unexpectedly. Burning hydrate of methane .

.The hypotheses Solution of the secret of the Bermuda triangle may be nonrogue waves. Some time ago they were considered nonexistent. The super-wave. grow up in 30 meters. but now because of satellite survey their existence is proved. The vertical wall of water and deep ´pitµ can be seen before it. superwhose precise origin is until known. Usual stormy wave reaches maximum altitude of 15 meters.

Damages. were given by the Norwegian tanker named Wilstar in 1974 because of the wave of about some tens metres. tons. . According to the facts of the satellite of the ESA every year in the world·s ocean in the area of 150 thousand square kilometers minimum 1 wave appears. metres. appears.The hypotheses Such waves beat with the force of 100 tons. while contemporary vessels can withstand the impact of 15 tons.

and like a river. it can and does carry floating objects. but was not there when a Coast Guard cutter arrived. 1967. into the North Atlantic.The hypotheses The Gulf Stream is an ocean current that originates in the Gulf of Mexico. when it reported engine trouble near the Miami buoy marker one mile (1. A small plane making a water landing or a boat having engine trouble will be carried away from its reported position by the current. . it is a river within an ocean. as happened to the cabin cruiser Witchcraft on December 22.6 km) from shore. and then through the Straits of Florida. In essence.

theTriangle. ‡ People have had instruments such as a compass stop working while in theTriangle. ‡ Over 8.000 people have disappeared in the Triangle.Some facts about the Bermuda triangle ‡ Planes and ships have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. ‡ There has also been strange yellow fog seen in that area. .

It is impossible to describe all the hypotheses explaining mysterious events in this research work. It·s the mystery which excites brains of many people and sometime it will be revealed. . because we have a lot of materials to study and interesting describes are waiting for us. which take place in Bermuda. But we can continue the scientific work on this subject.Conclusion The Bermuda triangle has been under learning since 1950.

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