AMD’s Consumer and Channel Marketing Initiatives

000 and Headquarters in Sunnyvale. INTRODUCTIO N .S • •Second largest producer of microprocessors. 2006.•Founded in 1969 by W. • •AMD incorporates with $ 1.00. • •AMD announced merger with ATI technologies on July 24. U. TURNEY. JERRY SANDERS and EDWIN J. • •One of the largest producer of graphics processing units. California.

• •Net income in 2009 was US $ 5403 Million. then entered the RAM chip business in 1975. • •In 1972 company became public.CORPORATE HISTORY •Company began as a producer of logic chip. • • AMD also designed and produced a series of bit-slice processor element. •Same year it introduced reversed-engineered clone of the Intel 8080 microprocessor. •Main Competitor is INTEL. •Anti trust litigation .

Products of AMD •Semiconductors •Microprocessors •flash memory devices •Support circuitry •TV tuner • .

Channel structure of AMD Partner families Distributio n partners Chan nel prov ider Sales channels partners En ta il er Re se ll er s Comm erci al solu tion s Cons umer solu tion Solutio n Partner ISVS and s hosted Re ta il er s Syst em inte grat ors Partner tracks Syst em Dist ribu tors service s .

CHANNEL MARKETING INITIATIVE •In 2005 they shift there marketing by targeting its channel member than continuing to focus on its consumer marketing initiative. Avnet. . • •Several distributor and integrated such as Tech Data. • •It try to capture 60000 to 70000 having core focus on IT. and EDS were collaborated to sells its Chip. CDW. • •AMD acquired ATI technologies inc in 2006 • •In 2009 they launch fusion partner program to offer unwavering support to its channel. • •HP ran an Ad in USA TODAY featuring its HP desktop. notebook and server running on AMD microprocessor.

AMD Channel provider program and AMD Alliance program were merged into single entity.SUCCESSFUL MARKETING INITIATIVE FUSION PARTNER PROGRAM •Former channel structure was not helping either its partner nor the company. • •They provide AMD rewards(2010) for the highest performing partner . AMD solution provider program. • •This program aimed to drive demand through the channel member by offering them target based rebate. • •In Sep 2009. AMD launched its Fusion partner program to support its partners. • •ATI RadeonGraphic partner. AMD solution provider program.

•Division of channel partners into three categories: Elites Premium Select •Highlights the issue of overvalued distributers .Continu ed •It provide customized tools to the channel partners which help to increase their efficiency.

graphics can venture into graphical software markets for animation industry •Market initiatives . •Synergy in distribution channels.Way Forward •Image in eyes of the consumers. •Undeserved potential target market. FUSION •Embedded systems •Core competency.

S TODAY.RECOMMENDATIONS •Collaborative partnership in advertisement E. . HP Ad campaign in U. • •Corporate Social Responsibility..g. • •Major sponsorships. • •Tie-up with Educational Institutions. • •Synergizing Distribution Channel.


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