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a customer service rep or an actuary.Hi Dear. Norma Nielson. explain their options to them and hopefully help them purchase appropriate insurance policies. Jobs in insurance involve helping individuals and business manage risk to protect themselves from catastrophic losses and to anticipate potential risk problems. a sales representative.5 million people in the United States alone. Smith for making suggestions and contributions to our section on careers in insurance. but can be financially rewarding as well. Bob Puelz and Dr. . Dr. the demand for insurance professionals will increase dramatically. Insurance is a trillion dollar business that employs more than 2. fast-talking fastinsurance salesman is largely a figment of the past. As the population ages and wealth grows. Mr. an asset manager. Thanks to Dr. You will help clients understand their insurance needs. Malott Nyhart. Insurance: Overview Did you know that some of the hottest jobs in finance aren't on Wall Street at all? These are jobs in insurance. This is great news for you if your thinking of going in to insurance. A theme that is constantly emphasized by insurance professionals is that the industry is ultimately about helping people when they need it the most. Michael P. The stereotype of a slick. Work in this area is not only personally rewarding. sleazy. You could work in a variety of areas in insurance including as an underwriter.

which. financial losses. And it s not only your life you could insure against those risks. you could always get valuable information from us. So it is vital that you have an insurance cover as the protective shield against unfortunate losses. now. you now have a wider option of insurers presenting you with products that not only cover those risks. Though an insurance cover can t protect you against the emotional losses arising out of these risks. Life Insurance gains much more value if you are a nuclear family. now you could choose life insurance as an investment option. We have attempted to cover this site with some comprehensive information on life insurance. at the time of your child s admission into one of those dream institutes. What s more. during our lives are faced with numerous risks failing health. but also act as wealth accumulation or investment avenues. So. Whether you are new to insurance. in a nuclear family. accidents and even fatalities. support from the extended family cannot be counted upon. you have a variety of risk coverage options. the returns of which you can enjoy at the most critical phases of your life for instance. you should definitely avail of. our instinct drives us to cover ourselves against those risks. it softens the economic crisis that usually accompanies these losses. do not hesitate to leave a note for our Financial Advisors. Since each one of us. However. For instance.With the Insurance Industry going through positive changes in the last few decades. .And the insurance industry is constantly evolving. Not only they could provide you with the additional information you might be looking for. they can also help you assess your life insurance needs and invest wisely.Why I need Insurance Life Insurance is a contract by which you can protect yourself against specific losses by paying a premium over a period of time. or an informed customer. Unlike in the traditional joint family system. products in the market range from whole life insurance to covering risks associated with home loans.

Unlike other investment options like the Public Provident Fund or other small savings schemes like post office deposits and national savings certificates that offers tax benefits by way of deductions from the Gross total income under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. * Tax benefits are subject to changes in the tax laws in future. Insurance is for Saving Tax The primary function of life insurance is to cover you against sudden losses arising out of sudden death or liability. Insurance. Hence.Myths of Insurance There are some myths that are associated with Insurance. returns and tax benefits. life insurance offers you the ideal blend of risk cover. primarily offers you complete security arising out of risk coverage against the uncertainties of life. And secondarily serves you as a good investment option and tax saving tool. 1961 subject to the conditions given therein. Insurance not only cover you or your family against specific sudden losses but also works as a tax saving investment vehicle. you need to be informed about these myths. . as an instrument. To choose insurance as a good investment. please consult your tax advisor for more details.

Reliance Life Insurance Aviva Life Insurance Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Birla Sun Life Insurance TATA AIG Life Insurance Max New York Life Insurance Kotak Life Insurance Met Life Insurance ING Life Insurance ICICI Prudential Life Insurance SBI Life Insurance Bharti AXA Life Insurance LIC IDBI Fortis Life Insurance Future Generali Life Insurance Shri ram Life Insurance AEGON Religare Life Insurance Reliance General Insurance ICICI Lombard General Insurance Bajaj Allianz General Insurance TATA AIG General Insurance New India Assurance National Assurance Co The Oriental Fire Assurance IFCO TOKIO Insurance .DEAL IN.

Bajaj Bike.500/-pm(only 12 month s) & Salary-12.50.INSURANCE CAREER STARTSTART- S-SALES E-EXECUTIVEEXECUTIVEVariable Salary-12.000 premium per month.500/RewardReward.500/-pm Salary-12.) Fixed Salary-12.500/(TARGET(TARGET-1. after login 18 lac s premium in 12 month s) .

000/(TARGET(TARGET-7.S-SALES M-MANAGERMANAGERVariable Salary-25.target achieved through SE s) Fixed Salary-25.50.000/-per month.000/-pm(only 12 month s) & Salary-25.000/RewardReward-Maruti ALTO car. Salary-25.000 premium per month. after login 90 lac s premium in 12 month s) .

Hyundai i10 car.000/RewardReward.000/-pm Salary-50. target achieved through SM s) Fixed Salary-50.000/(TARGET(TARGET-25 lac s premium per month.B-BRANCH M-MANAGERMANAGERVariable Salary-50.000/-pm(only 12 month s) & Salary-50. after login 3 crore s premium in 12 month s) .

000/-per month.000/(TARGET(TARGET-1 Crore premium per month.Z-ZONAL M-MANAGERMANAGERVariable Salary-1. Salary-1.000/-pm(only 12 month s) & Salary-1.50.50. target achieved through BM s) Fixed Salary-1. after login 12 crore s premium in 12 month s) .000/RewardReward-Hyundai i20 car.50.50.

target achieved through ZM s) Fixed Salary-2. Salary-2.R-REGIONAL E-EXECUTIVE D-DIRECTORDIRECTORVariable Salary-2.50.000/-per month.000/(TARGET(TARGET-5 Crore s premium per month.000/RewardReward-MERCEDES BENZ CAR.50.after login 60 crore s premium in 12 month s) .50.000/-pm(only 12 month s) & Salary-2.50.

000/RewardReward-Hyundai Sonata car.00.S-SALES E-EXECUTIVE D-DIRECTORDIRECTORVariable Salary-5. after login 300 crore s premium in 12 month s) .00.00. target achieved through REM s) Fixed Salary-5.000/-pm(only 12 month s) & Salary-5.000/-per month.00. Salary-5.000/(TARGET(TARGET-25 Crore s premium per month.

V-VICE P-PRESIDENTPRESIDENTVariable Salary-10.00.000/-pm Salary-10.000/RewardReward-Honda city car.00. target achieved through SEM s) Fixed Salary-10. .00.000/(TARGET(TARGET-100 Crore s premium per month.000/-pm(only 12 month s) & Salary-10.00. after login 1200 crore s premium in 12 month s.

g. In case of achievements of the targets Salary and the Incentive both will be payable.Salary will de deducted on other leaves and double salary will be deducted if leave is taken without any intimation to Corporate Office / senior. Daily work report and tour program will be maintained by H. The Payment of Salary will be paid proportionately in the case of non achievements of the targets fixed by the company from time to time. it self. . The Payment of Incentive will only be paid only on achievements of the targets of the company from time to time. From 11th to 10th of the Month: Payable on 7th of Next to the following Month.That the payments of Salary and Incentive will be paid by the company from time to time is as under. If there are regularly three months performances less than 100 % but not less than 50% then first three months basic salary will be provided in as per ratio of percentage of work performance if work performance is more than 100 % then additional incentive will be provided as per circular. All work performance will be count on all of two bases and it should be 100 % but performance can be adjusted from one to another base for e.O. Tour program will be sent to Corporate Office / senior fortnightly for approval.O. The Incentive Calculation will be made on following basis: From 1st to 10th of the Month: Payable on 7th of the following Month. Only two monthly leaves will be provided and additional twelve yearly leaves can be taken as gazette/ festival holiday. All other decision for development of team approved after report by H.: such as if percentage of new joining is less than percentage of other performance should be more.

Office of the organization whether at present in existence or which may be set up in future? The management may expect you to work with diligence. . extend your probation period either during your service or at the end of your original or extended period (s). your services are liable to termination at one month s notice or payment in lieu thereof. Integrity and a high standard if initiative. Your services will come to an end automatically on expiry of the probation period. The management will issue a confirmation letter to you on the basis of your satisfactory services during probation period. You will confirm to such duties. efficiency and economy. You shall give similar notice on resignation or forfeit one month s salary. if no confirmation letter issued by the management. After confirmation. directions and instructions assigned or communicated to you by the management and superior.You will be on probation for a period of six months from the date of joining the management may its discretion. The management may transfer your services at any regional or branch.

You shall keep confidential all the information s and materials provided to you by the organization or by its clients concerning their concerning affairs.com/mizzlehr@gmail. UTTAR PRADESH.at. Contravention of this will lead to the termination of your service without any notice or any compensation lieu of such notice. particulars or details of the organization s operation process. for a leading insurance company AT BIHAR. JHARKHAND. Looking forward to serve you better! Thanks with Best Regards! . GUJRAT.V.atASAP. The company has decided to open its branches in all above location on urgent basis hence send us your updated C. the management will have a right to assess on its own basis and recover the damage of proper in event of your failure failure to account for such material or property to its satisfaction. The service rules and regulations including conduct. In the event of any misconduct and ignorance of rules & regulations. Locations. PUNJAB.mizzlehr@in. DELHI. You will be responsible for safe keeping and return in good conditions and order of all properties of the organization in your your possession. HIMACHAL PRADESH. in order to enable the organization shall remain even on termination or cancellation of this employment. ORISSA. discipline and administrative order will cover you and such other rules or order of the management that come in force from time to time. KOLKATA. You will devote your entire time and attention on the work of the organization and will not undertake any direct/indirect business or business work honorary or remunerator except with the written permission of the management in each case. UTTRANCHAL.You shall neither divulge nor disclose to any unauthorized person during the period of your services or even afterwards by word of word mouth or otherwise. You will not enter into any commitments or dealings on behalf of the organization for which you have no express authority nor alter alter or be a party to any alteration of any principle or policy of the organization or exceed the authority or discretion vested in you in you without the prior sanction of management or those in authority over you. administrative or organizational matters of a confidential / secret nature. the management reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action as it may deem fit. notice.com We would contact you very soon. through mail mail ASAP. which may be your privilege to know by virtue of your being the organization s employee.

) StartPost Graduate Program-(Two Year) Program(PGPM + MBA * + ISDP) ISDP) Post Graduate Program-(Three Year) Program(PGPCA + MCA * + ISDP) ISDP) One Year Post Graduate Program Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management Management Post Graduate Diploma In Hospitality Management Post Graduate Diploma In Hotel Management ** MBA [part-time] can also be pursued with the above Programs [partsimultaneously.ADMISSION OPEN-2010 OPEN100% Job Placements.(Package Start-12.00. Three year Graduate Program PPM + BBA * + ISCP PPCA + BCA* +ISCP PPHM + BSc*+ISCP (Degree from UGC recognized Universities) .000 per annum.

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